Comodore 64 is coming back as a console C64 with plenty of games in it!!

Comodore 64 is coming back as a console C64 with plenty of games in it!!
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Hey there gamers from ALL GENERATIONS!! I have some cool news for you today BECAUSE we learned that the epic old timer Comodore 64 is MAKING A COMEBACK!!!! And it’s coming back in the evolved Super-Saiyan form of a console!!


Comodore64 is probably the first console-computer that many had experienced their first gaming on. I wasn’t alive at that era of gaming but I know it well. Despite being a PlayStation fan boy ( or at least started out witth PS) I was alays inerested in other retro consoles! Now it’s coming back and it’s coming back with dozens of games!! I know that these days all people come with an appreciation to Retro and I coudn’t be MORE  THAN HAPPY. It’s obvious that this love for the retro is behind many new remake releases.  And it’s the time for good old Comodore 64!!


Back before the era of modern gaming rigs and cryptomining hype going all around back in the days of history there was Comodore 64 and only the True Elders of technology would know the full details of this ancient relic. But now we get to explore it in a more modernised way. THE64 Mini is a licensed product and it’s developed by a company called Retro Games LTD, distribution of which is made by Koch Media.

Comodore 64 high resolution

The mainframe is similar to the classic Comodore 64 but it’s smaller – around half the size of the original – and it’s system with a built in keyboard, a fully functioning gizmo with two USB ports and a Joystick!! And the compatibility with TV is not an issue in this modern technology era because it comes with a HDMI connector with 720 High Definition output.It also has a “Pixel Perfect” display mode at a 4:3 ratio!!


Comodore 64 is considered as the most bestselling PC of al time and with the mini console comeback I have no doubt that it will hit some new record. With all these games available with the new release it’s pretty much going to be a blast for retro gaming enthusiasts. Click Here to check out the “Games List for C64”!!

Comodore 64 Keyboard


There’s also going to be a save mode which will improve the experience because back in the old days it was pretty challenging to finish a game. And you can find the manuals and more details about C64 in the official site by clicking here!! I will be waiting with patience and so you will too!!


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Comodore 64 coming back

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2 Responses to Comodore 64 is coming back as a console C64 with plenty of games in it!!

  1. alx says:

    Wow that is awesome! I’m a PS fan boy myself. I remember going to my friends house to play Resident Evil and I wouldn’t stop until I finished it. I remember the Comodor and all it’s glory. When does it come out? I see that the website says that it is coming soon. Any idea?

    • Tyler says:

      Hey Alx!! I suppose our childhoods were similar 🙂 I also had a PS One and used to play Resident Evil 3: Nemesis on it. Good old days!! I still miss playing Crash Bandicoot on it.

      I don’t remember the exact release date, to be honest. But it shouldn’t be too far away 🙂

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