Corsairs 10000 DPI Mouse Has Been Announced-But Were You Aware Of It??

Corsairs 10000 DPI Mouse Has Been Announced-But Were You Aware Of It??
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Sabre RGB is the new killer rattlesnake of Corsair!

Actually this killer gear was announced a while ago, but there may be some friends who aren’t aware of latest news. Yeah, Corsair Sabre RGB is upgraded with loaded guns.

Corsair Sabre RGB is now equipped with 10,000 DPI optical sensor, four-zone dynamic multi colour backlighting, and eight buttons that you can program.

corsair sabre rgb 10000


Some may wonder why it needed an upgrade, for comfortable gamers 10000 DPI may seem unnecessary, but out there people are always seeking for more. Especially if they’re playing in ultra high resolution giant screens, 10000 may become their new sweet spot. I don’t even have to mention the death-delivering accuracy and high tracking speed.


Corsair Sabre RGB looks like a perfect choice for gamers who seek comfortable grip and lightness. Because Sabre RGB is pretty suitable for most ofthe grip styles and it weighs only 100 grams!!!

This armed monster is headed for a worldwide release and will cost you only $49.99!! If you want to become an owner of one, you can buy it from Amazon by clicking here.

Don’t you know what DPI is?? Click here to find out everything you need to know about it!!!


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