Corsair Glaive RGB Review – FPS DOMINATION Under Your Palm

Corsair Glaive RGB


Design and Ergonomics









  • Modular and interchangable thumb grip
  • Incredible design and good-for-all ergonomics.
  • Great for FPS/RPG!!
  • Complete customization options.
  • Software is great and enables full mouse programmability.


  • Some may find the number of buttons not enough.
  • Not suitable for MMO.

Hey there gamers!! In our Corsair Glaive RGB Review we will discuss about one of my favourite gaming mice: The EPIC CORSAIR GLAIVE RGB!! I really like this one and it has all the reasons to be loved. I'm so excited even by just talking about it and I will step by step explain "Who Is It For??" " Why You Should Get One?" and "Where Can You Get One?". Eventually you'll know EVERYTHING ABOUT IT and will be able to decide whether to buy it or not 🙂


So, LET'S GET STARTED!! Here is the general outline of our review:

  • Who Is It For
  • Tech Specs
  • Design
  • Technical Side Of Things
  • Where To Get One
  • What Do Others Think
  • Pros And Cons
  • Conclusions

Corsair Glaive RGB Review - WHO IS IT FOR??

Corsair is known to make STATE OF THE ART gaming peripherals and overall "Computer Items" such as PC Cases. And Corsair is one of my favourite brands no doubt. It concuered my heart first time with its MMO Monster Corsair Scimitar!! That day I used the epic Corsair Scimitar changed my whole perspective about Corsair. The same thing goes with Corsair Glaive RGB.

To speak clearly, Corsair Glaive RGB is one of the TOP TIER gaming mice. Actually EVERYONE who want to improve their gaming performance and explore new horizons of gaming mouse can use this mouse. If you're gaming on a more "hardcore" level than a comfortable gamer and are in a search of extended gaming performance Corsair Glaive RGB can just be the right choice for you!! Because it's one of the BEST PRODUCTS of Corsair that has ever made..

  • PERFORMANCE and COMFORT are the keywords that would define your gaming mouse preferance.
  • You're looking for a fully customizable mouse that can be suited to all your gaming needs. Maybe a modular gaming mouse??
  • You want a mouse which that you have full control on.
  • You have average or slightly larger hands and you want a mouse that also can fit in your large hands.
  • You want a gaming mouse that can make you feel comfortable during extended hours of gaming.
  • You want extended performance from a gaming mouse and want to be ahead of other gamers.
  • You LOVE mice with edgy shape comfortable designs and standing out lighting systems.
  • You have RGB lighting on your other peripherals or PC Build?? A mouse which can fit in your RGB gaming space will be a better choice for your visual hunger.

If these statements above sound like you, then you will be very happy with Corsair Glaive RGB.

I know many people like "Visual Content" and I try my best to serve you as much visuals as possible with all these pictures and video contents. Sometimes videos are a great way to communicate more powerfully, that's why I'm presenting you a Corsair Glaive RGB video review!! Let's see what Corsair Glaive RGB packs for us:

Glaive RGB, in my opinion, is a hybrid mouse which has been inspired from many other peripherals of different brands, combined the best parts of them and created an "OVERALL GREATNESS" gaming mouse. And I believe that's a pretty accurrate definition because if you have a history with gamin mice, you could easily identify the little nuances of Logitech G502 and Razer mice design clues by taking a careful look at Corsair Glaive RGB. And that's not a bad thing, I think it's AWESOME!! It's a contribution to exponential growing improvement towards perfection!! And that's just my opinion, everyone has the right to think different 🙂

Who It Isn't For??

Corsair Glaive RGB is an "Overall" mouse which can be used for many subjects and many different games. Actually it's a GREAT mouse for a person who plays mostly FPS/RPG and it can also be used effectvely for other daily computer tasks. It's simplistic, it's high quality, it's designed for comfort and performance. The only domain of applications that won't be suitable for Corsair Glaive RGB is probably the MMO/MOBA genre and if you want "many many more buttons" that you can customize Corsair Glaive RGB may not be enough for you.

If you want a mouse for MMO to dominate the whole server, I suggest you check out our Corsair Scimitar Review and Razer Naga Hex V2 is a great alternative for MOBA enthusiast who want to mprove their performance on League of Legends, DOTA 2 and etc..

Now, let's dive deep into Corsair Glaive RGB Review!!

Tech Specs

  • Contoured ergonomic shape to support long gaming sessions with comfort and without fatigue.
  • 3 modular interchangable thumb grips to suit your peronal customizations.
  • 16,000 DPI optical sensor with 5 adjustable DPI steps.
  • Epic Visual Design, Mat black rubber surface and glossy light emitting side openings
  • 6 Programmable Buttons
  • CUE (Corsair Utility Engine) Software enables extended control over your mouse.
  • On-board memory storage.
  • Surface Calibration
  • Dynamic Multicolor 3-zone RGB Backlighting
Corsair Glaive RGB Review



One of the things that Corsair Glaive RGB mesmerizes us is of course the epic visual design of it. It's not only a mouse, but a decoration of your gaming/working space and really changes the auro of my desktop by giving the looks of a "Professional ESports Gamer". Fancy looks aren't my priority in gaming mice but I LOVE to have that fancy looks in a gaming mouse and it doesn't hurt to look a little bit fancy 🙂 Else of that the ergonomics are pretty awesome.

Corsair Glaive RGB Review

It's shaped to provide you comfort for long gaming sessions and fits your hand just about right. Actually I can relate to its ergonomics as "General Happy" ergonoimcs because it's shaped in a way that probably a vast majority of users will be happy with its shape no matter whether they have large or smaller than average hands. What if you have small hands?? Will it fit??


If it was a mouse with many buttons spread out everywhere I would say yes but it isn't the situation for Corsair Glaive RGB. This mouse is designed to be a more minimalist and more effective performance mouse especially for FPS/RPG players who want to get the job done. That's why it doesn't have bazillions of buttons that you have to change your hand shape to reach out the undiscovered corners of your gaming mouse. Have small hands?? You probably find your sweet spot with Corsair Glaive RGB by using it as a palm grip mouse. Have large hands?? Then Corsair Glaive RGB can become a great "Claw Grip" for you (that's my sweet spot too).

Corsair Glaive RGB Review

One great nuance of Corsair Glaive RGB is the DPI shift indicator which has 5 levels and you definetely can't miss it. I LOVE the design of it and it just looks futuristic and definetely accomplishes a great job when it comes to indcating the DPI you're on. Some mice place their DPI indicators at places where they can't be easily seen but this is right on spot and I love the looks of it.

The GREATEST Story Ever Told - Modular Grip

Probably the MOST OUTSTANDING feature of Corsair Glaive RGB is the modular interchangable thumb grip which comes in 3 different types to suit the needs of every gamer anytime under any condition. First grip is the unserrated smooth surface grip and doesnt have a thumb rest. A good alternative for the ones who like it more dynamic during a gaming session or who are used to not place their thumbs on a thumb rest. It's a matter of choice and Razer Glaive RGB comes with options suitable for any type of gamer.

Corsair Glaive RGB Review

The second thumb grip is the one with a slight concave and a little rougher surface to ensure better gripping.

And the last grip is the full thumb rest grip which your thumb can completely sit and rest on the grip extension. It's wider than the second thumb grip and if you prefer this kind of a thumb rest which is quite similar to a Logitech G502 thumb rest you may feel at home with this grip.

Corsair Glaive RGB Review

All grips are interchangable easily. They're attached to the mouse by magnetic force and can be easily removed. But don't worry, they won't come out while you're gaming. They're designed with accurate precision that the force you need to apply to the grip to pull it off is just sitting around an optimum point that neither it will come out during an important gaming session nor you will be applying too much force to pull it out. Just about balanced.


Corsair Glaive RGB is a simplistic but effective mouse and it's a great deal for the ones who don't use bazillions of buttons during their gaming sessions. Corsair Glaive RGB has 6  programmable buttons which isn't much compared with some other gaming ice like Logitech G700S or Logitech G600 but it's just about enough buttons to make you a champion if you're playing mostly shooter FPS/RPG, epecially some titles like CS:GO!!

Corsair Glaive RGB Review

There are two side buttons which are pretty easy to press under which lies the interchangable thumb grip. Two mouse clicks, scroll button and a pre-scroll right at the back of scroll wheel. Buttons are fully programmable from the CUE Software which offers you a vast amount of customisation options and it's one of my favourite mouse softwares. We will talk about it in our software section.

Scroll wheel is working pretty well and it's one f the designs that I like the most. Has a groovy surfce and the indentations on the scroll wheel makes it easier to scroll and maintain control. Works smoothly.

Tracking Pads

Corsair Glaive RGB is a king of performance and one of the features that allows it to be the king is the track pads which are gliding like a bird and cover a large area under the mouse. They really minimize the friction between surface and the mouse itself. This way you feel more in charge of yur mouse and no doubt it makes way easier to handle your mouse.

Also there is a great gizmo called "Surface Calibration" which is an included feature with many top tier gaming mice. Corsair Glaive RGB has the surface calibration option which you can activate through CUE Software and it's basically an auto-tuning option for your mouse surface. The mouse software will want you to draw circles on thespecific surface that yu use your mouse on and will evaluate the surface data then it will calibrate itself to the surface to provide you the best performance.

This is also a very useful feature if you travel with your mouse. You may not have the chance to carry your mouse mat around and that's especially when Surface Calibration comes in handy.

Dynamic Corsair Lighting

Corsair is one of the brands that outshines others with its specific designs which are BADASS and EYE-CANDY!! Another example which carries the same design nuances with Corsair Glaive RGB can be Corsair Scimitar. The same sports car look and dynamic lights everywhere!

Corsair Glaive RGB has three light zones which are:

  • the front grid
  • Side illumination strips
  • Corsair Logo under the palm

The lights are fully programmable and  one of the things that I liked about the Corsair Glaive RGB is that the ights AREN'T TOO BRIGHT. That's some good thinking from Corsair because some of the RGB mice that I've used in the past had eye catching illumination that feels more like in a rave party and not in a gaming seesion. Those kinda mice have distracted my concentration but Corsair set the ilumination strenght just about right and it doesn't spoil your concentration. They're there to remind you the coolness of your gaming mouse.

No need to say that you can program every light zone to work the exact way you desire. You can program your mouse to work with light animations such as Gradients or Rainbow Effects.

Tehcnical Side Of Things

Let's talk about the more technical side of things now.


Corsair Glaive RGB has 16,000 DPI packed in his artillery and you can set 5 different switchable DPI levels. 16,000 DPI may not be a number that every gamer will be using, probably some people will never use that much DPI, but for the ones who operate with multiple 4k monitors or multi tasking with various subjects on many different monitors covering their wall it's a nice level of reach to have. Never hurts having more and many top tier gaming mice now support high levels of DPI such as 12,000-16,000 etc.

You don't have an idea what is dPI or how can it effect you having high or low rates of DPI?? Then you should definetely check out our "What is DPI?" article or the Mice Fundamentals 101 page to get a good start at gaming mice.


What is DPI
mice 101 fundamentals

The clicks of Corsair Glaive RGB are Omron switches which are the high industry standards among gaming mice. Logitech also uses Omron switches in most of their G series mice and those switches are known to last usually about 20 million clicks!!!! These mouse clicks can last even longer than you and eventually come to your funeral (Some black humor never hurts)..

Here is an epicly informative video about Omron Switches!! Our well known friend Linus took a trip inside the Japanese Omron switch factory!! It's SUPER EXCITING!!!!


Well, there's not much to say more about Corsair Glaive RGB. As I said before, it's simple, it's well built and it's EFFECTIVE!!!!


Corsair Glaive RGB uses Corsair Utility Software CUE -one of the top notch softwares in the gaming mice industry if you ask me. Corsair is a brand which seems to me like a "PERFECTIONIST" because they don't produce a bazillion of products, they have just a few major gaming mice in their artillery, but they do it DAMN FINE when it comes to crafting out a sick gaming mouse which is EXACTLY what a gamer needs. They aren't over exaggerated with tons of buttons or some ultra edgy non-user friendly design, but they're COOL, EYE-CANDY, DEADLY and WELL PERFORMING!!

Corsair Glaive RGB Review

The same goes with the software too. CUE software is the kind of mouse software that allows you to customize EVERY BIT of your gaming mouse and is so user friendly while going easy on your eyes. Everything is simple and good looking. One of my favourite mice softwares alongside with Logitech Gaming Mouse Software.

RGB Programming

You can chose from 16.8 million RGB colors that are appliable to any illumination one of your Corsair Glaive RGB and there are 5 different lighting animation options which are:

  • Rainbow
  • Color Shift 
  • Color Pulse
  • Static Color
  • Lighting Link


Corsair Glaive RGB Review

And you can adjust the speed of change. Corsair Glaive RGB will be a great fit if you have other gaming peripherals with RGB installed toyour working space. If you like visual details and want your mouse to match your other RGB peripherals you will probably be extremely happy with a Corsair Glaive RGB. If you want to minimize the diversity of brands and don't want to deal with multiple softwares, you can buy a Corsair Keyboard alongside with Corsair Glaive RGB which will be a vise choice especially if you are a fan of gaming peripheral brands, like "Team Corsair" or "Team Razer"!!

DPI Adjustment

As I said before, Corsair Glaive RGB has 5 levels of DPI shifting which truely will aid any gamer especially the ones who frequently play FPS/RPG. And when is that useful?? I'll explain..

Have you ever tried sniping on a battle shooter game such as Call of Duty or Battlefield?? Sure you did. And when you set your DPI or mouse sensitivity to mid-range assault, I mean when you're battling with automatic rifles, you have to make some sharp turns and higher DPI is better for those situations but when you enter the sniping mode with a long range weapon, such as sniper rifle, you will see that the same mid-range assault DPI is not letting you catch the pin point precision and your mouse is covering big lengths while you just want to get focused on a small area. That's when DPI shift is coming into the picture.

Corsair Glaive RGB Review

What if I said Corsair Glaive RGB also has a "Sniper Mode" 🙂 🙂 Yes, you can customize a Sniper DPI and set any button you want to a sniping mode. Corsair M65 has a specific button designed for sniper purposes with a crosshair on it. Glaive RGB also gives you to use the same oppurtunity to benefit from a sniping mode and that's a signature feature of Corsair FPS mice in general.

Corsair Glaive RGB lets you shift DPI in 5 different levels with a single button click and you can set your DPI to ANY VALUE up to 16,000. I suupose you will never have to set it up to 16,000 DPI but it gves you a lot of oppurtunities on a wide diapozone. And the minimum amount of DPI you can shift between is "1 DPI" so you can set them to endless variants, be it 447 DPI or 8,458 DPI. Every number of your choice is possible on Corsair Glaive RGB and this provides an amazing chance of fine tuning for the ones who are sensitive to details.

Performance Parameters

You can change your angle snapping and lift height parameters from CUE software. I don't see a point in using angle snapping and probably no decent gamer would, but it's there for anyone who prefers to use. You can also enhance your poiter precisio and change the pointer speed.

Surface Calibration

Now this is the feature that outshines!! Surface Calibration enables you to fine tune your mouse according to your surface that you're your mouse on. That's a great and probably one of the most useful features that a gaming mouse has. If you're using your mouse only on your working/gaming space and on a specified surface such as a mouse pad or a tabletop(wood etc..) probably you wont have to use it more than twice, but your mouse will set itself to your surface and provide you the best optimized performance.


Especially if you carry your mouse around and use it on different surfaces this feature may become an inexpendable tool in your gaming kit. If you're going to LAN parties or gaming events taking places at different locations and you don't have the chance to choose your working surface you can catch an optimized performance with Surface Calibration tool. A great option for pro gamers!!!!

These are the gems about software and I'm definetely hapy with Corsair CUE. One of the best softwares in the gaming mice industry and it definetely is user friendly.

On-Board Profiles

You can install a profile of your choice on-board to your mouse memory to travel with you anywhere you go!! You won't need any software or setting up additional programming with your on-board software. Just plug in and play!! This is a great feature for the ones who travel a lot.

Where To Buy It From??

Right now Corsair Glaive RGB goes with a price tag around $69.99 and if yu ask me it's just about the right price for a mouse like this. You may even get it for a cheaper price if you know where to look at. I see many gaming mice which aren't as qualified as Corsair Glaive RGB but are sold for bigger bucks than Glaive RGB. Also don't forget that it comes with 3 interchangable thumb grips and many more.

As many other gaming mice, the best place to buy it (it worked out for me) is You can get it even cheaper from especialy when you come across huge discounts. Also they have a great retailing service, amazing customer support and millions and millions of people are using it. It's really easy to fix any issue with Amazon and they respond quite quickly.

If you think that Corsair Glaive RGB is a good fit to you, then right now click the button below to BUY ONE FOR YOURSELF!!

Corsair Glaive RGB Review

What Do Others Think About It????

Corsair Glaive RGB had 4 stars out of 5!! And that's a great number when we take into account that this number is achieved from votings of 640 ACTUAL CUSTOMERS!!!! It means that plenty of people are happy with Corsair Glaive RGB (4 out of 5 peple generally) and that's already enough to evaluate it as a good buy. By the statistics %75 of real users voted 4+ stars for Corsair Glaive RGB. And as a person who had the chance to use Corsair Glaive RGB personally, I definetely recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their gaming performance. $69.99 is just a fine price for a badass craftsmenship like this.


A side note: With all gaming mice some people will claim that there are issues with gaming mice like "buttons started not responding" or "mouse click started not responding". That's a thing with EVERY gaming mouse and once in a while you may come across a gaming mouse which starts malfunctioning right after week 2, no matter how top tier your gaming mouse is. It happens once in a while with every gaming peripheral and gaming mce usually come with their warranty. That's why you probably shouldn't judge a gaming mouse by comments like "Mouse click stopped responding" or "Mouse started malfunctioning from week 2" etc..

Here are some of the top comments from OTHER REAL USERS from


Corsair Glaive RGB Review - Conclusion

Now you know EVERYTHING about Corsair Glaive RGB - Who Is It For, what are the main specifications, Where To Buy It From and What Others Think About It. If you liked our Corsair RGB Glaive Review, PLEASE SHARE this content to announce our voice to a bigger crowd!! I'm working alone on this website and I'd really appreciate your help 🙂

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Corsair Glaive RGB Review

See you around!!

Tyler, Founder of GMP

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  1. Bobbi says:

    This Corsair Glaive RGB Mouse seams like something that would be very beneficial to my son who is a gamer through and through. I like the detachable thumb bar to go to a larger more rested thumb bar. I also like that it is comfortable in your hand and is ergonomic inspected. Looks complicated to me but my son will love it. I am truly thinking of getting him one for Christmas.
    Thanks for this article and I love this Mouse.

    • Tyler says:

      Hey Bobbi!!

      Thank you, I’m glad that you liked the article!! And yes, it’s a great mouse for anyone and I have no doubt that your son will like it 🙂 It’s a present that everyone would like to get 🙂

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