Outlast 2 is now MAKING DIAPERS, in case You s#$t Your Pants while playing

Outlast 2 is now MAKING DIAPERS, in case You s#$t Your Pants while playing
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I think we all heard the term “S#$tting Your Pants”, right?? I’ve encountered and used this phrase a lot while playing horror games. It’s also my favourite genre of games. The fact is, there are so intense horror games that sometimes they even literally make gamers shit their pants. Do you know any game like that?? Well, I can hear you telling… OUTLAST!!!

Outlast was definetely one of the scariest horror games that I’ve played, no doubt. And I know that I’m not the only one. Creators of Outlast have been informed about this poop problem people were having and decided to come with a new idea for the ones who get scared too much enough to shit their pants.





This is actually a real project. No joke!!! Red Barrels is now working on their own adult diapers to assist gamers through their Outlast experience. They are seeking funds for this project while they’re developing Outlast 2 alongside. If they reach teir funding goal, they will release a new line of Outlast 2 diapers. Actually these diapers are so cool that I would get one for myself. Black diapers?? That shit is so medievil!! They also have their signature Outlast 2 symbol in front of the diaper.



Underscares come in different types. Basic and Deluxe are two options that you can choose fom. Deluxe differs itself from the basic with additional drink pocket it has on the side. I have no doubt that this was a hilariously great idea. Outlast and diapers were always two things that I was relating to each other. Seems like it’s creators have the same mindset with me. If you want to view the project in detail you can check it out from Kickstarter by clicking here!


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