3 BEST PRACTICES on How To Clean a Mechanical Keyboard – Your Guide From A to Z

You probably have wondered about how to clean a mechanical keyboard if you ever had or using at the moment a mechanical keyboard. Mechanical Keyboards are GREAT innovations that definitely changed the lives of us gamers for good but it also comes with its responsibilities too!


It appears that they get dirty by time with no cleaning and many sessions of dining in front of the computer.. We all have been that person who eats against the computer, no need to be ashamed, we’ve all been there 🙂 But the thing you can do is to clean your keyboard on a constant interval of time to prevent any malfunctions or zombie viruses spreading..


And by the way, here is a fun article about computer eating, click here to read it!!   But if you still want to eat at your computer desk, that's fine, we're going to tell you how to clean your keyboard after all, BUT here's a great article about food and computers too, click to read : What are the best foods and strategies to eat at your computer??


So, let’s get STARTED!! Here are the reasons to clean our mechanical keyboards:


  • Prevent future malfunctions because of dust and dirts between the mechanical switches.
  • Make your keyboard function better and keep keys functioning properly.
  • To maintain general hygene.


Keyboard is one of the places that we interact the most during our computer sessions and we don’t probably even notice how bad hygene maintenance inside a keyboard is going on. It can become an actual hive for germs and bacteria and you’re touching it thousands of time!!

how to clean a mechanical keyboard


And it’s obvious that all the dirt and dust and etc.. stored and stucked inside the keyboard will eventually lead up to buttons stucking or not pressing properly at all. That’s why I’ve written down the BEST PRACTICES that will keep your keyboard safe and functioning for a long time!! Here are the things that you should do to keep your keyboard healthy and shiny:



There are 3 best practices that you can apply to keyboard and 2 of these are methods that you can execute on a constant basis to keep your keyboard ALWAYS like the first day unpacked:


  • Cleaning Putty (Constant Maintenance – Great Product For every Electronic Item!!
  • Deep Cleaning with Un-Assembly method ( Takes much more effort but needs to be done at least once in a long time interval)
  • Ever tried the “Washing Machine??”


About the “Washing Machine” part I’m not dead serious but there are people doing the Washing Machine Way too and I will talk about it at the end of this article, so stay tight!!


We’ll first talk about the more “conventional” and safer best practices which are practiced by many gamers around the globe. Here’s the first and my favourite one:

The Epic Cleaning Putty!! – Always Clean

There’s an actual product which definitely helps you keeping your electronics clean constantly without effort!! It’s a GREAT invention and actually makes the whole cleaning process easier without all that disassembly works and buttons flying around.. It can be a frustration dealing with all the buttons spread over the desk while cleaning, and if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, you can always use the “Cleaning Putty”.

how to clean a mechanical keyboard


But here’s my advice: Don’t use it on an extremely dirty keyboard, it will help but the putty will lose its effectiveness and will come to an end of its lifespan way earlier. It’s meant for “General Housekeeping” of your electronics and it’s meant to be used frequently (Max 1-2 times a week) to wipe out all the low-level pollution on your keyboard. Usually some dust or little particles of dirt and breadcrumbs etc..


By applying it on a constant basis your keyboard will NEVER get dirty and it’s a pre-disaster solution which prevents the disaster at all and doesn’t make you open up your keyboard for a LONG time. As I said before, it’s meant for low to mid level polluted keyboards and IF you have a keyboard which started puking out dirt and you see a new species of bacterial life growing inside it, then your best option is to probably open up the keyboard.


Here's a video on how to use Cyber Clean cleaning putty on a keyboard:


I STRONGLY ADVICE yu to get yourself a Cyber Clean cleaning putty because it's a best friend when it comes to cleaning and maintaining electronics, especially keyboards. Satisfaction guaranteed!! And you  can clean your keyboard ALWAYS SAFE by aplying the cleaning putty on a constant basis. It's so easy to get one, Amazon is where you can find it easily. Here is where you can get one:



how to clean a mechanical keyboard



DEEP CLEANING – A Deep Dive For Absolute Refreshing

And now it’s time to talk about the most intense keyboard cleaning process ever. I find it helpful to execute this type of a cleaning practice once in a while (maybe once in 6 months or when you feel necessary). It will clean your keyboard INSIDE OUT and will make it last long if you maintain it properly.


The BEST PRACTICE that I recommend following is stated below. Here’s the algorithm of process:

  • Your keyboard dirty? Detect how dirty it is. If you haven’t cleaned it for a long while apply DEEP CLEANING.
  • Is your keyboard extremely dirty?? Then apply the DEEP CLEANING no matter what. (Will be written down below)
  • After DEEP CLEANING your mechanical keyboard get yourself a “Cleaning Putty” (it’s awesome) and clean your keyboard with it on a constant basis (1-2 times a week)


how to clean a mechanical keyboard


With this cleaning algorithm your keyboard after a good deep cleaning practice won’t need an additional cleaning for a long time but the only thing you need to do is keep cleaning your keyboard with the cleaning putty. This way you won’t need to open up your keyboard again for a long long time and your workspace / gaming space will be much more hygienic and that’s only for the good of your health!! And remember, health is the only most important thing in your life!!


Now that I’ve provided you the algorithm of cleaning, I’ll no explain you how to deeply clean your keyboard that it will become as fresh and clean as the butt of a baby 🙂


Just like in engineering, maintenance is important no matter if you are an engineer or a gamer. And to apply these maintenance practices we need several tools. Here is the brief list of items for you to clean your keyboard inside out:

  • Warm water
  • Cloth for wiping and cotton swabs
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Compressed Air
  • Keycap Remover


how to clean a mechanical keyboard

The deep cleaning process is actually EASY but it takes some time to apply the full process. Have some patience and you’ll end up with a fresh clean keyboard!!

The DEEP CLEANING process in consisting of several different sub processes and I will explain you al of them step by step, follow my guidance!!!!



1 – General Surface Cleaning

First of all, plug of your keyboard and clear the workspace of your desk or the area that you’re cleaning your keyboard on. You may lay down some unused newspaper under the area you are cleaning your keyboard, it will help you keep your house clean.

how to clean a mechanical keyboard


Now, turn the keyboard over and give A GOOD SHAKING TO IT!! Just shake the hell out of that keyboard and make sure all the dirt and dust is coming out of the keyboard. You may be surprised at how much dirt might come out of your keyboard 🙂


Don’t slam it to your desk, don’t be destructive on it, just shake the hell out of it and make sure that there isn’t any more dirt coming out of it. Then you’re good to go!!


BLOW IT - Compressed Air

After shaking out the dust and dirt and being sure that nothing more is coming out, then you can switch to the next step, which is blowing the keyboard with compressed air. Don’t know where to find compressed air?? You can find the link for compressed air by clicking the link below:


After shaking out the keyboard, apply compressed air from 5 – 10 cm / 2-4” above with a 45-70  degree angle. This will blow the air inside and prevent your keyboard to be damaged by the particles blown away with the compressed air.

how to clean a mechanical keyboard

After this step your inner parts of your keyboard will be mostly cleared up. We will apply further deep cleaning to it but first we will complete the general surface clean up!!


Wiping Down!!

Second step is the general cleaning of our keyboard surface! I recommend you creating a “Cleaning Solution” which drastically improves your cleaning efficiency. This is where isopropyl alcohol comes into the picture.


Mix isopropyl alcohol with warm water – the ratio should be %50 to %50 – in a little cup. WARNING: DO NOT USE ETHYL ALCOHOL!!!! It may damage your keyboard. Not guaranteed, but it’s better to b safe than sorry.

how to clean a mechanical keyboard

Then find a proper wiping cloth to wipe out the surface of your keyboard. Also don’t forget to get cotton swabs!! Then first dip the wiping cloth to the water alcohol solution and get it wet with it. But don’t ake it ultra wet, just a moisture with the solution is enough and don’t get it soaked too much with the solution.


Now gently wipe down the surface of your keyboard with the wiping cloth and wipe out all the surfaces as possible. It will generally clean all the keyboard surface.


Now, there will be little nooks and crannies left which are still dirty. Now it’s time for cotton swabs to take action!! Dip the cotton swab into the water-alcohol solution and after moisting it apply it carefully to the parts where a cleaning cloth can’t reach in detail. These are usually the spaces between buttons and the mainframe-button interaction. Go down these challenging areas and clear out all the sticky dirt from these tight spots.

Keycaps –Remove Them

We’re gonna dive deeper!! It’s time to remove the keycaps and clean the hell out of our keyboard!! For this task I want you to get a specific item which will be only benefitting you. It’s called a KEYCAP REMOVER!! And I advise you personally: NEVER EVER REMOVE YOUR KEYS WITHOUT A KEYCAP REMOVER!!

how to clean a mechanical keyboard


There are of course specific ways to remove the keys unconventionally but they are likely to harm your keys and after your keys are harmed there isn’t a way to return back the process. So, that’s why IT’S THE BEST OPTION TO GET A KEYCAP REMOVER. And they’re EXTREMELY CHEAP!! It’s not worth damaging your keys and the keycap remover is the only best thing to get for this process.



how to clean a mechanical keyboard


Damaged keycaps sometimes end up unusable and  you will have to reorder the specific keys hat are damaged from the keyboard company and it’ll probably cost you more than a keycap remover, so, get one!!

Here’s an instructional video about how to remove keycaps with a keycap remover. Follow the instructions and you’ll be fine 🙂



Remove ALL the keycaps with your keycap remover and put them in a cup. Sounds weird?? I’ll explain why 🙂


Keycap Cleaning – What If I Said Denture Tabs??

Yeah, that’s right, denture tabs is one of the most effective way to clean your keycaps 🙂 Drop 3 denture tabs in a cup fliled with hot water and ix them. When the denture tabs dissolve in the cup put your keycaps into the cup (which won’t be deformed by heat).

how to clean a mechanical keyboard

Be sure that all keycaps are submerged into the water!! Then close the cup with a seal and shake it around a minute or half. Then lay it torest around an hour. Then you can take them out of the cup and leave them to dry.

Don't know where to get denture tabs?? Here is the best selling denture tabs to give the BEST CARE for your keyboard. You can click the button to be naigated to the site where you can buy denture tabs:



how to clean a mechanical keyboard


While waiting them to dry you can complete the last steps of cleaning your keyboard.


Clean The Plate

Now that the keycaps are removed and the main plate of our keyboard is exposed you can clean the remainng dirt on it.

First, blow it with compressed air to remove all the dirt that air can remove. If you don’t want to use compressed air, you can use your lungs but it’s not that effective, just my two cents 🙂

how to clean a mechanical keyboard

After blowing the final dirts you ay still have sticked dirt on your keyboard, that’s why you should use your water-isopropyl alcohol mixture again. If you have any sticked dirts remaining clean them with the solution and maket hat keyboard damn shine!! Now you’re good to go for final step.


Lube Maybe??

Some of you may be experiencing a sticky key problem. We all have been there. If some of your keys feel sticky and not pressing comfortably like others. To fix this issue you must drop only A SİNGLE DROP of water-alcohol solution on the sticky key and let it slide dowwn the mechanical switch. Then repeat the same process with the lubricating oil. Find an appropriate lubricating oil, which isn’t too visicous and drop it on the mechanical switch and see it sliding down the key and passing through the sides of it to the actual mechanical inner parts. Then press the key a few times to lubricate it Completely. Now you’re good to go!!

Just assembly the removed keycaps and  you have a brand new fresh keyboard!!


What About The Washing Mashine??

how to clean a mechanical keyboardIt my sound absurd, but actually there are keyboard that are washable J I haven’t used one till now, but there is a fact that these kind of keyboards exist. But don’t try it unless it’s not specified as a washable keybord!!



Finally it’s over!! Now you’re good to go with your fresh new keyboard and don’t forget to get yourself the cleaning putty to maintain this freshness of your keyboard!! And you can master your skills further on how to clean a mechanical keyboard - even can take it to the next level!!


Don’t forget to like our Social Media pages in order to be acquainted with the latest developments in the gaming industry!! And don’t forget to SHARE this content in order to reach out to bigger crowds!!

how to clean a mechanical keyboard

And if you have any questions to ask or anything you want to talk about and state your opinion then write it down to the comments section below!!

See you around 😉

Tyler, Founder of GMP.

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48 Responses to 3 BEST PRACTICES on How To Clean a Mechanical Keyboard – Your Guide From A to Z

  1. Ian says:

    This is a good tutorial on how to clean a keyboard.

    It’s amazing how much dirt and dust accumulate in our keyboards over time.

    I noticed that you mention that we shouldn’t put our keyboards in the dishwasher because they aren’t waterproof? Wouldn’t it also be not advisable to do the deep cleaning that you mention?

    • admin says:

      Hey Ian!

      Thank you for your kind words)

      I mean that that it’s always risky to put your keyboard into a dishwasher, i think i’ve also mentioned that there are waterproof keyboards that you CAN put into dishwasher, but it’s risky. And deep cleaning is cleaning your keyboard with a solution by not contacting your keyboard circuit. You’re cleaing the non current-passing mechanical parts of your keyboard.

  2. Brok says:

    Great guide to cleaning up your keyboard. I honestly haven’t thought of most the ways you’ve listed here. I usually just use that can of air to try to blow out all the dust on my keyboard.

    Never really thought about taking off all the keys and soaking them and cleaning them.

    I really like that you listed the don’ts as well. Surely no one would put a keyboard in the dishwasher, but I guess you never know!

    Great guide to cleaning a keyboard!

    • admin says:

      Thank you Brok!

      I’m glad that you appreciate the content! I’ve tried to guide people in the most beneficial way of cleaning their keyboard.

      Keep in touch for upcoming cool stuff!!

  3. Olive says:

    Very informative! Love how you incorporated videos as well. I am a YouTube addict. I YouTube everything 🙂 It gives a great visual instead of explaining in words.

    quick question,
    I have an alienware laptop and the keyboard is getting really gross. Does this work for laptops as well?


    • admin says:

      Thanks for your nice words)) Yeah i also find videos quite effective and consider benefiting myself from them.

      Well, laptops are a little different because they have a whole computer parts heaven under their keyboard, but you can extractt their keys and apply alcohol with swabs. But the best method for it is Cyber Clean gel – especially on laptops i prefer using it!

  4. Renee Townsend says:

    I admit to being one of the guilty culprits and have washed my keyboards in the dishwasher. Like you, I’m not suggesting anyone do it. Your keyboard may come out squeaky clean, but it may also come out with malfunctions. I tried it with a spare keyboard I wasn’t afraid to damage. No dish detergent and no high temperatures. Just a simple wash. What I found was the keyboard required a few days of drying before it functioned properly again.

    Again, I’m not encouraging folks to use the dishwasher, just sharing my experience.

    By the way, I liked the putty cloth thing. That’s pretty cool. I have a MacBook Pro that’s very sensitive to water… and no, I didn’t stick it in the dishwasher. 🙂 However, a drip on the mousepad can send it bonkers for days or weeks. It can see the putty thing coming in handy.

  5. Steve says:

    I always find it difficult to clean my keyboard when the dust collects in between the buttons of the keyboard. What I usually would do is just to use wet tissue and try to get off as much dirt as possible. That being said, I have not found a effectuve way to clean my keyboard fully. I believe that this method would work and would give it a try. Afterall, it is all for hygiene purposes.

    • admin says:

      Your keyboard cleaning is so important, not only for your keyboard, but for yourself! There are probably way more bacteries on your keyboard than on a public restroom. You should definetely give a try to this method.

  6. Molly says:

    Awesome guide, my keyboard is so dirty. I’m not a gamer, but I found your article because I drop food and gross stuff on my keyboard all the time. I didn’t even know you could remove the key caps. Can’t wait to look in mine to see how dirty it is. It will feel really great to get it all nice and clean.

  7. Kristena Calhoun says:

    Very good tutorial on how to clean your keyboard. I have always wanted to try and clean mine, but was afraid of breaking something. Now I saw that you mentioned the gel. I really like this idea, but I noticed that you didn’t have any information on where to get that gel from. I would love to get some of that. Can you recommend a place to get it?

    • admin says:

      Hey Kristena!

      Thank you for your comment! I’m glad that this article came in handy for you.

      And by the way, there is the link for the gel. Read carefully, you will see it marked with green text !

  8. tony says:

    Very good stuff I like your picture with the cat maybe if I threw some cat nip on my keypad that would work. Just kidding the gel was the best I have not used this product yet but now that I have seen it work will have to get some. I have used air and I know that works well with a little cleaning fluid like the fifty percent solutions. There was only one time I had to take my keyboard apart and I do not recommend it you can by a new one for time and head ache to that cleaning. Good job with description on cleaning though thanks.

    • admin says:

      Ahahaha nice idea))

      Yeah the gel definetely works like a charm!!

      Why do you not recommend it? What went wrong with it? If you stick close to the procedure there houldn’t be any problem with it.

      Thank you for your feedback)) Keep in toucch!!

  9. Eric says:

    Wow! Who would have thought that there are so many ways to clean your keyboard. It is one of the most annoying things to have a terrible looking keyboard and one that doesn’t work because of how gross it has gotten! The cotton swabs idea is something I never would have thought of, something that probably does a great job at getting in the tough to reach places.

    • admin says:

      Yes, the actual process is a little more detailed than you may have tought. Cotton swabs are one of the most essential items in the process but of course every item has it’s own importance.

  10. Xin Zhang says:


    This is a very thorough set on instructions on how to clean a keyboard. I think most of us do he simple method of blowing out the keyboard with compressed air and maybe a wipe down with an alcohol wipe. I never thought about taking the key caps off and washing them or washing they keyboard.

    I did hear once that you could actually wash a keyboard but they said you were supposed to use distilled water because it didn’t leave the trace minerals or salts when it dries that causes problems. Have you heard of this? It looks like in your picture you are using soapy water.

    I can see ow the Cyber Clean would work. After reading your article, I am thinking about ordering one for my laptop. Is it a one use item or is it something you can use multiple times?

    Again, great information.



    • admin says:

      Hello Xin!

      I’m glad that you liked the article! And if you want a full lenght keyboard cleaning it’s essential to take the keycaps off. You can’t imagine how much it will benefit from the hygene side.

      About the distilled water, it makes sense from the physics perspective, but i still wouldn’t recommend doing it. Have you applied pure distilled water on your skin? It’s not a good thing to do. Pure combinations in nature are reactive. If i were you, i wouldn’t take the riisk.

      And about Cyber Clean, it’s really great. You can use it multiple times. It has a lifespan which you can make a guess from the color of the gell. It is als shown on the packaging of the gel. When the tone of CyberClean turns dark green, you better get a new one.

      T&hanks for your feedback)))

  11. Marcus says:

    I see that you have an image of someone washing their keyboard in soapy water. I’m assuming this image was added for a joke, just like the image of the cat licking it, and is not intended as a recommended way to clean your keyboard. I think if a keyboard was to get THAT dirty it would be time to throw it away and get a new one.

    But the steps you have provided here are very thorough. I wonder how many people ever actually bother to clean their keyboards like this. I suspect most people just let them get dirty and then eventually replace them. What do you think?

    • admin says:

      Yeah Marcus, it was added for a joke) Of course cleaning your keyboard in soapy water is not something that you should do))

      You’re right about that. Most people don’t pay attention to their keyboard hygiene. They could have enhanced their keyboards lifespan to double if they had been cleaning their keyboards but eventually that’s not the case with everyone.

  12. Mayuri says:

    Oh my goodness this is a good read. My kids eat things while using the computer and our key board is full of food particles. If there was a food shortage we might be able to survive few days by eating the stuff stuck in the keyboard alone. Thanks for this article and I will give a good clean up soon.

    • admin says:

      Ahaha yeah sometimes there are massive amount of piled food stocks in our keyboards that we don’t notice. I thank you for your comment! Keep in touch!

  13. CrewMonkey says:

    Love your site! Content is fantastic & helpful!
    I enjoyed reading up on How to Clean a Mechanical Keyboard. Visuals were great & you covered everything. I feel extremely confident that I can clean my keyboard, without ruining it. In addition, I really enjoyed learning about the Alien Graphics Amplifier. Your exactly right about the decision of purchasing a Laptop vs Desktop, in respect to performance. Now, I can have mobility of a laptop & desktop performance, when needed. I’ve wanted something like this for ever, but gave up on the search for something affordable.
    Thank you!
    What device/console would you say, brings the best gaming experience?
    I’ve always been partial to Sony, but, stepped away from gaming for several years & a lot has changed. I would appreciate your valued opinion.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your nice words))

      I’m glad that you liked the content and the website)))

      About the device, i think it’s everybody’s own preference. I have been a PS gamer since childhood and it’s a must in my life, but some may prefer XBox or Wii or other console. But PC Master Race is something that i also can not let go!!

  14. Raymond says:

    First thing I noticed about your site is you’re using the ColorMag theme which I’m currently using. It’s really good how you designed it to look the way.

    Also your pages are very easy to read or very friendly for people to scrub through what info they want to read in your posts.

    I didn’t know you can clean your keyboard with running water?! That caught my attention which made me read about “deep cleaning”. Hehe. So you have interesting pictures and helpful videos with very good contents.

    This is very helpful for the new members of WA on how to develop our website.

    So I just wondered about your header graphics or logo, I just find it a bit off from your clean cool graphic designed looking theme. It just have so many kaleidoscopic colors and the “mice” word is not that capturing. And lastly, there are 4 different fonts used in it. But that just my opinion. Overall, awesome website. =)

    • admin says:

      Yeah Color Mag is one of my favourtite themes!

      And no, you better not clean it with running water)) It stands as a joke

      Thank you for your detailed feedback) It really makes me happy that people are appreciating my wsite))

      I think you’re right about the header! I was thinking about a change of the header image. I will put a more minimised design.

      Thanks again for your detailed feedback and nice words))

      Keep in touch!!

  15. Michel says:

    I always used swabs and compressed air to clean keyboards. I once tried to remove the keycaps but ended with broken ones 🙁
    I liked the Cyber Clean, I didn’t know that this kind of gel existed actually and it’s pretty useful and saves a lot of work. Great tips man, thanks!

    • admin says:

      Swabs and air are essential for cleaning your keyboard well. But Cyber Clean is probably one of the greatest ways that you can clean your keyboard with. Thanks for your feedback))

  16. Kevin says:

    HEy DR,

    Great article! Let me think… I haven’t cleaned my Keyboard for almost 3 years!! I will take in consideration all the ways you state to clean it.

    I will come back if anything goes wrong 😛

    I’m really lazzy don’t i? LOL

    Thanks for this article! I hope to get things clean now 😉

    • admin says:

      Hey Kevin!

      Well it has been quite a while that you haven’t cleaned it.. It may be a good time that you can apply our keyboard cleaning manual. Come back and check out anytime when necessary!

      And don’t forget to clean your keyboard as a habbit!!

  17. Adam says:

    Hi! Congrats for this review, I really like it!

    I actually belive, that clening keybord is important, but everytime I do it, i feel like removing the keycaps make the lifetime of them shorter. Please tell me your oppinion about this. Do you think that not cleaning is much more harmful to the keycaps then removing them regularly?

    Thanks for your answer in advance! 🙂


    • admin says:

      Hi Adam!

      Thank you! i really appreciate that you liked it)) It is rue that repeating these mechanical actions fewer can shorten the lifespan of keycaps. But don’t think that it’s the end of the world. You don’t have to remove your keycaps everytime.

      I think this intensive cleaning which includes key ap removal must be a process that you repeat once a month if you are concerning your hygene and keyboard health. But as it’s mentioned in the article, there is another way for cleaning your keyboard efectively without removing your keycaps.

      If you apply CyberClean gel once a week or anytime you feel that you need a keyboard check-up, then you will be fine and you won’t have o remove your keycaps oftenly.

      And of course, not cleaning your keyboard first of all is HARMFUL FOR YOU!! Not only think from the perpective of your keyboard but think about your own personal hygene too. Maybe you haven’t got sick just because of your keyboard but it doesn’t mean that your eyboard is a nest for bacteria))

      I thank you for your appreciation! Keep in touch))

  18. Carlos says:

    I’m not a PC gamer but, I enjoyed your site because you have personality and you caught my attention. The information your provide on keeping your keyboard clean is very descriptive. I may not be a PC gamer but, I do have a lot of friends that would benefit off your page. Thank you!

    • admin says:

      Thanks Carlos!

      I’m glad that you liked my site. It means a lot to me!!

      You can advise my site to your friendsi i would like it)) Kep in touch!!!

  19. Michel says:

    Shoo what a comprehensive article on cleaning your keyboard. You have definitely inspired me to clean mine.

    I didn’t know that you could take the keys off without damaging the keyboard. Do you have to buy the tool to do this or is there another way of ing this safely.

    • admin says:

      Thank you Michael) I’m glad that this content has inspired you.

      Yes, you can take the keys off witout damaging your keyboard. As i mentioned, some people try to remove their keycaps with butter knife or with their hands, but these are all risky methods. I won’t advise anything else of a keycap remover.

  20. Daniel Lara says:

    This is a great and very thorough article on how to clean a mechanical keyboard. Do you have any tips on how to clean a laptop keyboard, since the keys are not removable? Also, I would just like to call your attention to a small typo on on the word maintanance – should be “maintenance”.

    • admin says:

      Actually laptop keys are also removable. You just have to tick your nail beneath the keycap and gently pull it. Then you can apply compressed air and Cyber Clean Gel.

      And thank you for the correcting)) I will fix it in no time

  21. Paul says:

    This guide on cleaning a mechanical keyboard is just what I need Duru. My mechanical keyboard, which I’ve been using for several years now, has accumulated quite a lot of dirt and dried liquids; I cleaned it once before but it was a royal pain in the butt trying to remove and replace the individual keys. I’m due for another clean and the Cyber Clean Gel looks like it could really come in handy. I’ll check out the link. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Thank you for the nice words Paul)))

      I’m glad that I could be helpfull. Cyber Clean Gel is definetely one of the best alternatives you can have for cleraning your keyboard. But of course it’s not only for your keyboard, you can use it on any device you can imagine. Just do it regularly between each few days and you won’t be needing a hygene operation on your keynboard for a decently long time.

      But of course doing an intense and careful deep cleaning once in a while is important to maintain your personal hygene and longing the lifespan of your keyboard

  22. Joshua Waters says:

    This is a great resource for those interested in keeping their mechanical keyboards working their best. Thanks for taking the time to write this! All of the great pictures were very much appreciated. I really like the overall look and feel of your site, and your writing is easy to read. Well done!

    • Tyler says:

      Thank you Joshua 🙂 I’m glad that yu liked it!

      I just created a post which can become a guide for eople who want to clean their mechanical keyboards inside out.

  23. Byrd says:

    Thank you for the information!!! You know I didn’t really think about the germ and bacteria aspect of a frequently used keyboard before, but I will now. I think the process of cleaning off the keyboard and then using cleaning putty would be the best for the keyboard installed on my outdated Window Laptop. The keys still work well so I don’t feel the need to use compressed air for now.

    Continue wit the quality info!!!

    • Tyler says:

      I thank you for your interest!

      Keyboards are definitely one of the places that germs and bacteria pile up. Actually, all the frequently used personal electronics are an initation to these, but you can avoid them if you know the best practices on how to clean a mechanical keyboard or any other personal device.

      Hosting a ceaning putty under your hand is a wise decision if you like your things clean. I advise you to clean your keyboard inside out every 6 months or a pre-set interval of time.

  24. Erick says:

    Good structure site , I like the heading of it did actually made it? I am definitely learning towards reading in , good humor on the bright side I like when some people just go and add a bit of personality which sometimes I do too, you’re creating an experience and is not just a bland way to write good job.

    • Tyler says:

      Thank you for your interest and appreciation Erick!! I’m trying my best to provide people with good experience and I’m happy that some people appreciate my efforts. I hope you liked the article and found the information that you were after!!

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