Bethesda Has a Single Game which NO ONE KNOWS About – We May Find Out Soon

Bethesda Has a Single Game which NO ONE KNOWS About – We May Find Out Soon
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I think we all already know about the legacy of Bethesda when it comes to making epic world dominating hyptnotising games. I’ve been enjoying Bethesda games for a very long time, since Morrowind came out as far as I remember. I’ve always been a Bethesda FanBoy, especially after Fallout 3 I was bonded deeply with it.

I know I sound a little romantic, don’t judge me. In E3 showcase of Bethesda this year we keep seeing more and more epic titles. In an interview with Pete Hines all the games which are currently in the pipelne are revealed and majority of them were presented to curious eyes.

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Skyrim Switch, Evil Within 2, Elder Scrolls Legends, Wolfenstein 2, Quake Champions, Didhonored: Death of the Outsider. These all sound like music to my ears. These alla re titles that are currently in the phase of production right now.


BUT there is also one thing that we still don’t know and we probably won’t be able to unless Bethesda officially reveals or releases as a surprise. Hines states that they have a game coming out this year which they haven’t told anybody about yet.

Here is the video to make it all clear:

You can skip to 2.40 for that specific topic.


What can it be?? Do you have any ideas?? Please write down your ideas in the comments section down below. I would like to hear them J

My opinion is that it’s not going to be a major title like others, but still it’s going to be something good and satisfying as always. Typical Bethesda 🙂 There are almost 4 months left on the calendar for the release,so we’re nt that far away from finding out.


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