Corsair MM300 Mouse Pad – The KING OF GAMING MICE PADS

Corsair MM300 Mouse Pad

Corsair MM300 Mouse Pad is the one mouse pad which has brought many noise to the gaming industry and it has al the rights to be the king of gaming mice pads. Is Corsair MM300 Mouse Pad the right one for you?? It's the RIGHT MOUSE PAD FOR EVERYONE!!!! In our review I'll explain why it's the right one for everyone and why you can't go wrong with Corsair MM300 Mouse Pad 🙂

Corsair MM300 Mouse Pad

Corsair MM300 Mouse Pad - Who Is It For??


  • It's actually for EVERYONE who wants a great mouse pad because it's THE BEST MOUSE PAD that I've ever used!! But I'll still list some descriptions which would fit to some crowds.
  • You work on a stable and relatively large surface like a desktop. You're looking for a mouse pad which will last long and provide good tracking surface for your mouse.
  • You're a hardcore gamer and turn your desktop into a battlestation.
  • You take gaming seriously and you don't want your mouse to slip unwillingly during an important deathmatch.
  • You want to improve the precision of your mouse and overall gaming performance.
  • You use a high DPI gaming mouse and want to get the maximum precision out of your mouse at higher levels of DPI.
  • You want to isolate your desktop to not get dirty and want to place your keyboard and mouse on a sturdy and smooth surface.
  • Want your mouse pad to last long and the surface of it not to peel off.


If these statements sound like you, then you will be VERY HAPPY with a Corsair MM300!! Actually there probably isn't a single human being who won't like Corsair MM300 Mouse Pad. It's literally one of the best mouse pads ever manufactured.

You can check it out on the use by watching the video below:

Tech Specs

  • Textile weive surface design for improved precision, pixel-precise targeting and low friction tracking.
  • Anti-fray surface and surrounded stitched edges for guard against surface peeling and extended durability.
  • Optimized surface texture for laser and optical mice to improve tracking.
  • Zero-slip anti-skid rubber base to hold the mouse pad in place.
Corsair MM300 Mouse Pad

Where To Get One??

It's so easy to get and you can't even imagine how cheap the price is for the best gaming mouse pad on the entire planet. For just $29.28 you can get the "Extended" size of Corsair MM300 Anti-Fray mouse pad from Amazon which will cover probably all the working/ gaming surface of your desk which is spared for your keyboard and mouse in entire.


Also you can get the good old large-size mouse only pad for $14.78 which is also a great deal and you are getting the best of the best.  It's actual price was $19.99 but it's on a $5 DISCOUNT!! This one doesn't cover your entire gaming space but gives you the same quality of the legendary mouse pad.


Or you can choose to get the small one which is right about $14.78 too! But it's the same price for bigger model and buying the bigger one for the same price is just much more logical. No brainer.

You can click the button down below to buy it from Amazon. The page that you will be navigated to holds 3 different size models just at the right of Corsair MM300 Anti Fray Cloth Pad. CHECK IT OUT!!

Corsair MM300 Mouse Pad

What Others Think??

People are IN LOVE with this mouse pad and it has one of the highest rating in Amazon that I've ever seen!!!! 4.7 STARS OUT OF 5!!! Be it pro gamers or simple users. This mouse pad is for EVERYONE!!! And it's SATISFCTION GUARANTEED!!!

Corsair MM300 Mouse Pad

Here are some of the real user reviews. You can also check it out by clicking to the button above.

 Corsair MM300 Mouse Pad

Corsair MM300 Mouse Pad

Corsair MM300 Mouse Pad

Corsair MM300 Mouse Pad - Conclusion

Want a mouse pad that will make you happy?? Have no doubt and DON'T EVEN THINK. GO AND BUY THIS MOUSE PAD!! Crystal Clear..Corsair MM300 Mouse Pad is one of the best (and probably the best) of its kind and makes probably thousands or hundreds of thousands gamers happy around the globe. And even Pro Gamers also benefit from it.

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See you around,

Tyler, Founder of GMP.

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4 Responses to Corsair MM300 Mouse Pad – The KING OF GAMING MICE PADS

  1. Venomous Seductions says:

    Good review. Thank you for the information. I believe mousepads are essential to the computing experience. It’s good to have quality, comfortable equipment. What do you think the next evolution of the mouse will be? What type of technology do you think we can expect to see from this industry?

    • Tyler says:


      Thank you for your nice words ))  The next technology will be wearable mice and augmented reality. We probably will operate without any mouse at all but there will be only little sensors on table which perceive our hand movements 🙂

  2. Javier says:

    Thanks for the review! Mousepads are very important to everyone’s computing space so buying one of the best is a no-brainer.

    • Tyler says:

      Thank you for your interest Havier!!

      Definetely. Buying the BEST OF THE BEST costs you only $29.99 and it’s a no brainer. You won’t regret buying a Corsair MM300 🙂

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