Cooler Master Releases Its Brand New Gaming Mouse CM310

Cooler Master Releases Its Brand New Gaming Mouse CM310
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Hey, gamers!! Have you ever heard of a cool gaming peripheral and gear manufacturer brand called Cooler Master?? If you haven’t then you’re probably gonna burn in the eternal hellfire of gamers hell. But if you actually don’t know that Cooler Master is, you should know that it’s one hell of a “Cool” gaming gear manufacturer with lots of branches.

Cooler Master has released several optical and laser sensor, performance gaming oriented mice until now and the lineup is getting a new member!! Its most significant feature is its low price which is around 30 euros when bought through its European retailers. It delivers all the gaming experience that a gamer needs for such a funny price. This makes Cooler Master CM310 a GREAT alternative for gamers with a budget.

All the tools you need are present in Corsair CM310 for the ultimate gaming experience. I’m not going to say that it outbeats all the other high-end brand models such as Logitech G703, SteelSeries Sensei 310 or Razer Naga, but it will definitely fit the sweet spot of gamers who seek out a great experience.


It has ambidextrous ergonomics, which makes t a suitable variant for both right handed and left handed gamers. It hosts a 10,000 DPI sensor and 2 DPI switch buttons at the top of it. Wrap around ergonomics is a new breath of fresh air to budget gamers because these kind of RGB lights are rare to find on budget gaming mice.

You probably have seen these side or wrap-illumination on some high-end gaming mice such as Razer Mamba, Razer Mamba Tournament Edition, Razer Lancehead or Steelseries Rival 600. These mice are, as far as I remember, above $50 and it’s actually a miracle to find this pretty detail on a budget alternative like this.


Texture has a rubberized side grip and quality plastic material. You can choose from 5 different preset RGB modes. The optical sensor is adjustable and offers you quite a lot of options. I can see this gaming mouse as a backup mouse, or a “friendzone” mouse. It’s always good to have a backup like this if you’re using a higher-end gaming mouse. But it’s also a GREAT primary mouse for gamers who aren’t willing to pay big bucks for a gaming mouse.

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2 Responses to Cooler Master Releases Its Brand New Gaming Mouse CM310

  1. Mike Viray says:

    I think that a lot of gaming mice can benefit from a rubber + plastic grip, this sure is a lot more of a comfy combo for extended periods of gaming.

    The RGB lights are an added plus, especially on a mice of this price, as you pointed out. Affordability I think is also a big factor for a lot of gamers.

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