Age of Empires 4 Is Coming Out For PC!! Is It About Time??

Hey there gamer folks!! Tyler speaking here.

I have some GREAT NEWS for our strategy gaming fans. Maybe you are aware of the situation, or maybe not, it's still my duty to inform you guys. AGE OF EMPIRES 4 IS ANNOUNCED and it's coming to PC!!!!

age of empires 4

I will present you two videos for you to get some idea about it. The first vide is the offilical launch trailer. But in the official launch trailer there isn't much information that we can pull out from the video, sorrily. I expected a BADASS WARS AND CIVILIZATIONS video from a big event like this, but it seemed to me a little bit, static. Age Of Empires was lastly released how many times ago? A several decades or something??

For more detailed information about the history of Age of Empires you can check out this Wikipedia page:

Click For The Age Of Empires Wiki Page

age of empires 4

But I'm not the one to judge and ok, the launch trailer is still good (you got my unvilling credit good developer fellows). So that's why I've also shared a second video to you which explains a little bit more about the game.

Here's the official launch trailer:

Now there's a second video that has caught my attention and it's probably more theoretically informative to  my eyes. The comments of the video owner cn give you a realistic view of the upcoming game by evaluating the insiders/developers.

Now here's the second video that may inform you more about the upcoming big event of Age of Empires:

So, let's sum up the knowledge:

  • Age of Empires 4 will include nations all around the world from Romans to Colloniers, from Asian dynasties to South American Civilizations. (Pretty obvious)
  • The game wll be released to PC and maybe XBox (all that Microsoft domination thing). But for any console there isn't a clue yet.
  • Relic games will be the developer side and Relic Games is bsically owned by Sega. Don't know if the outcome will be neat or not, because Sega is not known for their best quality assurance. But the fact Microsoft being the title owner gives a good relieve.
  • It's nice to hear that a legend is coming back. Let's wait and hone the long gone-now returning giant of strategy games.

Age of Empires was definetely a thing that made my childhood awesome and I will never forget those times. So, ARE WE READYTO RE-LIVE THE GOOD OLD DAYS??

You bet that I am..

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2 Responses to Age of Empires 4 Is Coming Out For PC!! Is It About Time??

  1. Weston says:

    Finally!!!! I do love Age of Empires. It’s surprising how long they waited to make a new game. I agree, the official trailer didn’t reveal all that much, but I appreciated you including the second video in your post for more information.

    Did the video say it’s coming out in October? Or did I hear wrong?

    Thank you for sharing this exciting info!


    • Tyler says:

      I also wasn’t expeting to wait this long, but it better be a good one. I actually believe in the mindset of releasing games less often but making them so badass that they’ll be talked about for years to come. At least that is how it was back in my time.

      Now the gaming industry is all about mass and rapid production, only thing that matter is the numbers and dollars. I know producing a product takes money and investment, but at the past people were more enthusiastic and actually worked to produce something with joy.

      I’m glad that you enjoyed the article 🙂 Keep in touch!!

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