A Full “POKEMON” Game may Expect us with Nintendo SWITCH

A Full “POKEMON” Game may Expect us with Nintendo SWITCH
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There are rumours that a version of Pokemon Sun and Moon can be launched with Nintendo’s upcoming epic and untraditional console “Nintendo Switch”. It’s codename is “Stars”. Eurogamer’s sources tate that it may have an air of Pokemon Yellow or Pearl and Diamond Platinum.


pokemon stars


Development of Stars was paused while the team was wrapping up PokemonSun and Moon, but now those are launched and team is back to orking on Stars. From it sounds we can understand that this won’t be just a simple Pokemon game (no Pokeman game is just a game). It is expected to contain high-resolution graphics and new stuff that aren’t in the 3DS Pokemon games. Also you’ll be able to trade creatures back-forth between console and handheld version using the Pokemon Bank app. There’s also a chance for new Pokemon which weren’t available in Sun and Moon to find place in Stars.


pokemon stars

Main Pokemon games are sticking to handheld devices, obviously for a reason. They’re made for battling and trading those cutie Pokemons with your friends while you’re on the go. Demo reel of Switch from Octber 2016 has made it clear that Nintendo Switch will be a portable console. That’s why the design of games for 3Ds won’t be an obstacle for us. But Pokemon Stars isn’t expected to be released until late 2017, so we still have a lot of time.

Senior Editor Aaron Souppouris stated:

“Almost 30 years [since Red and Blue] and we have the ability to make Pokemon games that look, sound and feel better than the original animated series. And we’re not doing it.”

Looks like it’s gonna happen sooner than we expect??

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