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This page is your beginners guide of G.M.P.. This page will provide every necessary information you need and navigate you through the topics on this website step by step. At the end of your trip through this website, you’ll gain a decent knowledge and understanding of gaming peripherals, especially gaming mice. You will be pretty well equipped with all the information you need in order to select the best optimized gaming peripheral to suit your needs.


So, if you have been searching for a guide to buy the gaming peripheral that best suits your needs AND YOUR POCKET, then you’re at the right place. Also you will be navigated to detailed reviews of many gaming mice and other peripherals that you can easily evaluate and buy the one best suits you. This is the main purpose of this website. What a service, right??


Things you will learn here will start with fundamental knowledge of gaming mice and their characteristics. Then we will get to know the “Technical Side” of things.

This is the ultimate beginners guide for gaming mice and it’s a little bit long as it contains many paths to various inormation. But it will be worth it. Stick to the path, and you’ll find enlightenment!! So, BE PATIENT YOUNG ONE AND KEEP READING!!


Let’s Start With History

So let’ start with some little information about the history of GMP. This site has been brought to life by a person who is a fethisist of gaming peripherals and especially gaming mice.  During his whole life he was interested in gaming gears.


The design, the purpose, their features and their diversity… they all fascinated him.  And he knows that he’s not the only one. I know that many of you people share the same mindset and fethisism with that guy. If you want to learn more about this guy and the history behind GMP, click here to read our About page.



Back To Business

Now all you people are unpatient about the real deal, I know. You all want to explore the wide world of gaming gears. You want to see what these bad boys can do and find out which one is the best for you and where you can get them. We’re proceeding down the rabit hole, we will get there 😉


But first thing’s first. If you’re not that well equipped about gaming mice or you’re so new to the whole thing, here’s our introductory article for you to take a first step. “What Is A Gaming Mouse”. You can click here to read the article. After reading it, you can get back to this page and keep up your journey.


Now, some of you people may be waiting for me to pin-point you to a single direction and tell you that there is an ultimate choice of gaming gear. Some of you may want to know which one is THE HOLY GRAIL of all gaming mice/peripherals. Of course there are some awesome weapons of choice which can give any gamer some intense wet dreams such as Logitech G502, Logitech G 700S, Corsair Scimitar and etc.. These are high-end and professionally built gaming mice that are pretty much guaranteeing you satisfaction. But they also come with their price tag and some people are in search of mice suitable for both their budget and needs.


So, what if I told you that there isn’t such a thing as the “Perfect Gaming Peripheral” or “The Perfect Gaming Mouse”?




Yes, as every individual person is different, their needs and parameters are different too. People aren’t all the same, so as their characteristics. Some people have bigger hands, some have smaller. Some people mostly play FPS/RPG games while some other play MMO/MOBA.  Some people want only ultimate comfort from their gaming gear while some other seek state of art customisation to be a step ahead from others. I think you get the point??


That’s why it’s important for us to know what we want from our gaming mouse. But more important than that, we must know the basics of gaming mouse. Their features, specifications, classifications, how they differ from each other, how can they serve us and how should we choose them.


That’s why I ‘ve created a section for you to get all the basic technical knowledge you need while choosing the most suitable gaming gear for yourself.

First of all, start by reading our article “What Is A Gamıng Mouse?”. You probably will find all the information you need. You learn the types of gaming mice, their specifications and how you can choose the best optmized gaming mouse for yourself. You will be navigated to other resources step by step and read all our content.

. What is a gaming mouse

. What are the technical specifications of gaming mice

. What is DPI

. What Is Polling Rate


. Optical sensor vs Lazer Sensor


Let’s Navigate You Up

After obtaining the main knowledge about gaming mice, let me navigate you through our site. As you see on top of the screen we have our menu bar. You will see multiple sections such as “Get Started”, “Reviews”, “Other Gear”, “News”, “Articles”. Let’s see what they contain:

Get Started

This is where you’re at right now.


You’ll be directed to a page of mice reviews. You will find reviews of various gaming mice which all have different specifications. That’s why they’re all subcategorizd as mice for FPS/RPG, mice for MMO, By Price and By Brand.

You’ll find different posts under different matching subcategories. Especially the “By Price” category may interest you.

Other Gear

This section is dedicated to provide you information about other gear around. This includes any gaming peripheral else of a gaming mouse. In this section you will find stuff about gaming monitors, consoles, graphics cards, keyboards and etc..


In this section you may find many interesting gaming news. You may be pretty impressed with the stuff you will find there, so I recommend you checking it out.


Here you will find various articles about many things related to gaming.

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