Atari’s New Gaming Console Is Available Now for Pre-Order

Atari’s New Gaming Console Is Available Now for Pre-Order
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atari vcs new console controller

Hey, gamers!! As you know Atari was working on a new console which was kind of a gateway between the old nostalgic Atari concept and the new integrated modern design practices. Not even mentioning the updated hardware and the ever-evolving game concepts. Now the hard works of Atari are finally paying off and the upcoming new console is now available for pre-order!

If you have been tracking the news about Atari, then you be aware of the wishes of re-establishment of the company. Atari was looking forward to updating itself in the hardware space with a new sleek design which will capture the attention of both new age gamers and the previous generation of gamers, who are the witnesses of Atari dynasty reigning the gaming sphere. They were also aiming to build a console which is capable of playing both retro and modern games with the support of online capability and for 4K resolution.

That’s how Atari VCS was born. After launching a campaign on Indiegogo to fundraise for development purposes last year, and with a raise around 15 times its $100,000 target they have accomplished their financial goals with a success higher than their expectations.

You can see what the Atari VCS has to offer by checking out their Indegogo page.

design of atari vcs

The design of Atari VCS is reminding the 1977 console Atari 2600, which is known for the popularization of gaming cartridge use. Originally named Atari VCS before the brush-up in 1982, it was a large scale success and has boldly established its place in the video gaming industry.

Check out the reportage of Atari CEO with Tech Radar.

You can pre-order two models of Atari VCS at the moment, the standard Onyx version with a price tag at $199 and a classier version “Day One Collector’s Edition ( the one with the genuine wood front) which goes for $299. Both are tagged as on sale for a limited time only.

It’s said to be compatible with a wide range of controllers and peripherals, but anyone who places an order should receive a “Classic Joystick” which is the re-imagined version of the classic joystick together with a modern controller. These are the words of Atari, which are spoken in a press release.

atari new modern controller

Atari will be hosting its own custom Linux software, that’s great news for developers and hacking enthusiast. This will allow users to add and customize their own software! With the taste of open source, you can expand the experience!

Other details are not crystal clear yet, so, there is a requirement of at least some time to see what kind of an impact will Nintendo VCS create. The retro comeback is a big business and I have no doubts that Atari is betting on their chances of appealing to the previous generation of gamers who grew up with an Atari console.

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2 Responses to Atari’s New Gaming Console Is Available Now for Pre-Order

  1. OtakuGeno says:

    Wow really cool as a fellow gamer I had no idea that Atari was making another gaming system wow I must be sleeping under a rock or something, I’m all PC Master race and not giving any attention to these other great gaming systems! Love the article and when does the Atari new gaming console come out for sale ?

    • Tyler says:

      Hey Otaku!!

      Yes they’re making a new gaming system and it’s going to be badass. Actually it’s kind of an update of the old VCS system or the mash up of new hardware with the retro Atari looks. I believe in the practice of all gaming system typs. I’ve been raised up as a console gamer as original, but I also game with the PC Master Race often ad I believe everyone should know and experience at least a bit from all the systems around.

      Honestly, I don’t know the exact release date, bt you can always pre-order if you’re going to get it eventually 🙂

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