BEAST UNLEASHED – ASUS ROG Spatha RGB Wireless Wired Laser Gaming Mouse

Asus ROG Spatha RGB Wireless Wired Laser Gaming Mouse was the BEAST that I wanted to talk about a long time ago.. Because it's definetely ONE OF THE BEST gaming mice that has ever been manufactured till now. If you're looking for a gaming mouse whic you can get WITHOUT EVEN THINKING and with a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, Asus ROG Spatha is one of those finest choices and today we will explain why it's one of the greatest alternatives that a gamer can get.

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Let's get started with SUS ROG Spatha then!! Are you ready?? I SURE AM!!

Who Is It For?? - Asus ROG Spatha RGB Wireless Wired Laser Gaming Mouse

Asus ROG Spatha can be used by ANYONE and I don't think that there exists anybody who will not want to use an ASUS Spatha because you just can't go wrong with it. I'm talking about one of the BEST gaming mice that has ever been manufactured. But if we need to identify the category of specific users, the demographic analysis can give us this kind of an output:

ASUS ROG Spatha is for the ELITE of hardcore gamers. The gamers who use Asus ROG Spatha aren't afraid of spending money for their gaming peripherals and when the issue is about quality gaming peripherals, they're all in with their money. I'm speaking honestly: Asus ROG Spatha is NOT FOR BUDGET GAMERS!! Asus Rog Spatha is a mouse which will satisfy you no doubt, but it comes with a price tag around $99 and if you're a gamer or mouse user on a budget, sorry but you ROG Spatha can easily break your budget, unless you're willing to spend yuour money on a kickass gaming peripheral.

BUT if you're willing to pay the price, it's a BOMB and you will explode your gaming rig and definetely extend your gaming performance sky high.

Here's a short description of the crowd suitable for ASUS ROG Spatha:

  • You're a hardcore gamer and take gaming very seriously.
  • You want extended performance with many programmable buttons and top of the standards technical specifications. Also you want all the extra candy and cooatings on the cake when it comes to visuals of your gaming mouse.
  • You want a top notch gaming mouse which can place you inside the comfort zone of a wireless mouse but you also want to be able to use it as a wired mouse when you want to.

So, if these statements sound like you, then you should definetely go get an ASUS ROG Spatha!!!!

Before buying ASUS ROG Spatha, you better read through our article: "Benefits Of A Wireless Mouse" . It will help you to understand all the plusses and minuses before getting yourself the epic Spatha mouse. Don't skip it and read it carefully to understand whether it's better for you to get a wireless mouse or not.


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Tech Specs

Switchable Wireless/Wired Mode

Durable build and incredibly beautiful design. One of the best that I've ever seen, an eye-candy.

Precise ergonomical design and  customized 6 thumb buttons design to fit your thumb perfectly and easily develop reflexes.

12 Programmable Button

Exclusive easy-swap socket design for future upgrades and extended lifespan.

Smooth magnesium alloy Mouse Surface

Magnetic and extremely cool charging dock.

3 zone  fully customizable RGB lighting

ROG Armoury Interface Software - fully customizable mouse through ROG Armoury.

Design and User Experience

First of all I must point out to a detail that not any other gaming mouse has (sorry if there are). It's a fact that makes ASUS Spatha unique and that fact also made me love ASUS and its products more! That fact is: ASUS Spatha comes with two interchangable Omron Switches!! Also the design of ASUS Spatha is modular and easy to deconstruct which allows you to change your Omron click switches when necessary.


This is a great gesture to fans of ASUS and it adds one more reason to buy ASUS Spatha!! Omron switches arer known for their long durability ranging from 5 mllion to 20 million or even more clicks. Think that you've even double timed the lifespan of your mouse!! This is incredible!!

As I said, ASUS Spatha comes with two additional Omron switches as spare parts and you can change them any time it's necessary.


The Unboxing

ASUS Spatha comes with a pretty big bundle in a box. ASUS Spatha comes with 

  • Wireless Receiver/ Charging dock
  • 2-meter Braided USB cable
  • 1-meter Rubber USB cable
  • 2 x Japanese-made Omron Switches
  • Carrying Case
  • Star-head Screwdriver
  • 2 x ROG Stickers
  • ROG Certificate

It's a pretty fullfilled bundle and you get exactly what you paid for. This rich box of awesomeness is the real deal.


Looks and Ergonomics

Asus ROG Spatha has one of the best designs of a gaming mouse till now. It definetely is a BEAST!! And it's not only the looks, but it also supports one of the most durable frames and externals. Materials of Asus Spatha have the quality of a TOP NOTCH gaming mouse and only a few gaming mice that I've demonstrated had the same quality material build.

Just even by looking at it you can get an easy understanding of how much effort has been put into manufacturing of this mouse. Not even entioning the brain storming process behind it. It just looks marvellous!!


Those engravings at thumb buttons sidde get me every time. They're the signature ROG (Republic of Gamers) engravings which can be spotted on most of ROG line peripherals and products of ASUS. It feels like ASUS has been inspired from "Star Wars" and "Dark Side" . Looks like a Death Star surface to me 🙂 🙂

Well, OK. You can easily come to the conclusion that it look AMAZING and that's a significant plus for a gamer who wants just more than technical side of things.  And what about the ergonomics?? Well, they're GREAT TOO just like any other amazing feature of ASUS Spatha. As I said, you can't go wrong with it. Here's some brief information about ergonomics:


ASUS Spatha is a fairly large mouse (my favourite type) and it feels like heaven for palmgrippers. It has relatively extended dimensions when you compare it to other gamin mice. Technical dimensions: 5.4" x 3.5" x 1.8" (13.7 cm x 8.8 cm x 4.5 cm)

Dimensions of Spatha are pretty large and as I said, palm grippers would be VERY VERY pleased with this design because your palm just completely contacts the mouse surface and becomes whole with the gaming mouse. IT2s also good news for gamers with large hands who can't easily find a suitable one for themelves. Actually, if you don't have ULTRA TINY hands, EVERYONE can get along with and use ASUS Spatha easily. Design and ergonomics are great and I'm not gonna get tired saying that. Hail Spatha!!


I've said that ASUS Spatha has 12 programmable buttons, 6 of which are at the thumb side of the mouse and 6 others are at the click switches area.  Thumb buttons of Spatha are designed in a way that gamers will automatically develop reflexes for the mouse. The hexa-like thumb buttons design in basis are like Razer Naga Hex V2 and I can guess that ASUS ROG has studied Razer Naga Hex V2 design and thumb grid placements because they are similar in principles. The difference of ASUS Spatha  thumb buttons are that they're designed in a WAY COOLER STYLE and thumb button design is improved i norder to provide you the best thumb fitting while playing.

By the way, don't forget to check out our Razer Naga Hex V2 Review by clicking the image button down below!! It's one of the best gaming mice that has ever been manufactured for the MOBA genre and if you play League of Legend  or DOTA or similar, then you should definetely check out or even better get one for yourself!!


Your thumb actually feels like resting on the thumb buttons thanks to its concave-convex design. Finding the buttons and getting used t the thumb grid is so easy with this epic design of ASUS ROG Spatha and I give 5 STARS to it!! Good job ASUS!!


One of personal favourite features for me is the weight of ASUS Spatha. It's one of the heaviest mice that has been ever made if you ask me. It's 175g (6.17oz.) and I haven't come across with a mouse weight this high. It's actually a double edged blade and a personal preferance issue. I LIKE HEAVY MICE because they make me feel more in control when using them. I actually feel the mouse when it's heavier and it gives me more confidence during gameplay. But as I said, it's a double edged sword because soe people may prefer lighter mice, everyone has their own sweet spot. But my personal opinion - I LOVE THE WEIGHT!! Using ASUS Spatha feels just like driving a sports car. 

Also, the base chasis of Spatha is made from Magnezium Alloy material and it's ultra durable, ultra smooth and slick!! Also sticks to the charging port very well. This smooth and well crafted surface also allows the mouse to glide smoothly on the mouse surface which only improves your gaming experience. ASUS Spatha is a HEAVY mouse and this gliding feature comes as an aid. It's one of the best mouse chasisses that I've ever seen and ASUS ROG Spatha once again prooves that it's dominating in every field.


Are you a fan of RGB lighting?? Then you will be very happy with ASUS Spatha. There are 3 illumination zones and of course ASUS Spatha has RGB color support. You can customize each color zone from ASUS Armoury Interface Software. It looks lit when you customize them!!

ASUS Spatha as I said before comes with a magnetic mounting charger and it looks as a fine Mayan decoration when you put Spatha onto the charging dock. Not only an item to help your peripheral but also a great decoration oppurtunity while you're not gaming.

Technical Side of Things

Wireless and Wired / A Chamelleon of Its Own Kind

The most significant feature of ASUS Spatha is of course the Wired/Wireless Switch feature and it's hell of a useful feature. You can experience the comfort of wireless while switching to wired when needed.


Battery and Charging Dock

There isn't an actual specified battery life for ASUS Spatha, but thanks to its wireless/wired switch ability you won't have to worry about the battery life. It's lasting quite long in the wireless mode and when you require charging, the charging port is always under your hand. If you need to continue your gaming session, just plug the charger cable into ASUS Spatha and you're good to go.

The charging dock also has a battery rate indicator which gives you an idea around which amount ASUS Spatha is charged. Also inserting ASUS Spatha to its charging station feels like inserting a magazine to a gun. Quite fun and looks very neat.

DPI and Sensor Specs

ASUS Spatha features a 8,200 DPI  lazer sensor and it performs pretty well. To be honest, it's nothing ultra special or any new industry leader sensor technology but it performs really well and I haven't come across any issue using it. And ASUS Spatha is a mouse which is tailored more as a MMO mouse than FPS/RPG and that's why ultra precise precision won't be the first thing that you should consider. It's a GREAT MMO mouse and sensor of it is just suitable to its needs.

Lazer mice sensors usually support higher mouse DPI than optical and they go up to even 16,000 DPI (which is almost unnecessary for many people but you kow, personal preference). 8,200 DPI is right about more than enough for any gamer unless you're gaming on an ULTRA HD SUPERSONIC TRANSFORMERS MULTIPLE GAMING MONITOR. You probably won't ever need to set your DPI up to 8,200, but it's there if you want to and you can program your mouse just in any way you want.

The thing that I didn't like about this mouse is the DPI switch. It gives you only 2 switchable DPI options, and for MMO gaming that might be just enough, but also many gaming mice hich are way cheaper than ASUS Spatha come with around 5 DPI levels. This is probably the single feature that I didn't like about the mouse.

You don't know what DPI is and these techincal words don't mean anything to you?? Then you better chek out our MICE 101: Fundamentals Section to catch up with anything you need to know about gaming peripherals!! Also you can check out our article "What is DPI??" by clicking the button image down below:

2000 Hz Wired - 1000 Hz Wireless Polling Rate

This is actually not a signficant feature to talk about, but it's a difference than other mice. While wireless you can set the polling rate up to 1000 Hz and wired mode enables you t set up your polling rate up to 2000Hz. It's actually a useless feature because you won't even recognize the difference between 2000 Hz and  1000 Hz polling rate. It's more of a sellout than a useful feature, but it's there..

Don't know anything about polling rate?? Click the image below to find out anything necessary about polling rate!!


ASUS Spatha uses ASUS Armoury Software to program the hell out of your mouse. Software works ULTRA FINE and it's so easy to use. You can use the software to do probably everything on your mouse and you can fine tune all the features be it from lift-off distance to DPI, RGB lighting animations to buttons programming and etc..


It's so user friendly and doesn't malfunction. A quality build mouse software just like  the ASUS ROG Spatha itself. And there s not much to say about software. IT'S GREAT!!

Where To Get It From??

The best place to get it is Amazon no doubt!! It was on discount last time I checked out and you may get it even cheaper if you come across some special sales or Amazon Prime offers. I don't even have to mention the great retail service and amazing customer support. I've bought almost all my peripherals from Amazon and it has never dissapointed me!!

ASUS ROG Spatha goes with a price tag around $159.99. I know, it's one of the most expensive gaming mice that I've come across, but it's definetely worth the price. If you are willing to get one of the best MMO mice on the world and don't mind paying the price for it (which also looks badass on anywhere), then you can click the button below to be navigated to buy it through Amazon!!

asus rog spatha rgb wireless wired laser gaming mouse

What Do Others Think About It??

Ratings for ASUS Spatha are actually pretty high. More than half of the real users have voted 5 STARS for it on Amazon and here's the actual proof of it.


It has 4 STARS out of 5 on average and that's a pretty impressive score if you ask me. Here are some real user comments listed down below to get a general idea about ASUS Spatha:

Pros and Cons

Let's summ up al the Pros and Cons one more time to get a final general understanding about ASUS Spatha:


  • It's one of the best gaming mice that has ever been manufactured.
  • Slick design, great ergonomics and extremely suitable for people with relatively larger hands.
  • 2 extra Japan-made Omron switches which are easily changeable.
  • Wired/Wireless mode switches.
  • A great alternative for MMO.
  • Thumb buttons are just so cool and so well designed.
  • Comes with a carrying bag.


  • Master of MMO, Breaker OF Wallets.... It's TOO expensive for budget gamers and it's probably better to go with a cheaper gaming mouse if you don't want to break your wallet.
  • It's heavier than any other gaming mouse that I know and fr me it's a good thing, but for gamers who play FPS/RPG more frequently they could wish that it was lighter when they're lifting the mouse the centralise it on the surface.
  • DPI shifts are only 2 levels and it's enough for a MMO session but players of dynamic games especially fast paced shooters may require more than 2 shiftable DPI levels.

Conclusion - Asus ROG Spatha RGB Wireless/Wired Laser Gaming Mouse

Now you know EVERYTHING about Asus ROG Spatha RGB Wireless/Wired Laser Gaming Mouse. You can easily decide whether you should get it or not and if it's suitable for you or you would be better off with another gaming mouse. I advise you to check out our Corsair Scimitar Review, it's my personal favourite when it comes to MMO!!

If you have any questios to ask or anything to state, please write it to the comments section down below. And DON'T FORGET TO SHARE this post because this way we can reach up to more people with more quality content. Let's dominate the gaming world together 🙂

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asus rog spatha rgb wireless wired laser gaming mouse


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