Console COMBINED with a Gaming MOUSE on this epic Lexip Revolutionary Gaming Mouse Project

Console COMBINED with a Gaming MOUSE on this epic Lexip Revolutionary Gaming Mouse Project
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Have you ever dreamed of combining a console with your gaming mouse?? To be honest, I had that idea and it kept bugging me from time to time. It’s obvious that I’m not the only one who has tought about it because eventually this idea is coming to life with the name “Lexip”!!!!

It’s a gaming peripheral project which started out as a cool Kickstarter project and now it’s evolving into an actual gaming peripheral that we soon will able to meet with.

Here is a detailed vide review on what this baby can do:

It can be both preferable or not depending on the personal preferences of the gamer. It can make things really easy for you and increase your in-game efficiency. But ome gamers may prefer sticking with their good old gaming mouse and keyboard setup. No offense, everyone is different. But here are some pros and cons that you can find on Lexip Joystick Gaming Mouse:

Some of you people will probably remember the good old joysticks that were being used back at the old days of PCs. Lexip ggaming mouse is nothing like these joysticks but it’s definetely a game changer concept. It COMBINES TWO JOYSTICKS in one mouse and the variety of uses that you can find for this gizmo is ENORMOUS.

lexip gaming mouse

Think about playing a Flight Simulator game with a mouse. Now it’s an actual possibility to feel the realistic joystick like flight experience with only by using your gaming mouse. Or think about swapping your weapons in a FPS / RPG game through the  circular weapons inventory – now you will be ble to use the Side Joystick and pick the necessary weapon up really quick just by a single move of your thumb!!

And also you can increase your efficiency by customizing one of the joysticks to change the camera angle and the other to swap between weapons so you will become a multitask monster!! And there are many more things you can do with it by customizing Lexip for different design and 3D modeling softwares. Everything depends on your imagination.

lexip gaming mouse

While some people will find this new innovative product kickass, the other  crowd will prefer sticking to their conventional gaming mice and I can’t blame them.. Some people just like their gaming setup the way they are and getting used to a new gaming mouse (especially one combined with two joysticks) can be a frustrating task. But as I said before, EVERYTHING depends on the preference of user.

This will change many things and create new concepts of user experience for gamers. And it can be thought as a good news (depends on the person) for console gamers who are used to the joystick. They can easily addapt their console reflexes and would be so easy to switch to PC gaming for them by using this mouse. But these are just my personal thoughts.

lexip gaming mouse




It’s not out yet and I also don’t know much about it just like anyone else. But the known news are that Lexip raised more than $320,000 at Kickstarter and theywill probably be delivering in June 2018.

What do you think about it?? Would you buy a Lexip for yourself?? I think about getting one. Let’s see what happens 🙂

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2 Responses to Console COMBINED with a Gaming MOUSE on this epic Lexip Revolutionary Gaming Mouse Project

  1. Ravihansa Rajapakse says:

    While being a gamer, I have never considered these kinds of gadgets in my arsenal. It is one of my dreams to have a game room in the house I will build (one day!).
    This article inspired me to look for more, and I will. Thanks for the info mate!

    • Tyler says:

      Hey Ravihansa!!

      I think we share the same dream 🙂 I also want to build a house and modify it with all the gaming gears to have myself a good time… Have you checked our “Alienware Hotel Suite” Article?? It’s pretty close to what we want 🙂 I advise you to check out our other content to find interesting stuff 🙂

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