Corsair Dark Core SE Review – UNCUT Gaming Experience With WIRELESS CHARGING

Corsair Dark Core SE Review

Hey there gamers!! Welcome to our Corsair Dark Core SE review!! I'ts a great gaming mouse which has been equipped with the latest technologies and, as always, the ultra-durable and high-quality Corsair mice design patterns are easily spottable in Dark Core SE too.

We will get to explore ALL these fine details of this bad boy in our Corsair Dark Core Se Review and eventually you'll be able to decide by yourself whether this gaming moue is the one for you or not. And I will also show navigate you to the store where you can EASILY find the one with the best price tag!!!

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Now that you know where you can start, let's dive deep into our Corsair Dark Core SE Review!! Are you ready?? I SURE AM!!!




  • Curvy and comfort-oriented ergonomics with a claw/palm grip
  • PixArt PMW 3367 State Of The Art 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor
  • Wireless/Wired Switchable Connection
  • 9 Programmable buttons at your service
  • Omron click switches rated with a 50 million clicks lifespan
  • 4 Dynamic RGB Lighting Zones
  • 3 On Board Profiles to store
  • Surface Calibration Tool Available For Sensor Tuning
  • Switchable Wireless Connection Btween 2.4 GHz Wireless or Bluetooth
  • Programmable with Corsair Utility Engine Software (supporting Windows 10, 8 , 7)
  • iCUE Software Supported
  • Weight: 128 grams
  • Dimensions: 127mm x 89 mm x 44 mm
  • 1.8 braided fiber mouse cable


Corsair Dark Core SE is actually the same gaming mouse with Corsair Dark Core, which is the previous version of Dark Core SE. Their EVERY technical specification and each feature are the same, but there is a slight difference between them. The SE extension of Dark Core SE stands for "Special Edition" and this specialty comes from a specific feature that has been added to the mouse.

The main difference between Dark Core an the Dark Core SE models is the wireless charging ability of Dark Core SE through the special Qi Charging Technology enabled mouse pad of Corsair. Yes, you ACTUALLY can charge your Corsair Dark Core SE mouse without the need of wires 🙂

This is of course a game changer and a great feature about which I will talk more in detail further in our review, but else of that every feature and every detail of the Dark Core SE is the same with the Dark Core model. Dark Core model is cheaper than the SE model and if you don't want to spend more bucks on a good and high-quality gaming mouse, than you can CHECK OUT our Corsair Dark Core SE gaming mouse review!! Because the wireless charging of this model, to be honest, isn't that useful and won't make a great difference but it has a few advantages.

Want to get the SAME features for a CHEAPER PRICE?? CHECK OUT Our Corsair Dark Core Gaming Mouse Review!!!!

Now, let's get to know the features of Corsair Dark Core SE more in detail!!

Design Patterns and Materials

Corsair Dark Core SE no doubt has an extra high-quality and durable build just as EVERY other Corsair gaming mouse. I've probably demonstrated every gaming mouse in the latest Corsair Gaming Mouse Lineup and they have NEVER disappointed me. As a "Team Corsair" guy I've always liked the Corsair brand and all of their products of various categories due to the high quality and badass design they ALWAYS implement.

The most noticeable detail when it comes to materials is probably the bumpy plastic surface right under the palm area. This specific design makes your hand feel sitting on a massage chair, the ones that relax you with poking bumps and stuff like that. This surface design provides you comfort especially during long, action-packed gaming sessions.


The bumpy palm area, finger rests, side buttons and the scroll wheel is made out of rubbery material while other parts and the clicks are made out of smooth and rubbery-feeling plastic. Choice of materials are smooth and the whole design is comfort-oriented. If you want a gaming mouse that will make your palm feel like sitting on a throne, then Corsair Dark Core SE is a variant that you can consider getting one.


Ergonomics of Corsair Dark Core SE are pretty LARGE and you don't have to be a gaming gear pro to notice that. It's clearly meant for gamers who prefer large ergonomics that they can lay their palms on and enjoy the ride. It's obviously crafted for gamers with the palm grip and claw grip preferences.

The curvy and bumpy ergonomics design of Dark Core SE enables your hand to fit on it like a glow. I can't deny that it's one hell of a COMFORTABLE gaming mouse. It definitely is crafted for user comfort and maximum attached hand print area. It has a great design, but it also depends on what you're looking for in a gaming mouse. This kind of large ergonomics come both with their advantages and disadvantages.

I like large and heavy mice because I have relatively big hands and I'm pretty strong, so it's not difficult for me to get along with these type of gaming mice. But this may not be the case for other gamers. If you have relatively small or even tiny hands, than this bad boy is too big for you to ride and it's definitely not for you. Actually, you will be gripping it with your full hand completely attached and stretched, but I always prefer leaving a little bit of loose hand gap for comfort purposes.

Big and heavy mice like Corsair Dark Cre SE also have their plusses and minuses during peformance gaming. A large and heavier gaming muse will probably give you the feel of "exteded-control" by making you feel its weight when you're moving the mouse and you'll be getting a force feedback and this may be the feeling you're after (I actually like it). But this weight and large form factor may become a burden to you during fast-paced action games.

Especially when you have to take sharp turns and get involved in mass shootings where bullets fly in the air and you have to take some quick decisions. Even in ESports the win or defeat is sometimes determined with milliseconds. These type of events may require you to use a more dynamic and lighter gaming mouse instead of a heavy and bulky one. But this all depends on the gamer him/herself.

Ergonomics are GREAT and you will be pretty comfortable with them if you're a claw grip or palm grip gamer. But I don't advise it to fingertip grip gamers and gamers with tiny hands.

Qi Wireless Charging Technology

This feature is the one that stands out and it is the specific one that differs from the Corsair Dark Core model. The Dark Core SE can be charged WIRELESSLY and this is, of course, GREAT for gamers who are not fond of wires at all. But this one has a slight downside.

The wireless charging technology is becoming the new trend in the gaming mouse industry and you can easily spot some other high-end gaming mice carrying the same feature such as the Logitech G703 and Logitech G903. They have a wireless charging system called Logitech Powerplay Technology and it works like a charm. The charging of the mouse is enabled through magnetic charging via the special gaming mouse pad which has metal plates inside of it.

Corsair also has adopted the same technical concept and it's called the "Qi Wireless Charging". Corsair Dark Core can be wirelessly charged just by putting it on a specific spot on the MM1000 charging pad. This charging pad is both a mouse pad and a charging gizmo.

Well, it works great and it can also be used to wirelessly charge your phone while you're gaming!! That's right, by using the charging pod, the circular magnetic receiver that comes with the Dark Core SE, you can charge your phone just by connecting it to the circle charger. Different types of micro adapters come with Corsair Dark Core SE, so, you will be able to charge your phone right beside you on your mouse pad while gaming!!

Yeah, this is a cool feature. But the only downside is that Corsair MM1000 starts charging only when you put your Corsair Dark Core SE on the circle at the right upper corner of the mouse pad. I have no doubt that your gaming session won't probably last longer than the minimum battery lifespan of Dar Core SE and you can just leave it on the spot when you finish gaming. The next time you check out the Dark Core SE to game again, you'll find it completely charged.

This may be the ideal design and use of a wireless charging pad, but I would've liked it to charge the mouse even when it's being used. That would be great!! But I have no issues with the Qi wireless charging technology and it's a GREAT feature that I like very very much. It's probably the future of gaming mice.

Switchable Wired/Wireless Connection

Corsair Dark Core comes with cable switchability and it's a great alternative for gamers who want to not give up the comfort zone of wireless gaming but still want to benefit from the wired connections advantages. Now you can enjoy both of these realms!!

Wireless connection has been improved drastically over the years and now the wireless technology provides EVEN BETTER performance than some of the wired mice. The laggy and delayed days of the wireless connection is something of the past, and now it's the time of wireless mice!! That's why you shouldn't approach skeptically to modern-day wireless gaming mice.

The most significant advantage of dual wired/wireless mode is that your gaming experience will NEVER end. You'll be enjoying the UNCUT gaming that this bad boy provides you. At past, wireless mice used to have their limits and you had to leave them to charge for a period of time. But now, you can just plug in your USB cable and continue without save and quit.

This is also a technology that has started being implemented not a long time ago and it's finding a wide crowd of supporters. I personally ADORE this kind of dual-mode switchable gaming mice due to the freedom they provide.

Interchangeable Side Grips

Corsair Dark Core SE comes with two interchangeable side grips which are mounted to the outer side curve of the mouse, right where your pinky and ring finger rest. You can choose to go with either the supportless one or you can mount grip which has the pinky-rest. They're both great and work fine. It's all up to you which one you'll choose.

The side grips are attached magnetically and they're easily detachable by applying just a little bit of force.

Battery Life

Corsair Dark Core SE has a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery which can last around 24 hours max!! This is pretty much the industry standard with most high-end gaming mice. Depending on your mouse settings, and especially the RGB customizations, yur battery range can fluctuate between 16 - 24 hours.

The Qi Wireless Charging Technology, of course, is a great advantage and when the Corsair MM1000 charging pad is added into the bigger picture you probably will never have to think about your battery life again. Even if you're not using the Qi pad, the switchable wired/wireless mode is always there when the battery starts to drain out.

So, you will NEVER have any "dead battery" problems with Corsair Dark Core. You don't even have to think about the battery at all.

Button Configuration

Logitech Dark Core SE comes with 9 programmable buttons at your service which are:

  • Right and Left clicks
  • Scroll button
  • Rear button behind the scroll wheel
  • 3 side buttons under the thumb area
  • 2 additional buttons on the left mouse click

I must say that the button configuration is pretty suitable for not only gaming but for personal purposes and office use. Actually, Corsair Dark Core SE can be a GREAT MULTIMEDIA MOUSE if you know how to configure it to your own benefit.

The button setup is not completely perfect and I personally found some cons about the placement of some specific buttons but overall the buttons design is pretty decent and easy to use.

The  3 buttons under your thumb cover a wide area and the two side buttons around the center button are easy to press accidentally. They're designed great, but it's a certain fact. And the rear one of two buttons which are placed on the side of the left mouse click is a little bit hard to reach. But they're paced pretty strategically that you won't ever probably accidentally press them.

The rear scroll wheel button is meant for non-frequent use and it's meant for DPI switch as standard. You can assign any command you want to it, but I recommend assigning the ones that you won't use too frequently because it's harder to reach when compared with other buttons and you have to change your hand posture a little bit to reach it.

The scroll wheel is designed pretty neatly and the steps between the scroll wheel steps are designed reasonably. The scroll wheel also looks beautiful and it's one of the lighting zones that lights up the Dark Core SE.

Right and left click buttons are clicking really well and I'm pretty satisfied with the feel they provide. But the greatest detail about the mouse clicks is that they're rated with a 50 million clicks lifespan!! Corsair has collaborated with Omron, the world renown switch manufacturer, to carry their game higher with better buttons. Corsair Dark Core SE with their undead buttons will probably last a long long time!!

RGB Lighting Zones

Corsair Dark Core SE comes with 4 RGB lighting zones to light up your gaming space and these lighting zones are:

  • Corsair Logo
  • Scroll Wheel
  • Thumb button area
  • Side bottom lights

You can choose from 4 different RGB animations through the Corsair Utility Engine Software and customize them for your own preferences. You can also adjust the RGB light to certain actions, profiles or DPI switches. The possibilities are endless!!

Technical Side Of Things

PMW 3367 Optical Sensor

Corsair Dark Core SE is equipped with one of the top-notch optical sensors which are rated as one of the best optical sensors in the gaming mouse industry. It's the PMW 3367 Optical Sensor by PixArt, a world-renowned brand of electronics, sensors of which are used by many high-end gaming mouse manufacturers such as Razer and Logitech.

PixArt has equivalent sensors which they created in collaboration with other gaming mice brands.  PMW 3367 is the one that Corsair installs in their gaming mice and it does a GREAT JOB!! I've used the same optical sensor in different Corsair gaming mice and every time I've been fully satisfied.

It may not be THE BEST optical sensor that has ever been created, but it's definitely one of the TOP TIER optical sensors and after a certain level, the difference between high-end optical sensors are not even noticeable. In the game, it provides me with smooth and extra precise tracking without any jitter, smoothing or pixel correction.

It's adjustable from bottom to the top 16,000 DPI max and you can assign 5 different DPI levels to shift between. You probably won't use 16,000 anytime, but it's there. It's obviously a marketing strategy. I've used the Corsair Dark Core SE in the 800-4,000 DPI interval and I've been very happy with the performance that it provided.

2.4 GHz Wireless Connection or Bluetooth

Corsair Cark Core has two wireless connection options that you can choose between. By switching the slide under the mouse you can shift between the 2.4 GHz Wireless Connection and the Bluetooth connection. Both connection types have certain advantages.

2.4 GHz Wireless Connection provides you a high-quality data connection and it's pretty strong while Bluetooth technology consumes less power but has a less durable connection compared to 2.4 GHz connection. This information can help you with battery life optimization. While you're gaming you can use the 2.4 GHz connection and switch it to Bluetooth when you're not gaming.

This way you will be optimizing your battery life while strategically using the connection performance to your own benefit.

3 On Board Profiles

Corsair Dark Core SE comes with on board profiles that you can install your 3 most favorites of them. This feature comes in really handy especially if you're travelling a lot with your mouse or attending to ESports, pro-gaming competitions or LAN parties.

Dark Core SE can store up to 3 of the gaming profiles you create and this way you can use the Dark Core SE without any software required. Every mouse command, DDPI and polling rate settings, RGB color profiles and many more are inside the brain of Dark Core SE right under your palm.

Surface Tuning

This is one of my favorite tools that Corsair comes with. You can actually tune your Corsair Dark Core SE gaming mouse to your surface on which you're using it by using the Surface Calibration tool that CUE Software is equipped with.

Just by drawing a few circles on the surface you will be easily adapting your sensor to the surface and you'll be set in a matter of seconds. This makes life easier for many gamers.


Corsair Dark Core SE uses the Corsair Utility Engine Software, which is one of the personal favorites of mine. I ADORE the Corsair Utility Engine due to its user-friendliness and of course the EPIC looks of the interface design. It's no doubt a gently crafted and well-functioning gaming mouse software but functionality is not it's only strength. It also looks BADASS and it's quite an eye-candy to look at.

I'm not sure whether the official apha software for Corsair Gaming peripherals is the CUE 2 or CUE 3, but as far as I remember it must be CUE 2.0 at the moment which is the most up-to-date one.CUE 3 is also the available now but I'm not sure if it's completely updated and bug-free, but judging by my searches I can say that Corsair is switching to iCUE 3 right now, which is the cool new software extended with a variety of hardware performance tracking and customization functionalities.

iCUE is the new Corsair Utility Engine Software interface which is a smart version of the CUE software. You can now adjust your Corsair peripherals to work simultaneously and track their data.

You can create profiles of your own by using the iCUE software, assign auto-launch commands to those specific profiles, adjust their RGB color options and configure button commands. There are a limitless number of opportunities that you can take advantage of.

You can adjust your mouse technical parameters such as DPI, polling rate, mouse acceleration and etc.. And the button set can be programmed with any kind of complex macros you can imagine.

RGB lighting zones are completely customizable and you can choose from 4 dynamic RGB color animations which are:

  • Rainbow
  • Color Pulse
  • Color Shift
  • Static Color

The speed and colors of the animations are completely adjustable.

And the Surface Calibration tool. One of my favorites. It's a pretty useful tool to have if you want to maximize your tracking performance by calibrating your Corsair Dark Core SE to the surface that you're using it on. In iCUE, there are also preset surface profiles which are usually the Corsair Series Mouse Pads. Just by drawing a couple of circles for a really short amount of time, you can get your Corsair Dark Core SE calibrated to the surface. It makes things easier for everyone.

Where To Buy It From??

The BEST place t buy it from is Amazon due to the best prices, great retail service, amazing customer support and extra-easy access that it provides. I've bought probably almost all of my gaming peripherals from Amazon and I haven't been disappointed with the service not even once.

Corsair Dark Core SE can be yours for $79.99 at the moment, but you may get it even cheaper if you come across some discounts, which is a pretty common thing with Amazon. It's the price that was active when I was writing this review, but you can CLICK THE BUTTON down below to check out the latest price. It may have got cheaper 😉

And the price for THIS kind of a high-quality high-end gaming mouse is pretty reasonable. There are some gaming mice not equal even to half of the quality of Corsair Dark Core SE but they tend to be even more expensive than it. So, if you need a GREAT gaming mouse with a durable and high-quality build which can be used for MANY tasks including multimedia and personal design use, then I advise you to CLICK THE BUTTON DOWN BELOW to buy yourself this BAD BOY!!


Amazon Buy Button


What Others Think About It??

Corsair Dar Core SE has 4.1 STARS OUT OF 5 on Amazon ratings and that's a pretty decent rating. This is the resulting rating of 400 real user votes and this amount gives us the chance to evaluate the quality of Corsair Dark Core SE gaming mouse.


Here I present you a couple of these real user reviews for you to obtain a more concrete idea about the gaming mouse. You can always click the button on "Where To Buy It From?? section to check out all the other real user reviews.


Corsair Dark Core SE Review - Conclusion

Now that you've read the entire Corsair Dark Core SE Review, you can easily decide on your own whether it's the right one for you or not. If you think it's the one for you, then you can scroll up to the "Where T Buy It From??" section to easily buy one for yourself!! I hope you've found all the necessary information that you were after!!

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