Cooler Master releases RGB Hard Surface Gaming Mouse Pad

Cooler Master releases RGB Hard Surface Gaming Mouse Pad
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Cooler Master is definetely a brand that you’ve heard about. It’s one of the PC parts and peripherals manufacturer that is aking a lot of noise in the market and best know for their cooling systems and PC chassis I suppose but there are many things that Cooler Master has accomplished in many subbranchings of PC and hardware.

Now we can die in piece that Cooler Master has revealed their latest gizmo: the RGB Mouse Pad!!

cooler master rgb mouse pad


It is something that I’ve been waiting for a while. It’s not something revolutionary, there are some mice pads with RGB illumination around but they aren’t wifely used. Cooler Master is so sure from their latest release that they highly correlate it with pro gamers and E-Sports and the word “optimized pea performance” is something we hear a lot about Cooler Master RGB Hard Gaming Mouse Pad.

Claims of quality and durability are strong with this one. It comes with a 2 year guarantee and is aimed for pro gamers. Surface is “Silicone on Steel” and even the thought of this kinda material takes me to a different level. Most mice pad are known to give that semi-soft fiberlike surface feeling but this mouse pad will come with a hard silicone-steel surface for calibrated precision designed specially for optical and laser mouse sensors.

Rigid mouse pad is kept steady at its place by its large rubber pads under its surface and that’s a cool feature in my opinion, because, mice pads that slip (mine usually don’t but, you know, it happens) really annoy me and distract my consentration during important moments, especially during the heat of battle. With Cooler Master RGB this is not an issue and for people who consider gaming in a more professional level it will be a great choice to get one.


Mouse Mat is 808 g (1.76 lbs) in weight and that’s almost the weight of a keyboard which is not that heavy but has a dense and sturdy surface. Surface is 350 x 264 mm and has a thickness of 2 mm and these are pretty wide enough for a gaming mouse pad.


Else of all these great features that we’ve discussed of course the most eye-catching feature is the RGB lighting. For the RGB experience you of course need a power source and that’s via  1.6 USB cord. There will be 9 different preset lighting animations that you can choose from. Cooler Master RGB Hard Gamiing Mouse Pad will be a great completer of your RGB PC build. But it will not be compatible with some RGB LED stndards such as Asus Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion and etc.

It wll be available for sale around $29.99 price tag.

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2 Responses to Cooler Master releases RGB Hard Surface Gaming Mouse Pad

  1. Ryan says:


    You have a very good start so far in this review, but I feel as if we could be talking a little more about the product. What type of quality do we expect from Cool Master? How long have they been in business for and what sort of other ways can you engage with your audience? I think that’s your biggest thing! Other than that I love your content, keep pursuing.

    • Tyler says:

      Hey Ryan!!

      This is actuallly a news post, that’s why I haven’t included much detail about it. I will make a review about it in the near future, there you will be able to explore everything about Cooler Master RGB 🙂

      I appreciate your nice words my friend!! I will keep pursuing!!

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