Corsair M65 Pro Review – The ULTIMATE FPS Gaming Weapon

Corsair M65 RGB Pro


Design and Ergonomics


Sensor Performance


FPS / RPG Performance





  • The exclusive sniper button is a game changer for many FPS players.
  • Sensor tracking is TOP NOTCH and M65 RGB Pro is equipped with one of the BEST optical sensors ever!!
  • Design and ergonomics are out of this world. Great for Palm/Claw grip players and ultra-comfortable for long term gaming..
  • Great CUE Software which is extra user friendly and allows you to customize the hell out of your mouse.


  • Fingertip users may not get comfortable with it.
  • M65 RGB Pro is produced right-handed only.

Corsair M65 Pro Review

Corsair M65 Pro Review

Corsair M65 Pro review was one of those articles that I was waiting impatiently for. It's one of my favorite FPS / RPG specific gaming mice and today I will explain to you why it's a great alternative for your fast-paced assault games or for performance gaming in general. It's the EPIC SNIPING MOUSE which has brought the gaming industry the concept of "Sniping Button". So, it's not your everyday classic $15 gaming mouse. It's above standards...

Corsair M65 Pro Review

In our Corsair M65 Pro review, we will explore all the nooks and crannies, all the details which make Corsair M65 a GREAT choice for FPS / RPG / SHOOTER gaming. Eventually, you'll be able to decide without fuss whether this baby is the right one for you or not. I will also include a button at the "Where To Buy It From??" section where you can easily be navigated to buying page where you can easily buy one for yourself 🙂


But before getting started to our review, I would like to give a jumpstart to your journey at GMP 🙂 If you're new to this website and want to find out the BEST SUITABLE GAMING PERIPHERAL for you, then GO AHEAD and CLICK THE GET STARTED BUTTON which is presented down below. You can also click the Mice 101 Fundamentals button to get reach to all the technical information you need about gaming mice!

Who Is It For??

Corsair M65 RGB Pro is definitely one of the BEST candidates for FPS gamers and people who want to take their gaming to the next level. If you're playing CS: GO, Battlefield, FarCry or any other title similar to these concepts, then you can't go wrong with Corsair M65 RGB Pro...

It's meant for the ones who not only want some quality gaming mouse, but it's for the ones who want TOP NOTCH quality. If you see gamers who use a Corsair M65 RGB Pro, approach them carefully, because they know what they're doing...

Corsair M65 Pro Review

  • Are you an avid gamer who plays FPS/ RPG / SHOOTER often??
  • Are you looking for a gaming mouse which will become your next favorite weapon??
  • Do you want a good, and not only good but the BEST TRACKING quality out of an optical sensor?
  • Are comfortable and large ergonomics with bumps and curves seem charming to you?
  • Would you like an additional "Sniper Button" right under your thumb to provide you with special DPI settings when looking through the sniper scope??
  • Do you like sturdy and heavier mice??
  • Would you like a gaming mouse which is reinforced with aluminum chassis and the weight of which is adjustable?

If your answer to most of these question is "Yes", then Corsair M65 Pro is the RIGHT CHOICE for you 🙂

Before starting out, I will present you a little pre-review video to inform you about Corsair M65 RGB Pro in general. Some people  are appreciating the visual content and I'm trying to do my best 🙂 Here it is:

Tech Specs

  • Exclusive sniper button positioning
  • Wide and comforable pro ergonomics
  • 12000 DPI high-accuracy PMW3360 Optical Sensor
  • Eight strategically placed buttons
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum structure
  • Advanced 3-point weight tuning system
  • Surface calibration tuning utility
  • CUE Software
  • High-capacity Omron switches rated for 20 million clicks
Corsair M65 Pro Review


When it comes to design, Corsair NEVER LETS ME DOWN... I have experience with other Corsair mice such as the mighty Scimitar and the champion Corsair Glaive RGB, and all of them were AMAZING!!! Not only their mice but ANYTHING that Corsair designs have left me extremely satisfied. Corsair M65 RGB Pro included.

Corsair M65 Pro Review

If you like minimalistic yet good looking and effective, user-friendly designs, then Corsair M65 Pro will leave you more than pleased 🙂 Corsair M65 Pro integrates a well designed ergonomic shape, which will make you comfortable during your long gaming sessions, with durable aircraft grade chassis structure, smooth surface materials, and strategical button placements.

It's one of the most ultimate gaming mice for FPS genre that has ever been made. If you want a gaming mouse that will last pretty long and support you with FPS oriented exclusive design, then M65 Pro is one of the best alternatives that you can get. It also has additional bells and whistles under its roof such as adjustable weights, high DPI optical sensor, special sniping button and etc..

Let's check them out in detail...


When you look at Corsair M65 RGB Pro you can instantly spot that it has an eye-catching and outstanding ergonomics. It differs from other standard gaming mice and it wouldn't be wrong to say that it has a unique custom shape of its own.  If you like larger and heavier mice, then you will definitely LOVE this baby!

Corsair M65 Pro Review

Corsair M65 RGB Pro is a large gaming mouse and is suitable for Claw Grip and Palm Grip users. If you like your palm laying comfortably on your mouse, then Corsair M65 is the right choice for you. As a person who prefers large gaming mice, I'm so happy with the exclusive design of ergonomics of Corsair M65. All the curves and bump of it enables your hand to fit just right in and this custom designed ergonomic shape enables you to game without any frustration for long hours.

Dimensions of M65 RGB Pro are 2.84 x 4.65 x 1.54 in x (7.2 x 11.8 x 3.9). It's larger than average and it weighs 4 ounces (115 grams) without additional weights installed. If you like gaming mice in which you can actually get the feeling of decency, not just some soft plastic toy, then Corsair M65 is for you because it's not a toy. It's a serious gaming weapon...

Corsair M65 Pro Review

The surface material is double coated and the layers of Corsair M65 RGB Pro consist of aluminum chassis, primary plastic coating, and top layer smooth soft black material coating. I admit that it feels GREAT!! The surface is so smooth and silky that I don't want to let my hand go. During long hours of gaming, your palms may feel sweaty due to the characteristic of smooth top coating, but this has never been an issue for me. If your hands get sweaty occasionally, I recommend keeping a box of tissues nearby. But it feels GREAT!!


Aircraft Grade Aluminium Chasis

The base chassis is made from aircraft grade aluminum. It's light, durable and looks BADASS!!! Not your everyday plastic gaming mouse... The overall chassis design is integrated with exteriors and it has added a great design detail at lower rear and front parts of the M65 RGB Pro. I ADORE gaming mice with aluminum chassis.

Corsair M65 Pro Review

The chassis of Corsair M65 RGB Pro is ROCK SOLID and this durability is just another reason for me to choose Corsair M65 RGB Pro as my weapon. The aluminum base jumps out from the back and front of Corsair M65 and gives a pretty cool look to it. I don't like plastic mice at all, that's why Corsair M65 has once more conquered my heart...


Exclusive Sniping Button

Nw this is the feature that we can't skip in this review because Corsair M65 Pro (or other previous M65 models so to speak) has made quite a bang with its exclusive sniping button. Is it the only one in the vast market of gaming mice? No... But, it's one of those gaming mice which has started or made new trends born! Probably most of the gamers who have at least a little bit history with gaming mice will probably remember the exclusive sniping button first when they hear the name of Corsair M65.

Corsair M65 Pro Review

Corsair M65 Pro ReviewThis button is probably the most specific reason which makes Corsair M65 RGB Pro an EXCELLENT candidate for FPS gaming. Sniping button is placed right under your thumb, which feels ultra easy to access. If you're playing FPS/RPG SHOOTER games often then you will LOVE this button because it actually feels like drawing out your sniper rifle and getting ready to spill some blood. It's the actual thing that it does in-game...

The sniping button is designed primarily for sniping purposes in FPS/RPG games. You can do this by assigning a lower DPI macro through CUE software. When you're playing fast-paced action games such as Call Of Duty, Battlefield or CS: GO you usually need two alternative DPI settings for various reasons.

1) For fast-paced mid-range gunfight Article

2) For sniping through long-range sniping scope or any other zoomed scope


Gamers, and I myself, usually prefer lowering the DPI when sniping through the sniper scope to increase the precision. And higher DPI will come in handy while you're not sniping around and engaging with opponents in mid-to-close quarter gunfights, where you will be required to perform fast turns and maneuvers with your mouse.


Corsair M65 Pro ReviewDon't you know what is DPI?? Then CHECK OUT Our "What Is Mouse DPI???" Article or Mouse 101 Section to get a better understanding of these technical subjects.



Now, this is where the sniping button comes in handy... Just by pressing in a matter of milliseconds to this marvelous little red button you can INSTANTLY switch the DPI to your desired pre-set DPI value. This is POWERFULL!!! This little red button definitely brings the advantage, especially when you're playing fast-paced competitive games such as CS: GO...

Corsair M65 Pro Review

You don't have to program it for DPI switch only. You can assign any macro you want through the CUE software which is also AWESOME by the way! It allows you to do pretty much everything with your Corsair mouse. We will get to that later in our review.

So, you can use this button for any purpose you want! It sits right under your thumb and it's not a soft button, so you don't have to worry about accidentally pressing the sniping button. I had doubts about it before actually obtaining the chance to demonstrate out a Corsair M65 RGB Pro. It turned out that there was no need to worry.

Corsair M65 Pro Review

It fits great with your thumb and it's so easy to reach anytime you want. It only takes a little amount of time to get used to it. My personal advice: Disable it for a week when you first buy it. After getting used to the mouse you can easily program the sniping button for any purpose you want. It feels GREAT after getting used to it!!! It's the EXACT thing you need to have under your palm if you're an avid FPS player...


Weight Tuning System

Yes, that's right. Corsair M65 comes with a weight tuning system which consists of three adjustable weights equating to 20.5 grams when summed up. I can call it "Center of Gravity adjustment system" more than a weight adjustment system because, in my opinion, it is more useful for changing the center of gravity of the mouse.

Corsair M65 Pro Review

Corsair M65 RGB Pro is a relatively heavy mouse with a weight of 115 grams without the detachable weights. It leans to the group of "heavy gaming mice", but this wasn't a problem for me at all, actually I liked it more because I prefer heavier gaming mice. 115 grams was just about the ideal weight for me, not too light, not too heavy, just around the optimum point. But if you like your mouse heavier, then you can plug in your additional weights and obtain a 20.5 grams of extra mouse weight, after which you will end up with 135.5 grams under your palm.


135.5  grams is probably one of the heaviest weight values that you can find among gaming mice. SteelSeries Rival 700 is one of those mice which weight more than 130 grams and it's also one of my personal bests...CLICK HERE To Check Out Our SteelSeries Rival 700 Review!!!

Corsair M65 Pro Review

There are 3 zones under the Corsair M65 RGB Pro where you can mount the weights. You just have to unscrew the caps and the weight hole will be there waiting for heir weights to be placed inside. You can also change the center of gravity of Corsair M65 RGB Pro by trying out different weight placements between the 3 available recesses.

I like the weight system, but it's not my favorite, to be honest. It could be designed better, maybe with lighter but more distributed and larger in number weights. I like the weight distribution designs of Logitech mice, especially Logitech G502. It's just beautiful... Corsair M65 RGB Pro could also have adopted this kind of a weight plate design, but sometimes you can't just do anything about it.

Corsair M65 Pro Review


But when it comes to weight distribution, my personal favorite is the EPIC SteelSeries Rival 600!!! You should DEFINITELY check it out!!!


Corsair M65 Pro ReviewWant to find out the BEST weight distribution system ever made?? CLICK HERE To Check Out Our SteelSeries Rival 600 Review!


Strategical Button Placement

Every button placement in Corsair M65 RGB Pro is meant to be there. Buttons are placed pretty well and strategically that you instantly understand they are there for a reason and a purposeful design was created specifically for FPS gaming. I felt really comfortable with all the buttons and they are placed in a way that you get used to them really quick. You will develop quick reflexes with Corsair M65 RGB Pro in no time!!

Corsair M65 Pro Review

Corsair M65 RGB Pro comes with 8 programmable buttons at your service which are:

  • Right / Left Click Buttons
  • 2 DPI Switch Buttons
  • Scroll Wheel Button
  • Two Side Buttons at the thumb area
  • Exclusive Sniping Button right under your thumb

We've already talked about the sniping button, that's why I'm not going to write more about it. So, let's talk about other buttons now...

Actually, every button is ROCK SOLID on Corsair M65 RGB Pro, and by rock solid I mean they're sturdy, durable and actually make you feel that you're pressing a button. They're not too hard, but they're not too soft either. It's a GREAT feature that I appreciate on a gaming mouse because I don't usually like soft buttons. I like to actually feel that I'm pressing them and applying at least a little bit pressure on them. Corsair has done a great job with buttons overall and they give me the exact feeling I want out of a gaming mouse.

Corsair M65 Pro Review

The click buttons are working pretty fine, they're pretty comfortable to press and work great. Also, the clicks are made from Omron switches, which is pretty much the standard now for many high-end gaming mice, and are rated for 20 MILLION CLICKS of a lifespan!! It's a pretty decent number...

I actually know some other higher end gaming mice such as Razer Deathadder Elite, which is rated for 60 MILLION CLICKS, and Logitech G900, which can last up to 50 million clicks, but this doesn't mean that Corsair M65 RGB Pro isn't up to par with them. 20 million clicks is a decent number, probably just about right for a high-end gaming mouse like Corsair M65 RGB Pro. I didn't have any issues with the clicks and they have cruised many long miles with me and they function GREAT! Corsair always leaves me satisfied with its designs and clicks.

Corsair M65 Pro Review

Side clicks which are in the thumb area are sturdier and you feel the tiny amount of resistance when pressing them, which is great. I like my mouse to be at least a little bit solid. The thumb area buttons are placed so well that you can easily reach all of them without any difficulty.

The scroll wheel is specially designed with a heavier metal base wheel structure under the plastic surface to provide a decent feel of scrolling action. It's one more point to the scoreboard! I don't like scroll wheels which are floating around so easily. I want my scroll wheel to at least resists me a little bit. This way I feel more in control of my gaming mouse and Corsair M65 RGB Pro has done a great job in this aspect.

Corsair M65 Pro Review

Scrolling steps aren't too large or too tight, just around the optimum scrolling range. Pressing the scroll buttons requires some pressure, which is a plus for me because Iwith some of my previous mice I had the issue of accidentally pressing the scroll wheel button due to the softness of it. This isn't an issue with Corsair M65 RGB Pro and the scroll wheel feels great!

At last, the DPI buttons... There are two DPI switch buttons at the back of scroll wheel and a LED indicator in the middle. These buttons, just like any other button on Corsair M65 RGB Pro, can be programmed as you wish with any kind of macros through CUE software, but they come as DPI buttons by default.

The led indicator shows you the current DPI you're on at the moment and it can be programmed to illuminate with various colors of your choice at specific DPI values. If you're going to assign other types of commands else of DPI to these buttons, I advise you to set them to commands which you're not going to use so frequently because they're harder to reach when compared to thumb buttons. But overall, I'm extremely satisfied with all the buttons that Corsair M65 RGB Pro has!!

Bottom PTFE Friction Reducing Pads

Corsair M65 Pro ReviewCorsair M65 RGB Pro comes with large PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) which are reducing the friction drastically and enable you to glide like a bird on your mouse mat. The placement of anti-friction pads is also cleverly designed to occupy more surface with less concentration on single points.


Equally distributed anti-friction pads are providing great comfort. It's even better when they're combined with a great mouse pad!! Corsair has manufactured probably one of the BEST GAMING MOUSE PAD ever. It's my personal favorite and also being used by many gamers and gaming professionals worldwide. It can bring your gaming performance to the top and that's why I'm advising you to check out the mighty Corsair MM300 Mouse Pad:


Corsair M65 Pro ReviewDo you want the BEST Gaming Mouse Pad under your mouse to live the gaming experience like never before?? CLICK HERE To Check Out Our Corsair MM300 Mouse Pad Review!!



RGB Lighting

Corsair M65 RGB Pro comes with two illumination zones which are the rear palm logo and the scroll wheel. You can adjust the colors from 16.8 million RGB color spectrum and you can apply 4 different color animations which are:

  • Rainbow
  • Solid Color
  • Color Shift
  • Color Pulse

Corsair M65 RGB Pro looks pretty awesome with all the colors flashing and the great thing is that if you are owning other Corsair gaming gear you can tune their RGB settings together with your M65 RGB PRO to work simultaneously.

Corsair M65 Pro Review

Technical Side of Things

Corsair M65 RGB Pro comes with a PMW3360 Optical Sensor, which is one of the BEST OPTICAL SENSORS in the gaming mice industry! It's one of the most logical reasons to buy a Corsair M65 RGB Pro and this sensor proves that it's a high-end gaming mouse because usually, the top players in gaming mice industry put this kind of high-quality sensors into their mice.

Corsair M65 Pro Review

The PMW3360 doesn't even need to be talked much about, I myself can assure you from my past experiences with this sensor that it's one of the BEST and it will definitely get the job done more neatly than necessary. It's just GREAT and many other major mouse manufacturers such as SteelSeries and Mionix and etc.. also prefer it. You can spot this sensor in SteelSeries Rival 310 and Rival 700, which are top notch and deadly, designed specifically for performance gaming.

The sensor of Corsair M65 RGB Pro enables us to adjust our DPI settings up to 12,000 DPI. You probably will never use this amount of DPI and it's usually a marketing strategy among brands, but it's there if you want to use it.

Corsair M65 Pro Review

The tracking is AWESOME!! Just by playing a short session of CS: GO I have witnessed the pinpoint precision of M65 RGB Pro. It put me on a headshot spree after a while and I'm not a guy who finds the chance to play for hours and hours every day to hone my FPS skills... I'm saying again, tracking is AWESOME!! And I LOVE IT. Unless you increase your DPI to unnecessary ultra-high levels, you will be deadly and always remain as a threat to others...

One of the great features that make M65 RGB Pro is the "Surface Calibration Tool" in CUE Software. When you put your mouse on a new surface you can go into the CUE software and adjust your mouse to the new surface by just drawing circles on it. M65 RGB Pro will optimize itself for the best tracking quality on the specific surface.

Technical details are simple and user-friendly. You can adjust them through the CUE Software easily in detail and after finding the right spot for yourself you won't be needing to think about it further.


You can customize your Corsair peripheral by using the epic CUE (Corsair Utility Engine) Software. CUE gives you the power to manipulate your Corsair gear (and not only Corsair mice) in any way you want!! It's one of the most user-friendly and detailed gaming peripheral software that I've ever seen...

Corsair M65 Pro Review

You can assign macros to your mouse buttons in ANY WAY you want, you can create specific gaming profiles, adjust your DPI settings, change your performance parameters and do other cool stuff like surface calibration!

Here is a quick overview video of Corsair Utility Engine Software and how you can use it:

Do you want to download the CUE Software and jumpstart your experience with your Corsair gear?? Then click the link down below:



Actions subsection is the place where you can set up your macros and adjust mouse buttons. The whole interface is so simple to use that I don't need to explain you much in detail. But you can possibly do any kind of configuration with buttons that you have in mind. I'm going to share a video with you, but Corsair CUE Software has been updated over time and the interface may not be the exact same when compared to the up-to-date one. I'm sharing it to provide you a general info. Here's another short video from Corsair itself explaining the custom sniper settings:

At the "Performance" subsection you can enable or disable angle snapping, enhance pointer precision, adjust pointer speed and determine the lift-off distance. Pretty much everything you need. Simple and effective. I don't recommend enabling angle snapping because in long term you may be losing the high accuracy precision which PMW3360 optical sensor brings you, but that's up to you.

I don't have to mention about the RGB section because we've already explained about it in the design section of our article.

If you want more detail technical parameters adjustment out of a gaming mouse, you can always check out our SteelSeries Mouse Section or SteelSeries Rival 600 Review!

Corsair M65 Pro Review

One of the coolest features of CUE Software is that you can link your profiles to a specific program in your computer. This means that Corsair M65 RGB Pro will be automatically switching its profile to the pre-determined software profile when you open up, let's say Photoshop for example or to your CS: GO setting and etc... This is SO POWERFUL!! And it's a known fact that many top tier industry leader gaming peripheral brands host this feature in their gaming peripherals software.

Corsair M65 Pro Review

You can also set a background image of your own taste for CUE Software profiles. Another nice detail.

And that's all for the mouse software.



Where To Buy It From??

As I always state, I buy almost all of my peripherals from Amazon due to great prices and amazing retail service. I happen to find the best prices on the internet on Amazon, especially when it comes to gaming peripherals. I don't even have to mention the amazing customer care. You may even come across great discounts from time to time or during special seasons.

So, Amazon is my personal best (and personal best of millions of other people) place to get my gaming gear. Corsair M65 Pro can be yours for a pretty reasonable price tag which is $44.00!! For an ultra decent mouse like Corsair M65 RGB Pro, it's a beautiful price and making this one hell of a gaming mouse available to get under $50 dollars is a great pricing strategy... Thank you Corsair!!

I'm dropping the magical button down below to navigate you to the buying page. If you want to buy yourself one of these babies and jumpstart your headshot spree, CLICK THE BUTTON DOWN BELOW!!


Corsair M65 Pro Review

What Do Others Think????

One of the best ways to evaluate a gaming peripheral before buying it is to check out other real user reviews. I do this quite a lot before buying a gaming mouse or any other peripheral... In order t provide you with better information and a deeper understanding to help you make that buying decision, I present you the ratings and other real user comments.

Corsair M65 Pro has 4.2 STARS OUT OF 5 and this rating was the average result of 1,248 real user votes and reviews!! Also, you can spot that %62 of voters have voted 5 STARS while %15 of real users rated 4 stars. Which means that %77 of users are EXTREMELY SATISFIED with Corsair M65 RGB Pro!!

Corsair M65 Pro Review

Here are some real user comments:

Corsair M65 Pro Review

Corsair M65 Pro Review

Corsair M65 Pro Review





Corsair M65 Pro Review - Conclusion

This is the end of our Corsair M65 Pro Review!! I hope you've enjoyed it and found all the necessary information that you were looking for.

If you have any questions on your mind or any thoughts to state, then write them down in the comments section below. Also, DON'T FORGET TO SHARE our Corsair M65 Pro Review to spread the word. And of course, don't forget to FOLLOW GMP on Social Media to keep up with latest developments!! You can reach our Facebook and Twitter pages by clicking the buttons down below:

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Tyler, Founder of GMP.

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20 Responses to Corsair M65 Pro Review – The ULTIMATE FPS Gaming Weapon

  1. Michael says:

    Hi Tyler!

    Fantastic review. I’ve been living in a Mac world for several years, but my fingers have been itching for that wonderful feeling of PC gaming that I was raised on.

    For this reason, I’ve been looking to rejoin the PC Master Race and start a gaming PC build. The problem is, after nearly eight years away from PC, I’ve been blown away with all of the advancements that have been made in gaming!

    This mouse is seriously impressive! Can’t wait to try it out myself!

    • Tyler says:

      Hi there Michael!!

      I’m really glad that you liked the review!! I can understand that it’s been a hard life for you in the aspect of gaming. Mac users have been struggling in gaming. But it’s now possible thanks to the NVidia GeForce Now App!! I advise you to check out our NVidia GeForce Now Article about it…

      But I always advise you to build yourself  gaming PC because it’s the ULTIMATE solution. It has got better with time and now is probably the best time to become a PC gamer!!

  2. John says:

    This is actually for pro I think, but it has great technology. I think this are the things I can look out for when I need to go into the gaming business, because I don’t think this could just be something that can stay in the house for ordinary home gaming, I think it is pro use with great features. Thank you. The article is great

    • Tyler says:

      Hey John!

      Yes, it’s not your ordinary everyday gaming mouse. It’s meant for performance gaming but it can also be used for various tasks. The best area that it will come handy are FPS / SHOOTER games, but you can customize it however you want in order to fit your desires.

      I also advise you to check out our Razer Gaming Mice Page, they have some kickass gaming mice with same concepts. Also, don’t forget to check out our Get Started and Mice 101 fundamentals page to jumpstart your journey in GMP!

  3. Michael Gore says:

    That’s a mean looking mouse my friend.

    You look at it and you know its for gaming, or some kind of offensive weapon.

    That Sniper button sounds amazing and a little unfair, lol.

    Seriously though, its beatiful. The design is comfortable and the materials are of the highest quality and 12000 DPI sounds almost sexual; I currently have a budget mouse and its making me miserable.

    Thanks for the information, you may have just made a sale.

    • Tyler says:

      You’re right Michael! Corsair M65 Pro can be a nightmare for its opponents!

      The sniper button concept makes the whole difference and I also advise you to check out the Razer Basilisk Review, the mouse which has adopted the sniper button concept and gave life to one of the most competitive gaming mice to ever roam on this planet.

      I would like you to check out the epic SteelSeries Rival 600 too, it’s my personal favorite! I thank you for your interest on the site 🙂 Don’t forget to check out our Razer Gaming Mice, SteelSeries Gaming Mice and Mice for FPS / RPG Sections to find out many interesting stuff 🙂

  4. moonmount says:

    Very good description of the product. Excellent bullet points to describe the product and it’s functionality. Many images to support views of the product and well as all the technical data. Good leads into purchasing information and support. Overall an excellent website. You may want to change the language from ‘Click here etc’ to something like ‘Go here or Go to’ I don’t think Google likes ‘Click here’

    • Tyler says:

      Thanks for your advice!! I’m glad that you liked the content!! I advise yo to check out our Mice For FPS/RPG section!! You will defintely find many peripherals that may attract your interest!! Also, don’t forget to check out the Razer Gaming Mice section to find out what Razer Mouse Line Up can offer to you!!

  5. Salvatore V Jenkins Jr. says:

    The Corsair M65 has a stealthy design with sexy curves and lines. At first glance, the Corsair M65 looks really comfortable and I can’t wait to play Overwatch with this mouse on my side.

    I myself use a combaterwing which is one of those $15 – $20 gaming mice. I like it but what I like the most is the aluminum chassis and it’s definitely something I look for when purchasing a gaming mouse!

    I’ve never used a gaming mouse with a snipe button… Think the snipe button can improve someone’s FPS skills?

    • Tyler says:

      Hey Salvatore!!

      Yes, Corsair M65 Pro is a game changer and inspirer of many modern gaming mice that has been designed until now. Overwatch, Battlefield and ANY OTHER FPS / RPG / SHOOTER game suits great to the epic Corsair M65 Pro.

      I know Combaterwing, it’s a cheap one, but it’s highly appreciated among gamers who don’t want to spend big dimes. Aluminium chasis is a GREAT detail and you may CHECK OUT Our Corsair GLAIVE RGB Review to see what other kind of beauties that alluminium frame offer…

      Sniper button won’t improve your skills by itself, the skills are dependent on you but the sniping button will SKY HIGH your gaming performance if you learn how to use and get adapted to it!!

  6. Theresa says:

    Hi there!
    This is indeed a wonderfully written review which is very informative! I really appreciate that you took the time to explain how the mouse and its software works in great detail.
    I’m a gamer myself and having the perfect gaming equipment is one of my top priorities. I’m a huge fan of corsair and their brands. Never had a bad experience with them. I will definitely check the mouse out.

    Thanks again!

  7. Saurav says:

    Woohoo! There can be no better news than this to the gaming lovers. Especially, the ones who love being engrossed with FPS or similar games, this little baby is just their thing. This little mouse will take their gaming experience to the next level. So, I believe this little piece of joy is a must try!

  8. Jack says:

    Very detailed and thorough review. I particularly enjoyed your use of visuals – far too often I come across a review of a piece of hardware and the images are either few and far between or of too poor a quality to really make a difference. I’ve been out of the PC gaming scene for a while but recently got the itch to start playing CSGO again – maybe I’ll look into this mouse instead of my crappy old Logitech!

  9. Daniel Euergetes says:

    That’s one heck of a mouse there! You got that right when you said anything Corsair designs is top notch! I know – I have one of their lighted gaming keyboards (K70 RGB) and that thing was the best one I’ve ever owned.

    One Saturday morning I was rearing to go on an RPG from GOG, and idiot me, decided to have a nice large drink cup of orange soda. Need I say more? The keyboard is ruined

    I’ve also tried game controllers, supposedly for computers but no dice.

    I have just a regular mouse for everything. Using a mouse like this would be an experience for me! I’ve never seen a mouse (aluminum chassis at that!) like this. I bet this one costs a pretty penny!

    I’m glad I visited this page. It’ was revealing to me!


    • Tyler says:

      That’s right, Daniel. Corsair is the brand which goes BAD ASS when it comes to manufacture some quality gaming peripherals. You can check out our Corsair Gaming Mice Page to see what Corsair has in store for you 🙂

      Their keyboards host one of my favorite design patterns too. Aluminum frame and extra durable click design. But of course you should ALWAYS be careful with drinks when you’re using the computer. Now there are waterproof designs available, but I don’t know whether Corsair switched to this functionality or not.

      Aluminum frame is a mind killa. Corsair Glaive RGB also has an aluminum frame and IT ROCKS!!!! But other Corsair Mice such as Corsair Dark Core and Corsair Dark Core SE are also GREAT high-quality gaming mice. I advise you checking them out.

      I’m glad for your attention, Daniel 🙂 Don’t forget to check out our other content to find out the best gaming peripheral suitable for your needs.

      • Daniel Euergetes says:

        The one thing I overlooked on this page was the price. For the kind of mouse it is, 49.99 is reasonable! Thanks for the information. I will be taking a look around this site, especially those links you provided and if I do get one here in the near future, it will be through your site!

        Nope, no more drinks around my computer at all. That stopped the day it happened! The keyboard is repairable. I just had not had the time to do it.


        • Tyler says:

          Yeah, the quality that Corsair M65 Pro provides for such a relatively low price tag is AWESOME!!! And it’s a signature gaming mouse in the gaming peripherals scene. The sniper button is definitely a game changer and it has inspired many other manufacturers to put the sniper button in their designs.

          A wise choice for your gaming setup 🙂 Thanks for your interest 🙂

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