Can Playstation 4.5 Make Sony The King of Console??

Can Playstation 4.5 Make Sony The King of Console??
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If you are a console addict like me (especially if a PS fan boy/girl), this may attract your interest. Sony may be on the edge of changing the console industry. As you know that the conole market has been dominated mostly by Sony and Microsoft, a pair which have always been in a cold war relation (but that’s my opinion of course).


They both have kept up the game updating their work and adding new features to their products and tried to keep the competition going. I remember the day I had received my first Playstation One, it was going to change my life. Then came in PS2 and PS3, which were followed by PS4. They were all legendary at their primes, but now there are some talkings that Sony was working on a new version of PS4, the PS “4.5”.

That’s right, various news sources like The Wall Street Journal and Kotaku shared the source information that Sony is now working on the development of PS4.5, which is not going to be a completely new generation of PlayStation family, but it will be an upgraded version of PS4.



playstation 4.5



Based on information from developers who have talked with Sony, the new PS “4.5” will be coming with a stronger GPU to support high end 4K resolution for new gen games and compensate the requirements of VR headset by Playstation, which is going to be launched this fall.

It was actually a move that I was expecting, maybe not only from Sony but some firm in the console industry. It’s obvious that we have been walking towards a new age of high-resolution 4K games and new systems like VR headsets or other virtual tools. All these mean development and more requirements from a hardware. Stepping forward of Sony is a smart move with all the great gizmos waiting us in the near future.


playstation 4.5



By some developer guys it has been called Ps4K as a joke. What is 4K? 4K is the resolution which is around four times the pixel size of 1080p which is standard for PS4 and other console games. PS4 can support photos and videos in 4K but that’s not the situation for games. This update will enable this and can provide better effects and graphics with a stronger GPU.


Sony declined the comments and a spokesperson’s e-mail stated that “They can’t comment on rumors and speculations.”  But there’s a fact that people from authority sites heard about the device from trusted sources. It’ even heard that in Game Developers Conference in San Francisco developers have been discussing about the hardware.


Now, let me tell what I think. It is of course inevitable that consoles and hardware will be ugraded in every few years due to the developments in technology, but how effective these upgrades will be and are they really necessary or are they just campaigns to promote a “newish” product to increase sales??




I think it’s both. It really is great that PS4.5 will be able to support  4K (if the rumors are true) and higher processing. But I can also smell a marketing campaign behind it, well who doesn’t?? I’m sure that Playstation will be significantly improve with this update because every Playstation that I had has never let me down. But I also think that it isn’t completely necessary for now. This way they may be able to sell PS4 for a little increased prices which will take their decreased value  a bit higher.


No matter what, we love you Sony PS!! Just let’s see what happens in following days.


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