Cherry Releases Wireless Vertical Mouse MW 4500

Do we all remember Cherry?? The epic keyboard and especially the industry standard mechanical switch manufacturer?? Yeah, that “Cherry”.. If you have been acquainted with gaming keyboards and have been using gaming keyboards for a while, there’s a big chance that you have probablyy used a Cherry Mechanical Switch in … Continue reading

New “PORTAL” is on the way for Nintendo SWITCH!! – New Portal Game Coming in 2018

Nintendo Switch Portal

I think EVERYONE who’s reading this article at the moment has played or at least knows the epic platform simulation puzzle game PORTAL!! If you don’t know anything about PORTAL, not gonna be kind, shame on you! But it’s never too late to get acquinted with it, gamers help each … Continue reading

Bethesda Has a Single Game which NO ONE KNOWS About – We May Find Out Soon

bethesda game release

I think we all already know about the legacy of Bethesda when it comes to making epic world dominating hyptnotising games. I’ve been enjoying Bethesda games for a very long time, since Morrowind came out as far as I remember. I’ve always been a Bethesda FanBoy, especially after Fallout 3 … Continue reading