Corsair Dark Core Review – The BIG Bad Boy of Corsair Mouse Lineup

Corsair Dark Core


Sensor and Performance


Design and Ergonomics


Wireless Performance


Customization and Multimedia





  • Great claw grip/palm grip design. Perfect for people with large hands and gamers who like large mice.
  • Very reasonable rice for the features it offers.
  • AMAZING peripheral software.
  • Switchable dual wired/wireless mode.
  • Interchangeable pinky rest, great customizability, perfect for multimedia.


  • Too big and too heavy. Not ideal for gamers with small hands and fingertip grip.
  • Some of the buttons are placed strangely and soetimes it's hard to press them.

Hey there!! In our Corsair Dark Core Review, we will explore one of the latest and bravest releases of Corsair. It's an unconventional gaming mouse which suits its name with all the dark concept design elements it revolves around and it's a Corsair product, which means it's ALWAYS HIGH-QUALITY.

We'll explore Corsair Dark Core inside out and you'll eventually be able to decide whether it's the right one for you or not 🙂 I'll also provide you with navigation for you to be able to buy it from the best place with the best price tags and the most quality services. But first, I'll make a short introduction for you if it's the first time you're visiting GMP 🙂

corsair dark core review

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Now that you know where to start your journey of GMP, let's dive deep into our Corsair Dark Core review!! Are you ready?? I know that I am!


Who Is It For??

  • Are you looking for a gaming mouse with wide, curvy and ultra comfortable ergonomics on which you can rest your hand with a claw grip/palm grip??
  • Are the tracking performance and sensor quality important for you??
  • Are you involved in design works or do you use a couple of design and multimedia software??
  • Do you want to have a significant amount of programmable buttons at your service??
  • Do you like your gaming mouse heavy and bulky??
  • Does an interchangeable finger rest sound comfy to you??
  • Would you like to be able to switch between wired and wireless modes to benefit from both connection types??
  • Do you want a GREAT gaming peripheral software to assist you in customizing your gaming peripheral??
  • Are you looking after a reasonable price for a great gaming mouse??

If your answer to most of these questions is "YES" then you probably should GO AND GET A CORSAIR DARK CORE!!

It's continuing the practices of high-quality manufacturing of Corsair and it would be a sin to deny the mesmerizing looks of this beast!! It's a bulky mouse and it's created for gamers who value comfort, build quality, and high-performance in a gaming mouse.

I know that many people prefer visual content to written and sometimes a video can make things a lot more easier to many of you guys. I'm trying to provide you the BEST experience, that's why I present you a short video review too. Here it is:

Now that I've introduced you to the main patterns of Dark Core, let's get to know this baby more in detail!!

Tech Specs

  • Gaming Grade 16,000 DPI PMW 3367 Optical Sensor
  • Large Claw Grip / Palm Grip Contoured Ergonomics
  • 9 fully programmable button
  • 50 million clicks of mouse click lifespan
  • 24 hours of battery life
  • Dynamic Multi-Color 4-zone lighting
  • 3 On-board profile storage
  • Surface Calibration Tuning
  • Switchable Blueetooth USB and 2.4 GHz Wireless Technology
  • Corsair Utility Engine Software (Compatible with Windows 10, 8,7)
  • Weight: 128 grams
  • Dimensions: 127mm x 89 mm x 44 mm
  • 1.8 braided fiber mouse cable
Corsair Dark Core Review


First of all, I must state that Corsair is a brand that NEVER leaves me unsatisfied. With EVERY Corsair product that I've used until now, I've always received extreme satisfaction and Corsair has put a smile on my face every single time. These guys make AMAZING gaming peripherals of ULTRA-HIGH quality and each Corsair product makes you feel the design efforts spent on them.

corsair dark core review

The same thing goes with Dark Core. I've been waiting impatiently to make a review of this bad boy because this baby has not only the high-quality build that Corsair promises, but it also has combined the dimensions of wired and wireless gaming together.

It's a large gaming mouse built for FPS/ RPG / MOBA genres and it's updated with the latest gaming mouse technologies. As far as I know, it's the latest model of Corsair Gaming Mouse Lineup and obviously, Corsair has put efforts into catching up with the latest trends and developments in the gaming mouse industry.

corsair dark core review

It's not hard to see that it's custom tailored for gaming, but other fields else of gaming are also great for the use of Corsair Dark Core. As an example, it can become a GREAT alternative as a multimedia mouse. You can customize the Corsair Dark Core gaming mouse for video editing, design software, graphics design, and animation software. I think it's a great idea to use it for both gaming purposes and personal non-gaming tasks.


Logitech MX Pro


So, if this little introduction is enough for you, let's dive deep into our Corsair Dark Core review and explore its features in detail!! Let's start with the ergonomics and general build of the mouse.

General Design and Materials

Corsair Dark Core is designed as a performance gaming mouse with a high-quality build and curvy, extensive ergonomics. It's exclusive with some of its details and one of those details is the bumpy surface right under your palm. It's a detail that has got my attention at first sight and after a couple of hours of use, it made me like the Dark Core mouse even more.

corsair dark core review

During long hours of gaming sessions, even the best of us get tired and this bumpy surface at the darkest hours feels like a massage chair. I'm pretty impressed with the amount of effort spent on the user experience. This bumpy or serrated surface design is a common design pattern with Corsair gaming mice. You can easily spot serrated parts in many Corsair gaming mice, one of the examples to which is Corsair Glaive.

The surface material is rubbery on the palm and finger rest and thumb button area while clicks and the carcass is made out of rubbery plastic. The choice of materials is amazing and Corsair has never disappointed me with their mouse builds. They know how to produce a high-quality mouse and I have no doubt about that.


Corsair Dark Core is a pretty LARGE mouse and it's definitely not for the tiny-handed and faint-hearted. The large ergonomics and curvy side profile make this gaming mouse a great candidate for claw grip and palm grip gamers. My hands are pretty large and I have long fingers, Corsair Dark Core has suited my hand perfectly with a fine claw grip. I can also use it as a palm grip if I want, but I'm a gamer who leans more on the claw grip side.

corsair dark core review

The curvy and bumpy ergonomics are great for people who like to rest their hand on their gaming mouse. Corsair Dark Core fits like a glove to your hand if you have average hand dimensions. But if you are a fan of fingertip grip, then I have to advise you checking out our SteelSeries Sensei 310 Review!!

As I said before, this mouse is not for the tiny-handed and I advise everyone to check out other mice such as Logitech G300S if you have tiny hands, because this boy is large and heavy.

Here are the dimensions for Corsair Dark Core:

  • Lenght: 127mm
  • Width: 89 mm
  • Height: 44 mm

corsair dark core review

If you like to obtain full control of your mouse with your palm and if you're not going to use it for ultra-fast paced action gaming where sharp turns are a common thing then it's a GREAT alternative for an average gamer. Also if you have pretty large hands and like heavy mice which makes you actually feel it when you're using your mouse, then you'll get pretty comfortable with Dark Core.

Dual Wired/Wireless Mode

Corsair has decided to follow the latest trends in the gaming mouse industry with their Dark Core gaming mouse. If you're interested in gaming mice, then you probably know that many brands have started to produce gaming mice which support BOTH wired and wireless mode. This dual wired/wireless mode thing actually come in really handy and after all the gaming mice that I've tried which have this feature, I can assume that in future probably most gaming mice will be built with this feature. But that's just my opinion.

corsair dark core review

Are you a gamer who likes the comfort and clutter freeness of a wireless gaming zone (which is your desk obviously)but you also don't want to give up on the benefit that a wired gaming mouse can provide?? Then Corsair Dark Core is the one for you!! With the switchable dual wired/wireless mode now you can enjoy the benefits of both worlds.

Corsair Dark Core can be switched to the wired mode by plugging in the USB charging cable to the front of the mouse. It's EXTREMELY easy to switch modes and this feature also provides you with an ENDLESS gaming experience. You will never have to be frustrated because of your dying battery.

corsair dark core review

At past, people used to turn away from wireless mice due to laggy input and delay problems. But now the technology has developed so far that there are wireless transmission technologies that perform EVEN BETTER than some wired gaming mice. Especially the latest Logitech G Series Gaming Mice have proven themselves worthy with their Lightspeed Wireless Technology. I recommend you check out our Logitech G703 and Logitech G 903 Review if your heart goes out to wireless-switchable gaming mice!

Corsair Dark Core also comes with a nano transmitter which you can use to elongate the wireless distance by plugging it into the charging cable of Corsair Dark Core. This way you will be elongating your wireless distance of about 1.8 meters, which is the length of the USB cable of Corsair Dark Core.

Interchangeable Side Grips

The outer side grip of Corsair Dark Core is actually interchangeable with another side grip which is more of a finger-rest than a side-grip. The magnetically detachable side grips come within the box of Corsair Dark Core and you can choose the one that suits you the best.

Corsair Dark Core Review

One of those side grips don't have any external extension and has a smooth curvy surface. This one leaves your finger hanging on the side grip. The other one has a finger rest extension on which you can place your pinky finger. Such a nice detail if you ask me.

24 hours of battery life

Corsair Dark Core uses a lithium-polymer battery installed inside the mouse and it promises you a maximum lifespan of 24 hours. Most of the high-end gaming mice that I've used until now, such as Logitech G703 come with a 24-hour max battery life and Corsair seems to have not chosen to underperform. the battery life will, of course, depend on your mouse settings and RGB lighting preferences.

corsair dark core review

Depending on your mouse settings, Corsair Dark Core will boost you up wirelessly from 16 hours to 24 hours. When you notice the battery dying out, you can easily plug in the charging cable and continue your gaming session without any interruptions!!

9 programmable buttons

Corsair Dark Core comes with just about the right amount of buttons. 9 programmable buttons are usually my personal favorite amount of mouse buttons due to the usability and multi-tasking ability it provides which can be used for many various subjects. Here is the list of buttons:

  • Right/left mouse button clicks
  • 2 left side clicks on the mouse click
  • 3 thumb buttons
  • Scroll wheel
  • Rear scroll wheel button

corsair dark core review

The button placement may seem odd to some people, but it's suitable for many tasks. Gaming is just one of those tasks, but it can be a perfect use as a multimedia mouse. All the buttons can be customized in the EXACT way you want and they're placed well to become easily reachable. Only the 3 thumb buttons have felt a little awkward to use at first and after getting used to them I didn't have any more issues.

The scroll wheel design is a charm!! I very much like it and the scroll wheel steps are defined pretty well. The only minus about the scroll wheel for me was it being a little bit loose. It's not too loose but it's softer than I've been expecting. After using the 3-way scroll wheel of Razer Naga and Razer Mamba Tournament Edition, I've been having some trouble when it comes to liking scroll wheels of other gaming mice.

But the scroll wheel is decent, well balanced and neatly designed!! I like it!!

corsair dark core review

The side buttons, which are located at the side of left mouse click come in pretty handy during fast-paced gaming, but the rear side buton is definitely placed to the wrong spot. It's on an awkward spot to reach and you may have to alter your grip a little bit to use it. But the side button in front of it makes wonders!! It's great to have right under your thumb and can make things way easier for you if you learn how to use it efficiently.

Rear button at the back of the scroll wheel is usually set to switch DPI's or profiles. It's logical to set it to these kinds of commands, which aren't frequently used, because if you assign frequently used commands to the rear button, then you'll end up changing your hand posture every time you need to perform that often used action ending up with a gaming experience not so pleasant.

corsair dark core review

The best thing about mouse clicks is that they come with an enormous lifespan of 50 million clicks!! Corsair has worked with Omron on the switches, which is one of the most famous switch manufacturers in the world renowned for manufacturing countless types of switches for many industries. Omron is known to work with some other brands too, Razer and Logitech to count as the best-known ones.

The 50 million click lifespan is a number out of this world and it means that your Corsair Dar Core will be sticking around for a long while. The only longer lifespan I've witnessed was 60 million clicks on some high-end Logitech mouse.

Dynamic 4 Zone Backlighting

There are 4 lighting zones on Dark Core which can be programmed to be lit up with 4 different lighting animations to mesmerize the surrounders. This is another great visual feature that I like about Dark Core and if you're a fan of RGB lights, then you'll be pretty happy with Dark Core.

corsair dark core review

The lights may not be as visual as Razer Mamba Tournament Edition's side LEDs, but it still KICKS ASS!!

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Weight, Cable and Other Contents

Corsair Dark Core weights 128 grams. This weight puts Corsair Dark Core into the heavyweight category and this amount of weight has both its advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I like my mouse heavy and this amount of weight isn't a problem for me, but every gamer has different preferences and different comfort zones.

corsair dark core review

A heavy gaming mouse such as Corsair Dark Core can make you feel its presence under your palm and give you the feel of absolute control when you're gaming with it, but there's also the fact that it can limit your speed during ultra-fast paced action games where you have to make sharp turns and speed-shoot your opponents. This can be a problem for gamers who have relatively smaller hands and less wrist power.

My hand is larger than average, my fingers are long, and I'm a strong guy, that's why I'm totally fine gaming with Corsair Dark Core, but this may not be the case for every other gamer. That's why I advise you to think about it before buying.

Corsair Dark Core comes with 1.8 meters braided strong mouse cable and it's GREAT! I've always been satisfied with the braid quality of Corsair and they continued the tradition on Dark Core too. It's pretty durable and flexible enough. Probably will last a long long time without any errors. The cool USB input design is just the icing on the cake 🙂

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Corsair Dark Core also comes with a wireless transmitter which you can plug into your USB charging cable in order to elongate your wireless operating distance!! It's a great detail which can aid many gamers or personal-task users who dial their computer to a big monitor and do their thing from a cool safe distance. The only downside of it is that Dark Core doesn't have a USB slot to keep the nano-USB. It may get lost easily, that's why you should keep an eye on that precious receiver just as Frodo keeps an eye on the ring.

Technical Side Of Things

PMW 3367 Optical Gaming Grade Sensor

Corsair Dark Core uses a PMW 3367 optical sensor by PixArt, one of the best optical sensor manufacturers. It has a great precision and there is no jitter, no pixel smoothing, and no acceleration.PMW 3367 is, as far as I remember, is the sensor that Corsair uses on all its latest gaming mouse lineup and they're putting out a GREAT JOB!!

I've used Corsair Glaive before the Dark Core mouse and it was PERFECT!! Corsair Glaive RGB uses the same optical sensor with Dark Core and I've never been disappointed with its precision, not even once.

The great thing about the sensor is that its DPI can be adjusted in 1 DPI increments. Some mice tend to adjust their DPI in 50 or 100 DPI increments, which is not a bad thing, but it can upset some gamers who are looking for fine tuning capabilities. With Corsair Dark Core you can fine tune your DPI levels and you can easily shift between 5 of them.

Surface Calibration

There is a feature which can make your life a LOT easier and it's called the "Surface Calibration". This is a feature that has found a widespread use on high-end gaming mice and seems like Corsair Dark Core had its share from it.

corsair dark core review

By using the surface calibration tool, you can fine tune your optical sensor to the surface you're using the mouse on. Surface Calibration can be used through the Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) Software and all it takes for you is to twist your mouse and draw circles on the surface for a few seconds. CUE Software will handle the rest automatically!!

Usually, Surface Calibration apps have pre-built surface types which are usually specific gaming mouse pads of the brand, but you can manually adjust it too for any surface that you're operating on!! This makes my day and it's one of the most useful features of Corsair Dark Core.

On-Board Profiles

One of the most useful features of Corsair Dark Core is the on-board profiles. This feature enables you to carry 3 profiles inside the memory of the mouse. This comes in handy especially when you're traveling around with your mouse or attending LAN parties or gaming events. You would like to use your own settings to which you've got used to especially if you're attending a competitive gaming event.

corsair dark core review

You don't need an internet connection or the CUE Software if you're using the on-board profiles. That's the best part of it. You can assign a button to switch between profiles and set different color lighting options for each profile. This way you'll be able to differ each profile from others and not get confused.

2.4 GHz Wireless Connection or Bluetooth

Corsair Dark Core is a gaming mouse which supports 2 types of wireless connection. You can choose to either dial-up with the 2.4 GHz wireless connection, or you can easily switch to Bluetooth connection just by sliding the button under the mouse. Both connections have their specific advantages.

corsair dark core review

2.4 GHz wireless connection is the common standard in the latest wireless gaming mouse technology. It's efficient, fast and provides you with great wireless performance. But there's also the fact that it eats up your battery faster. Bluetooth, on the other hand, is also great but the connection performance is not as great as the 2.4 GHz connection. But Bluetooth spends less amount of charge when compared with 2.4 GHz connection and makes your mouse last longer with a single full charge.

This is where the human factor comes into the bigger picture. You can use 2.4 GHz connection while gaming and you can switch to Bluetooth connection while not dealing with tasks that require extended performance. It's up to you and this is just my personal advice.

This connection type shifting feature is also making Corsair Dark Core a great mouse for multimedia or personal use. Want a mouse for your personal tasks but also want to be able to game with it on a very decent level?? Then Corsair Dark Core is a great alternative for you!!



As I said before, Corsair Dark Core uses the Corsair Utility Engine Software (CUE) and it's BADASS!!!! It's one of the BEST gaming peripheral software that I've ever used until now and it not only looks so epic, but it's also built so user-friendly that you have no chances to get confused. It's designed so simple yet it's so effective and extremely fun to use.

corsair dark core review

These days every gaming peripheral manufacturer is updating their software and as far as I know, Corsair is also going through a process. That's why I'm not sure whether it's the CUE 2 or CUE 3 is the one being actively used at the moment, but both of them are AWESOME!! And even if the software is new and has some minor bugs, they'll be fixed with the latest updates in no time.

There's also the new Corsair Utility Engine Software interface which is called the "iCue". It can be described as the smart version of CUE software through which you can adjust your Corsair peripherals to work simultaneously. You can also track many different parameters of your Corsair gear such as fan speed, RGB options and etc.... It's a great software update and the whole CUE system will probably switch to iCue.

corsair dark core review

Through the CUE Software, you can create your own profiles for various specific programs or games, adjust any type of button command sets, fine-tune your technical mouse settings and change your RGB lighting settings.

I don't have to talk much about the button assignments, it's pretty obvious. You can program EACH BUTTON to execute ANY command of your choice and there are 9 of them at your service.

corsair dark core review

You can set up your DPI settings and technical parameters pretty easily. You can choose from 5 different DPI steps that you determine yourself and you can assign different RGB options to each step.

corsair dark core review

Corsair Dark Core has 5 zones of illumination and you can assign 4 types of RGB color animations:

  • Rainbow
  • Color Pulse
  • Color Shift
  • Static Color

The speed of color animations is adjustable.

And the "Surface Calibration" tool. This is one of the most useful tools that CUE comes with. Just by twisting your mouse for a few seconds, your Corsair gaming mouse will adjust its tracking settings to the surface that you're gaming on. It's a game changer.

Where To Buy It From??

Amazon is the best place to buy yourself a Corsair Dark Core due to the best prices you can find there, the great retail service, and the amazing customer care they have. Corsair Darkk Core can be yours for a pretty reasonable price such as $ 72.11!!!!

It was the latest price the last time I checked, but you may even come across some decent discounts on Amazon, especially during holidays and special events. That's why I advise you to check out the latest price if you're going to buy a Corsair Dark Core for yourself. Do you think it's the one for you?? Then don't hesitate and CLICK THE BUTTON DOWN BELOW TO BUY IT!!

Amazon Buy Button

What Do Others Think About It??

Corsair Dark Core has a pretty high rating on Amazon. It has received 4.2 STARS OUT OF 5 from real users who actually bought and used the Dark Core.

corsair dark core review

This is a decent rating and it's an indicator of quality. Before buying a gaming mouse I ALWAYS check other real user reviews to crosscheck my choice. And if you want more details about the real user reviews, you can click the buying button that I've provided at the "Where To Buy It From??" section above. Here I present you a couple of real user comments for you to obtain a prefiguration:

corsair dark core review

corsair dark core review

corsair dark core review

Corsair Dark Core Review - Conclusion

Now you know EVERY single detail about the Corsair Dark Core gaming mouse and you're now fully capable of determining whether if this mouse is the one for you or not. If you think it's a great fit for you, then you already know where to buy it from.

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