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Hey there gamers!! I was asked these days for some mouse bungee reviews to provide the best mouse bungee. I'm so glad that people value my knowledge and contribution, so today I'm back with the ABell Mouse Bungee review, one of the best in the industry. It' a mouse bungee which is widely used by many players and the feedback of it is amazing. We'll get to know this fine peace today!!

Let's start with who is this baby for!!

Who Is It For?? - ABell Mouse Bungee

  • Do you use a wired mouse and you're tired of the wire getting into your way, especially while playing fast paced shooters????
  • You want a sturdy mouse cable holder which will save a lot of space on your working/gaming space??
  • You value good cable management practices and you definetely are not a fan of cables floating around.

If these statements above define a part of your character then you should definetely get a mouse bungee because it's one of the most useful items that a gamer,and not only a gamer but anyone, can get.


Actually the design of this mouse bungee will seem similar to the signature mouse bungee of Zowie which goes around by the name "Zowie Camade". It's an epic mouse bungee and one of the ost well known mouse bungees in the industry. And ABell mouse bungee is the "replica" of Zowie Camade mouse bungee. It's almost completely similar to Zowie Camade and does exactly what it does. It even may be more adventegous than Zowie Camade because aBell Mouse Bungee comes with a lower price tag and it's the same with Zowie Camade in functionality.

Lower price, same mouse bungee, who would say no to this?? Not me..

Before talking more about aBell, I will present you a video review but it's not aBell mouse bungee but it's also a Zowie Camade replica. I'm sharing this with you just in order to present you info about what aBell Mouse Bungee looks like. I will further in this artcle present you with the place where you can get aBell Mouse Bungee so just watch the video to get a general idea about what aBell mouse bungee looks like 🙂


There's actually not much to talk about a mouse bungee because the thing it does is so simple. It holds the mouse cord and allows you to free space on your desk without cables messing all around the surface. 

aBell Mouse Bungee has a cord placement cavity where you stuff your mouse cord inside and trace it up to the upper final cord holder. The upper cord holder is an adjustable stick which can be used to adjust your mouse cord height. it can be extended or decreased in height by pulling up and down. It's also a flexible extension that will flex around when you pull the mouse cord to its limits.


It's also pretty lightweight but durable. Here are the specifications of it:

Dimensions: 4.3 x 3.6 x 3.6 inches (11.7 x 9.14 x 9.14 cm)

Weight: 8.8 ounces (250 grams)


The moue bungee is made out of ABS+Silicone+Stainless Steel materials which will ensure the long lifespan of this mouse bungee. This thing is DURABLE. It also has weights in the bottom of it and anti-slip surface pads underneath the mouse bungee which will ensure aBell mouse bungee to stay in place no matter where you pull it.

The cord cavity is of course a little tight but probably almost every mouse cord will fit into it unless you have a braided ultra thick mouse cable. I was using a Logitech with it and a Logitech G502 fitted in pretty well. Also other real users comment that Zowie FK2 fits it really well.


And this iis probably all we can talk about aBell Mouse Bungee. Really, a mouse bungee is a simple but effective product and I think every gamer should get one for themselves 🙂

Now, I will show you where you can get it from!!!!

Where to Get It????

As I said before, it's the replica of Zowie Camade but it's CHEAPER and it does its work EXACTLY GREAT!! And you can get one of this babies for just $18.99!! And the best place to get it from is Amazon.com of course. The best prices around, great retal serice and amazing customer care. Amazon has neer let me down and I've always got my equipmet through Amazon.com.

You can click the button below to be navigated to the Amazon page of this baby:

aBell Mouse Bungee

What Others Think About It??

It has one of the highest ratings in Amazon among mouse bungees. 4.5 out of 5!! And almost everyone who voted for aBell Mouse Bungee has voted 5 stars!! These stats mean that it's a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!!


And there are also real user reviews that would definetely help you decide whether to get it or not. Here are some of them:

aBell Mouse Bungee

aBell Mouse Bungee

aBell Mouse Bungee


Conclusion- ABell Mouse Bungee

Now you know everything about aBell Mouse Bungee and you can easily decide whether to get it or not. I hope you enjoyed the article and found what you were looking for :))

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aBell Mouse Bungee

Keep in touch 🙂

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