Acer is Going To Start A New PC Peripherals Company

Acer is Going To Start A New PC Peripherals Company
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Acer gadget technology gaming peripherals

Hey there!! I think you all know about the PC manufacturer ACER, the one who has made its name with many brave enthusiastic projects such as the Predator laptop and other stuff. Now the company is creating a new subsidiary branch for gaming peripherals: “Gadget Technology”. I know, not quite an inspiring name, but it’s the transient name, for now, just to have one for now.

They will probably hire a new design and marketing mob to shape the brand and evolve it into a more “gamer-friendly” version. I just hope that the name won’t be taken from a mythological god or entity. We had quite enough of them. Using the same guy who came up with the idea to summon a black van, which is touring the UK these days, trailing around during school holidays is not the best impression for the company. Just saying…

acer predator desktop

The new company Gadget Technology is going to involve the business team who is responsible for developing innovative Acer PC peripherals, in which we see mice, keyboards, headphones chairs, and cases. The new company is set to come alive on September 14.

It has been a strong and productive year for ACER with the revenues increased by %61 year-by-year in July. And this is the gaming division alone. When this growth is taken into consideration, it sounds pretty logical for ACER creating a brand new peripheral-oriented brand backed up by the main Acer brand. But let’s change the “Gadget Technology” name, ok???

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