Amazon Now Lets You Split The Price For Gaming PCs and PC Parts

Amazon Now Lets You Split The Price For Gaming PCs and PC Parts
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I know that the price for PC parts or pre-built gaming PCs is the only factor about gaming that puts a frown on our faces. It’s pretty fun to play it but it’s not that fun when it comes to paying for it. We always wanna play but never wanna lose… I get it, we’ve all been there, all have done that. But now, Amazon has an offer to relieve the pain, or maybe better said “splitting” the pain…

Now we gamers will be able to split the price into 5 equal pieces. The price will stay the same, but this will probably ease the burden on gamers who not want to invest a big amount of cash in a single day. As an example, you will be able to slpit the price of a $2,000 gaming PC to $500 increments which you will be paying during the upcoming months.

The applicable categories for the new monthly payment program are:

Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Monitors, Computer components, Drives and storage, Memory, Networking, and Computer and tablet accessories.

The best thing about the Amazon Monthly Payment System is that it doesn’t charge any interest rates to users. No matter what the price of the product is, you want to pay any more than the indicated price when you first bought the product. There won’t be any interest rate charges and fees applied to you by Amazon.

This method is pretty advantageous for the ones who are able to pay the monthly payments in an order. If you’re a person on a constant payroll and if it will be te case for the upcoming months, then this can be a great payment method for you. This is the most obvious upside and it provides more competency to Amazon against other retailers who want you to hand the money in a single withdrawal.

The downside is that it’s not flexible. The payment will be charged in fixed values and that’s it. Amazon will charge the attached debit or credit card and it’s you to have the money in your account. If it overdraws your bank account, then that’s your problem.

But it seems like a great alternative for customers with responsibility. As far as I know, Amazon has an eligibility test for customers to apply to this program. I don’t know ALL the details about the program, but by clicking here you can get more information about it if you’re interested.

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