Alienware Launches New Online Academy In Order To Train Pro Gamers

Alienware Launches New Online Academy In Order To Train Pro Gamers
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alienware online academy

I think there isn’t a single gamer that doesn’t know about the gaming brand Alienware, one of the most competitive companies in the industry whole gaming industry. After being an inspiration to many other manufacturers in the gaming industry with all the gizmos they produced such as Alienware Graphics Amplifier and sealing their success in gaming concepts with projects such as Alienware Gamer Hotel Suite, the company is getting ready to launch an Online Academy in order to train pro gamers.

Seems like with the trending ESports market and gaming evolving into a competitive and billion dollar industry, Alienware has updated their branding and been adding some new ESports retouches to their strategy.  Are you tired of getting killed in CS: GO and the other competitive games of your choice?? Then Alienware Online Academy can become the aid that you need:

A closed beta will be running in June 2018 and they seem to be willing in training many gamers who are eager to step their competition up!! The curriculum will include the most competitive games with professionals from Team Liquid right by your side. These are some appetizing news. With Masterclass introducing the “train with the best” concept, seems like Alienware is following the same footsteps.

alienware online academy

There will be specially designed challenges and training maps provided for you to improve your competency and master your skills in CS: GO and other games. YUMMY!! There will be more than 10 lessons provided by Team Liquid and it’s quite the resource you need if you want to step your gaming up by learning from the best 🙂

You can check out for the launch by visiting the Alienware Academy Website. It’s not launched by the time this news article is being written, but you can check it out often to see if it’s launched yet or not.

Here is the latest situation with the Alienware – Team Liquid collaboration. They seem quite happy 🙂


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