Benefits of a Wireless Mouse and WHY YOU SHOULD GET ONE

benefits of a wireless mouse


I have been getting a lot of questions lately about the "Benefits of a Wireless Mouse" and many gamers are wondering if it's beneficial to get a wireless mouse. Well, IT IS!! But it strongly depends on what you're looking for and what are you going to do with it. There are many new age wireless mice and they are EXTREMELY COOL. Some of them even don't differ in performance when being compared with wired mice!!


That's why I decided to prepare a general article about it and talk about wireless mice in general. After reading the article you will probably know everything necesary abou them and everntually choose the best one suitable for yourself!! We will talk about everythin you need to know, now, LET'S GET STARTED!!


benefits of a wireless mouse


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Benefits of a Wireless Mouse - Who Is It For??

Well, first of all I'm not a guy who makes direct conclusions and transmits sided opinions. As in everything in life there are goods and bads, pros and cons, benefits and lacks of everything. It's like a Yin-Yang scheme. The same applies to all gaming peripherals and wireless mice. It may be a good choice or may not be good depending on what you want out of it.


Wireless mice are being used for a decent amount of time and as being a user myself I can definetely say that THEY ROCK!! It brings you many advantages and most important it's exactly what you need if you like your desk tidy. It allows you to apply the best cable management operation, as a person who likes to work on a desk with space and minimalistic distractions, gaming and working. A wireless mouse can be a dream come true.


If these statements below describe you, then you may be very happy with a wireless mouse:

  • You HATE all the cables messing around your working desk / gaming station.
  • You are also using a laptop on the side and carrying a mouse with you to get the most out of your computer but all that extra cable is occupying your limited space and you also don't like to pack and unpack all those mouse cables everytime you go out. It sometimes looks like fighting with a snake 🙂
  • You want mobility and you also want performance simultaneously.
  • You're tired of your short mouse cords and want some personal space


If these statements presented above describe you, then you better get a wireless mouse.


But is it all about fun and play when it comes to wireless mouse?? If wireless mice are that great, why doesn't everybody use them?? We'll get to these subjects. But, in my opinion, there are way more benefits of a wireless mouse than it's disadvantages, unless you're a competing pro gamer or an E-Sports professional.


We will get to know all the benefits first, which outnumber any cons.

Benefits of A Wireless Mouse

There are many benefits of a wireless mouse and I'll start from the most obvious ones.


1) No Cords - No Mess - More Comfort


The fact of not dealing with any cords is quite a relieving one because I really don't like additional cable floating around my gaming / working space. That's a huge distraction for me and doesn't allow me to multitask on different subjects. To give an example, I'm a guy who deals with technical stuff, I also have an interest in design and I like to have my working materials around me such as my sketching papers, pens, drinking cup, headphones and etc.. And that density of items get even more complex with a cable added into the picture. And for people using a laptop I can't even imagine that "Cable Nightmare" with an extra battery cable came up to deal with.


Because the thing is not about the items, I can organize them the way I want. But the thing is that cord is not a stable object and when you use your mouse even little movements can cause your cable to float around your table. It's allways there on your desk unless you're sub-directing your mouse cord through under your desk or elsewhere or if you're not using a mouse bungee. And by the way, I would like to advise you a great product if you can't make a switch to a wireless mouse. Ever heard of a mouse bungee?? It's a great  product which stabilizes your mouse cord and clears up the space of your desk from cords floating around. The best mouse bungee is definetely the epic Cougar Bunker Mouse Bungee which is a persona favourite of mine.. And I advise you to get one if you can't do without a cordless mouse!! Click the image below to check it out:


benefits of a wireless mouse


So, the main idea and the frst benefit of a wireless mouse is the cable management practices it provides you!! A cordless desk without cables floating around is a happy desk and it will make everythg easier for you.



Wonder how I switched to a wireless mouse?? Here's My Story

So, being tired of my mouse cord floating on my desk simultaneously with my power cord I decided to try out a wireless mouse and bought my first wireless mouse . It was a Logitech Anywhere MX and it was AWESOME!!!! It uses an advanced optical mouse technology which goes by the name "Dark Fields" and I was more than satsfied with it. It's a new age tracking technology by Logitech which allows you to use your optical mouse on even a glass surface!! And if you don't know, conventional optical mice don't usually work on glass or glossy surface. You can click here or the button below to read our article about optical and lazer mice and their differences.


benefits of a wireless mouse



That game changer feature of "Dark Fields" made me like my wireless mouse even more. Logitech Anywhere MX is not a "gaming specific" mouse but I also used to game with it and the relief that I've felt after getting rid of my mouse cord was  INDESCRIBABLE! It's not a gaming giant but it was so portable and easy to use with little additional features that make everything easy for everybody. And one of the best features that made me love Logitech Anywhere MX wireless mouse was that it was working on surfaces even like glass or shiny glossy surfaces, on surfaces which usually optical mice don't work!!

benefits of a wireless mouse



2) Distance

One of the greatest features that a wireless mouse can provide you is the long distances that you can operate within. This is a GREAT PLUS and this will be most beneficial for people who use their TV as monitor or have a home cinema system. I used to dial my PC to my TV through HDMI cable and I was more than delighted to use my mouse and keyboard wirelessly sitting at a couch from a distant to my TV. It was like using my PC in the comfort of my home, LITERALLY. And it was a great experience which I assume that most of the cinema and TV series enthusiast would fall in love with.

Assuming that bluetooth wireless mice usually offer at least 30 feet (9 meters) distance, that's a HUGE ADVANTAGE against gaming mice which usually come with cord distances around 2 meters.


3) Performance

And the mouse that I talked about, Logitech Anywhere MX is just a simple quality wireless mouse for users who can be related as "comfortable users" who don't game hardcore all the time or are just looking a mouse for their overall general tasks maybe gaming included. Now that the technology has developed to higher ends there are high quality wireless gaming mice produced for gamers and they definetely don't fall behind other cordless mice.


There is a myth among mice users that wireless mice don't perform as well as corded mice and that could be true if we were living a decade before today, but the times has changed and now there are ENVIABLE wireless gaming mice that some of them even outperform a great percent of their competition. At past gamers and designers used to prefer wired mice because that they wanted to guarantee precision, but now many of my gamer and design field worker friends switched to wireless mice realising the fact that wireless mice got better and better and now they don't even differ in performance.


So, wireless mice having lower performance is a myth now and most of the high end wireless mice perform as great as their corded competitors when it comes to power demontration. As long as your wireless mouse keeps performing there will be no problem in "firepower".


There is just one phenomeno that keeps pro-gamers uses their choice against wireless mice and that's called lagging. Also we'll get to explain why a professional gamer or an E-Sports competitor shouldn't get a wireless mouse as a weapon for a critical match, but first, let's finish the benefits part 🙂


I also had the chance to use some high end wireless gaming mice and they were magnificent. I used a Logitech G700S and it was probably the exact thing most gamers are looking for - great performance, extremely quality ergonomics, just enough buttons to do everything and the best part is : it's BOTH WIRED AND WIRELESS!!


Yeah, there are options like that. Some wireless high end gaming mice come with an additional cord to be used as a charger and transmitter. When your battery drops low just plug it and keep going without any interruptions and Logitech G700S is probably ONE OF THE BEST mice that I ever had the chance to use and I recommend it to anybody. You can check out our Logitech G700S Reiew by clicking here.

4) Placeholder


Wireless mice come with their bluetooth receiver which you insert into the USB port of your computer to start using your wireless mouse. Usually people don't remove these receivers when they first plug them in if they're using their mouse consistently on a single computer. But sometmes people need to take out their receivers (that little USB thing) and they should be careful with their receivers and not lose them.

benefits of a wireless mouse

This was a problem at past but now most decent wireless mice come with a built in placeholder for bluetooth receivers inside the mouse which is a great improvement. Now there isn't any chance for your receiver to get lost and you can carry it anywhere comfortably inside your mouse!!


5) Unifying Technology

I know that there's a limited amount of USB ports in our PCs or laptops and you may run out of them if you try to connect all your devices to your computer. But there's a solution for that!! Maybe it's limited with a brand and numbers but still there's a solution for it. Logitech Unifyng Technology allows you to unify all your wireless devices with only one receiver by using Logitech Unifying Software.


This is a great solution especialy for people who are looking forward to create a wireless working system with their PCs. It means you would have to buy only Logitech devices, but hey, Logitech is an industry leader brand, it's damn high quality and I've never regretted using a Logitech. So, if you don't have an obsession with a brand else than Logitech, you won't be regretting using Logitech Unifying Technology if you're planning to establish a wireless gaming / working system.

Disadvantages of a Wireless Mouse

Well, I told you about the Yin-Yang principle. Everything has their good and bad sides. Everything has their advantantages and flaws. Wireless mice actually being a great variant to choose for many people, to write an objective article I feel the need to write about everything. Here are the cons of having a wireless gaming mouse.

1) Battery

As you can imagine wireless mice use batteries or an internal rechargable battery as a power supply. For me it's not a usual problem because batteries actually quite long and I remember not changing the batteries of my previous wireles mouse for weeks even that I was gaming insanely for long long hours. The chances are that the wireless mouse you're going to get will be charged either by a charging cord which you connect to a USB port or it will be containing a slot in the mouse for 2 AA size batteries.

benefits of a wireless mouse

Wireless mice usually go long miles with a single full gastank (you get the metaphore - gastank is the battery) and you probably won't need to fulfill the battery even for weeks if you're not using it 24/7. Each of them has their own specific battery life and you should check it out before buying. If you're a person who values battery life, I strongly advise you to get a Logitech G602!! It has 1,440 HOURS OF BATTERY LIFE!! That's insane.. And it has a switch where you can shift modes from "performance" to "power save". It's also designed to be suitable for any task, be it gaming, be it design or be it daily usual tasks, it's crafted for EVERYONE who want an overall epic wireless experience. Check out our Logitech G602 review by clicking here!!

Some wireless mice even come with their epic charging stations to which Razer Naga Epic can be shown as an example or the legendary Razer Ouroboros. A charging station has the benefits of:

  • Makes your cable management lot easier.
  • Your mouse stays right on your desk while charging, no need to transfer your mouse anywhere to charge, right at the comfort zone of your desk
  • It looks EPIC and can be a great decoration and your friends will be easily amazed.

benefits of a wireless mouse


2) Price

Actually I wasn't going to write about prices but every detail matters to me. The price of wireless mice in fact aren't so different from wired mice, it was a thing at past when wireless mouse technlogy was making an enter to the market. Back then wireless mice used to be more expensive, especilly if it was a quality build, but with the development of technology price gap between wireless mice and wired ones aren't existing anymore but it depends on the quality of the mouse you're getting.

Of course you shouldn't expect a $10 mouse to be equal the quality of a $60 wireless mouse. But price gaps between mice which float around the same quality diapozone aren't so noticable. Of course price of some wireless mice can be higher in prices depending on their build, performance and extra features, but as I said, there aren't enormous price gaps and you will definetely get what you pay for.

3) Are You A Pro Gamer? - You Better Rethink

If you're a pro gamer or even more if you're a competitor in ESports than you may rethink your decision of getting a wireless mouse. There's nothing wrong with wireless mice but if you're in the edge of a deathmatch which will earn you a couple thousand of dollars then you can't leave your faith to chance. Wireless mice MAY sometimes lose their connection for a second or a minute, it's not a common or frequent issue but once in a while it happens. Using a wireless mouse atthe comfort of your home or for personal tasks is GREAT but professional gaming doesn't accept chanches of diconnections or probabilities of lagging.

And as you may have experienced in your life, the unexpected events always happen at the exact moment when they shouldn't happen. That's called Murphy's Law 🙂 Also, here's an extra to check out some fun facts about Murphy's Law 🙂

So, if you want to be sure that you won't be facing any hardware issues or not losing a match because of a millisecond lag at the last second of an important match, you better stick to a professional wired gaming mouse.

4) The Age Old Phenomena - Lagging??

As many phenomenas, this also has been left in the dusty pages of gaming peripherals history. New age wireless gaming mice are manufactured with extreme quality that they are head to head with their wired competitors when it comes to performance.

But there is a physical fact that data, heat, electric and waves are transferred quicker through solid and metal mediums which means that wired mice have a physical advantage in data transformation speed, but this is not even noticable and won't be a problem for anyone unless you're a pro gamer. But still, there's a little minimal chance of noticing little lags sometimes and that's completely normal. It's not a major issue which will effect your gaming / workflow but if you're a professional gamer you wouldn't like to take that risk. But if you're not gaming for money, you may be more than happy with a wireless mouse 🙂

Benefits of a Wireless Mouse - Conclusion

Now you know all the benefits of a wireless mouse ,why you should get a wireless mouse and whether is it for you or not. I hope you liked the content and found what you were looking for! Please share your thoughts or ask your questions in the comments section below!! And DON'T FORGET TO SHARE THIS CONTENT!! Because SHARING IS CARING!!

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benefits of a wireless mouse

Don't forget to check out our other content and get around my website, take a look around and you may eventually find the best gaming peripheral suitable for you :)) Keep in touch!!

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14 Responses to Benefits of a Wireless Mouse and WHY YOU SHOULD GET ONE

  1. fernglow says:

    I’m always am a fan of wireless technology and wireless mouse in gaming. However, like you said, wireless mouse aren’t used in the competitive gaming scene because there’s a chance that it might disconnect momentarily!

    Anyways, I really liked your article as it’s really easy to digest and looking forward to your next articles!

  2. Manny says:


    So all of todays mices are using bluetooth?

    I am working on a laptop since a while but did game quite a lot back in the days. I remember that they used IF then and especially on lower priced items, they lost connection sometimes.

    Since I was a gamer, cordless was never an option! The pro´s had chords, so had we of course 😀

    Anyway, did todays gaming gear got rid of such problems? Bluetooth seems to be a great and stable connection on such a short distance!

    Thanks for your feedback

    • Tyler says:

      Hey there Manny!!

      Yes, wireless technolgy wasn’t so developed back then, but there has been a huge development in tech and gaming industry. Now there are wireless mice which give the performance of a wired mouse withut you even noticng any difference!!

      Now you can get a wireless mouse withot hesitation because they’re just like our good old wired now. If you’re pro gamer who participates in ESports events though, you better get a wired mouse then just in case.

  3. GF says:

    I have personally never looked into wireless mice before, but this article is pretty interesting. I am a pro-level gamer so I tend to stick with a wired mouse for the reasons you have stated.

    However it could be nice for casual gaming or even work/image manipulation related tasks…

    Do you have a personal favourite wireless mouse you could recommend?

  4. Ed says:

    Hi Tyler,

    Great article on Benefits Of A Wireless Mouse. Although I’m not a gamer, I use my PC and laptop continuously for business. For years now my desktop has been clear of clutter with a cable management system. But, the biggest gain came when I switched to wireless mouse and keyboard.
    Obviously, lag and risk of disconnection are not a major concern for me. But, the reliability of the Logitech devices has never given me cause to regret the change.
    My son is an avid gamer and he often uses my PC because it is always the latest model and is faster and more powerful than his until he updates his gaming rig. He has never complained about the wireless devices.
    Thanks for the information on the latest wireless mice, looks like I’ll have to update mine soon.

    • Tyler says:

      Hey Ed!!

      Thank you for your nice words!! I understand your son, I was in the same positin years ago :)) And getting a wireless mouse is definetely one of the best things that anyone can do to improve their gaming/working life. I also have switchedto wireless mice some time ago and I couldn’t be more satisfied!!

      I’m not an ESports professional and don’t game on a professional level but wireless mice have never let me down till now. There are some EPIC new generation wireless mice now, one of which is Logitech G900 and it’s one of the best mice that you can ever get.

      I’m glad that you’ve liked the post. Don’t forget to check out our other content for more  :))

  5. WMP says:

    This is a very informative article on the benefits of a wireless mouse. About one month ago I purchased a wireless Logitech mouse and I think it’s absolutely amazing. However, there’s no way for me to recharge the battery in my mouse. I didn’t realize that some wireless mouses have charging capabilities. I’m not a gamer but I spend quite a bit of time using my computer. Maybe I’ll consider getting a mouse that has charging capabilities when my battery dies.

    • Tyler says:

      I assume that you got a wireless mouse working on AAA batteries instead of a built in battery? I really would recommend you Logitech G700S and ASUS ROG Spatha. They have built in batteries and definetely will provide you an UNCUT gaming experience.

      Also you shoul DEFINETELY CHECK OUT Logitech G602 Review if you would like to achieve one of the most long lasting wireless mouse experiences!!

  6. Manika says:

    Very well written review! I myself used to have a wireless mouse (but it was quite a cheap one) which stuttered on and off during my games. Needless to say, this caused me serious frustration and I reverted back to my wired mice.

    After reading your review, however, I came across a few mice which I feel may suit my needs (Logitech G602), and I think I may start saving up for it!

    • Tyler says:

      Hey there!! You definetely should consider getting a wireless mouse if you’re tired of cords getting into your way!! And you should definetely get a quality one in order to not lose connection or get any disturbig problems.

      I’m glad that you liked the review!! Don’t forget to check out our other content to find other cool stuff 🙂

  7. Hung says:

    Great review! Very well lengthy covering all subjects. A lot of people get wireless mice for the mobility and everything without looking at the disadvantages. Great job adding it in there!

    Everything you need to know about wireless mouses! Thank you for the thorough and well written article!
    Keep up the great work!

    • Tyler says:

      Thank you for the comment Hung!!

      I’m glad that you liked the artice and I hope it helped you and changed something for you 🙂 

      Don’t forget to check out our other content to find your ultimate gaming stuff!!

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