Microsoft Intellimouse is coming back with a Blasting Remake

Microsoft Intellimouse is coming back with a Blasting Remake
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Some of you gamers who witnessed the past, especially year 1996, may remember Microsoft Intellimouse series clearly.¬† There weren’t thousands of mice to choose from and Microsoft came out as one of the dominators in the market. And one of the features that made Microsoft IntelliMouse so special was the scroll wheel. It can be considered as a revolutionary feature because at the time it was a new thing and there weren’t any scroll wheels installed on pre-historic mice and there¬† weren’t any professional gaming mice like Logitech G502 or Corsair Scimitar around neither (as you can guess).

Then there came the legendary Microsoft IntelliMouse 3.0, on which the modern remake was based. In 2012 Microsoft stopped producing IntelliMouse 3.0 and after years it’s making a comeback with Classic IntelliMouse. According to Microsoft, it will feature every classical feature the IntelliMouse features: signature Microsoft IntelliMouse ergonomics, classic look and feels, customizable buttons, USB connection and etc.. but it will be a modernised version of it.

The biggest improvement will be the sensor. IntelliMouse Explorer had only 450 DPI Max but Classic IntelliMouse addapted itself to modern technology conditions and it comes back with a 3,200 DPI sensitivity. It’s right about the optimum sensitivity for gaming. Also having an ultra-high DPI won’t aid you much unless you’re gaming with ultra high-res monitors. You want to learn more about DPI and mouse specifications?? Click here to navigate to our Mouse DPI page.

Classic IntelliMouse works with BlueTrack Technology and has a polling rate of 1,000Hz. Classic IntelliMouse comes with 5 buttons, 3 of themare customizable. It may not be referred as a gaming mouse but it can be used for gaming pretty well.

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