Duck Hunt is BACK TO VR!! And it’s a HORROR TWIST…

Hey there gamers!

Are you into retro gaming?? If you are a supporter of those “old but gold” times, then I have some grreat news for you guys. Because DUCK HUNT IS BACK and it’s COMING TO VR!!!!


duck hunt vr

Have you ever had the chance to play the epic Duck Hunt NES hit game in your childhood?? Well, I had the chance and it was pretty epic in that era. But no matter which prehistoric gaming era you have witnessed you should probably have heard of the epic all timer classc Duck Season.

duck hunt vr

The news has caught my eye and I decided to report you guys this crucial event immediately. Stress Level Zero announced their tribute-remakish game Duck Season for VR and it’s obviously a callback to the NES hit classic Duck Hunt. But this time things are a little bit different…

This time you’re a kid who’s playing a Duck Season rental copy in 1988, taking out ducks on flight while the good old doggie collects the trophies. Howewer, it reveals to us that our “doggie” isn’t actually what it seems, and then things get REALLY MESSED UP…

What if this time the laughing dog is back as a serial killer?? J J

Stress Level Zero developer Nrandon Laatsch explains: “You just initiated violance against him, and now he’s going to initiate violance against you.”

Obviously it’s a callback mixture of Five Nights at Freddy’s and Duck Hunt. I’m actually getting impatient to play this game!!

duck seasson vr

During the gameplay you can also play seven other mini games and mess around as the gamer kid, but “Duck Hunt” casette is the portal to another dimension J There’s a mystery to be solved and in this classical referenced remake HORROR meets NOSTALGIA…

There are also seven different endings for Duck Season and a secret subplot which you can unlock by following several clues.

I’M INTERESTED!! And so do you I suppose, if you’re interested in Retro gaming. The game will be available on Steam and Oculus Store on September 14th. So, we’ll wait and see J J

Duck Hunt is BACK TO VR!! And it’s a HORROR TWIST…
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2 Responses to Duck Hunt is BACK TO VR!! And it’s a HORROR TWIST…

  1. Arie says:

    Whoa! I had no clue that Duck Hunt was ever coming back!

    I remember playing the Super Mario/Duck Hunt cartridge on my uncle’s NES system. The thing is, when I played it, he didn’t have the gun and I had no clue how I was supposed to shoot the birds until he mentioned having the accessory before I was born.

    I do think it is interesting to see Duck Hunt return this way with the horror feel. I never really had the chance to get into Steam though, but I would like to see it come to PSVR although I still have yet to try that out but I am definitely interested in Duck Season!

    • Tyler says:

      Hey Arie!!

      I’m glad that you liked the post!! And yes, I’m so excited to see it return with a horror twist. I’m the guy who plays horror games with all the lights out and volume maxed up. Imagine that with VR 🙂

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