Cherry Releases Wireless Vertical Mouse MW 4500

Cherry Releases Wireless Vertical Mouse MW 4500
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Do we all remember Cherry?? The epic keyboard and especially the industry standard mechanical switch manufacturer?? Yeah, that “Cherry”.. If you have been acquainted with gaming keyboards and have been using gaming keyboards for a while, there’s a big chance that you have probablyy used a Cherry Mechanical Switch in every click of yours.

Now the well known switch manufacturer is coming with a different concept: A Wireless Vertical Mouse.

This time the new peripheral from Cherry comes with a “for home use” design and comfortable vertical ergonomics for preventing carpal tunnel syndrome, a wide spred issue with the ones working long hours with computers.

Else of the wrist strain preventing design it comes with an infrared sensor and 3 different DPI settings: 1200, 900, 600.

It’s powered by two AAA batteries and connects with a small USB dongle.

It’s obviously not a professional gaming mouse but for the ones who are in need of a home use mouse with a design which prevents carpal tunnel syndrome, this might be a good alternative!!

It’s expected to come qith a price tag at $35.

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Tyler, Founder of GMP


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2 Responses to Cherry Releases Wireless Vertical Mouse MW 4500

  1. fernglow says:

    I was looking for wireless mouse as the one i have currently has a scratch and i saw this online of my friend sharing it and it really looks really unique and cool. Furthermore, the price tag isn’t too expensive for it and I really might be considering this as I mainly use the mouse for home use and not so much for gaming!

    • Tyler says:

      You can use it also for gaming and any other thing like design software. And yeah, it’s the best MMO mouse for the price 🙂 And don’t eve have to mention that it’s an Amazon bestseller. It’s a no brainer, just get it! It’s a sin not to 🙂

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