Ducky Mini Review – Ducky Mini Keyboard

Ducky Mini Review – Ducky Mini Keyboard
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ducky mini review

Our Ducky Mini review is out! Ducky Mini Keyboard is a keyboard that usually people who are at least a little in to computer peripherals know about. But common casual gamers are not aware of it too much. In our Ducky Mini Review you will find out what Ducky Mini keyboard is about, it’s technical specifications, its pros and cons.

Ducky is a well known brand for making high qualityDucky Mini Keboard, as you can guess from its name, is a mini size keyboard. Boards of dimension and button counts as Ducky Mini are usually called %60 keyboards. You may have never heard of it before. (Damn it i’m not a hipster!) In another article we will discuss about %60 keyboards, what are they and how are they seperated from other keyboards. But now, let’s talk about The Ducky Mini Keyboard.


Ducky Mini is a really cute compact keyboard. I think of it like a little duckling. It’s shape and look really describes a duckling of gaming peripherals. It’s a durable and quality keyboard manufactured with Cherry mechanical switches and aluminium chasis. Let’s start with its technical specifications:

ducky mini review

  • Type: Mechanical Keyboard
  • Cherry MX mechanical switches
  • Durable aluminum chasis (Silver-Grey color))
  • ABS material manufactured keycaps
  • Dual Color LED lighting
  • A vide variety of lighting effect combinations you can choose from
  • Mouse functuonality. Ability to operate the mouse with hands on keyboard “without mouse”
  • “Ducky Advisor” visual guide set up for button and effect configuration
  •  Multiple modes for Esc, Backspace and Capslock button
  • Location and number customization of Fn keys
  • USB interface connection
  • Dimensions: 295(L)x102(W)x38(H) mm
  • Weight: 730g




The most standing out feature of Ducky Mini is the exceptionally compactness. As it’s a %60 keybooard you can guess it’s quite small compared to other keyboards. And also one of the best  feature of it is the robustness and durability of this keyboard. Its chasis is specially manufactured from aluminium. Aluminium is an expensive and strong material which is lighter and stronger than iron. It also has an inovative button configuration system.

I know some of you guys like visual content more, so i’m presenting a video review of Ducky Mini. Actually the one in the video review is the Ducky Mini Year of The Horse Edition, but it’s all the same. The only difference of the year of the horse edition is the placement of the USB socket and the horse figure on the space bar. Here is the review:



Out of the box

Ducky Mini comes with a plastic dust cover, keycap remover, warranty card, user manual, replacement of some keycaps and USB socket. I suggest you to keep these parts with your user manual in a safe place because you will be needing them.


Its box has a cute and compact design. Everything is just in its right place and no hyperbole. As you open the box you wll notice the keyboard with its dust cover. USB is rolled between the box and the keyboard. Put them out and you will see the whole package.


Ducky Mini comes with its keycap remover and additional keycaps for your different fn modes. There are these additional keys in the box: 1 Delete-Backspace, 2 Esc, 2 Fn and 2 Function-Control swap keys.


Super keyboard strenght

ducky mini reviewOne of the great features of Ducky Mini is its aluminium chasis.  It’s so durable that you can feel it when you lay your hands on it. And it’s actually a little heavy for a %60 keyboard. Ducky Mini really is a keyboard with improved strenght, so you can be harsh to it, it won’t take it personal. And the supports under the keyboard are really hard that you can’t accidently slide your keyboard over the table, which is quite good if you don’t like your keyboard flying over the place.

Ducky Mini’s buttons are from the signature key switch manufacturer Cherry. Cherry MX Mechanical Switches is great like always, so i won’t talk much about it. Many big keyboard manufacturer usually use Cherry MX Mechanical Switches for a reason.


Durability and strenght is one of this keyboards best features that i like a lot. You can carry it to anywhere in your backpack without hesitation and worries.



Function modifier

Now this is the most tricky part of Ducky Mini. I can hear you saying “there aren’t even any direction buttons, how the hell are we gonna use this stuff?”. You can even use it as a mouse. Despite its little dimensions and limited button numbers, it still can do everything that a normal keyboard does.


I must admit that Ducky Mini is a little bit confusing at the beginning. When starting out it may take a little practice, some trial-error process, and a little adaptation. But thanks to Ducky that they have prepared a detailed user manual. So when you get the keyboard, DON’T THROW AWAY THE USER MANUAL. You definetely will need it. But don’t think it as a sudoku puzzle, it’s not that complex to understand. There are just combinations fewer than normal. It won’t feel difficult after you get used to it. Here are two images for you to have an understanding about its normal and Fn layout.

ducky mini keyboard



ducky mini keyboard

ducky mini reviewAnother great feature of Ducky Mini is that it has a visual setup guide called “Ducky Advisor” which guides you with illuminated buttons during keyboard layout setup process. It is great because keyboard system is a little complicated and Ducky Advisor  really helps you to figure it out.  Q, Esc, Backspace, Caps lock, Fn and  M keys are configurable in Ducky Mini. Talk is cheap, but i will try my best for you to have a better understanding on the keyboard system, so i’m sharing with you the user manual. Click here to read the user manual.


Now looking at the setup procedure display you can figure out what the additional keycaps exist for. When you change your modes, you can change the keycap which matches your current mode. This way you eliminate the risk of confusing buttons. Seems like Ducky had tought about it, and they ‘ve done a great job with the mode-keycap configuration. Just take the keycap remover, remove the key which you changed the mode of, place the keycap matching to your new mode and you’re good to go with your mode of choice.


You can change some key functionalities like esc key fuctionality, delete-backspace swap, additional function key for the bottom row and Ctrl-Fn swap.Actualy it is better to explain these stuff with a video review to simplify things up, so here you go:





Lighting effects

Ducky Mini LED color diapozone consists of two colors. Red and blue. Altough there are just two colors that the lighting system is made of, it is really cool and you may not even miss RGB lighting for a second. I really like RGB, but this color scheme is a signature for Ducky Mini and it’s really appealing to the eye.


One of the signature features of Ducky Mini is its amazing lighting effects. There is a big range of effect options in Ducky Mini which you can also customize yourself. There are 7 different backlighting modes which include raindrop, wawe, and color cycling. You also have the option to choose between monochrome or blended shades. In the video below you can see all these great color effects demonstration:


Pluses and minuses



The quality of Ducky Mini Keyboard is unquestionable. Its CNC manufactured aluminium chasis really shows itself and it’s one of the most durable keyboards that i’ve ever seen. Of course don’t throw it to a brick wall to prove anyone wrong.. But be sure that its quality and sturdiness is not possible to unsee.

It’s so compact and can carry wherever you want.

There may be few buttons missing when compared to a standart keyboard but Fn key modes are so well designed that you can easily solve it out by reading the user manual and practicing a little bit.

“Ducky Adisor” visual guide with illuminated specific keys is really helpful during the key setup process.

You can even control your mouse with Ducky Mini without touching your mouse. Some may find it useless and uncomfortable, but it gets your job done if you try to use it.

Its lighting system is great. Can select between many crazy psychodelic color schemes.



If you don’t like your keyboard small, you may not prefer Ducky Mini keyboard.

Ducky Mini Keyboard doesn’t have additional up down right left buttons at the right bottom, instead they’re placed as Fn keys in the letters I J K L, so if you definetely want those additional direction buttons, you may choose another keyboard.


Where Can You Buy It??

Easiest place to buy it from is Amazon. It is actually a keyboard which is quite hard to find, that’s why i would recommend you to get one instantly if you are planning to have a Ducky Mini. Right now it’s available from different sellers around $ 210 and it may be hard to find it everytime so it’s better to be quick. Here is the link if you want to get a Ducky Mini Keyboard for yourself:


>>Click Here To Buy Ducky Mini Keyboard<<


Ducky Mini Review Conclusion

So this was our Ducky Mini review. Hope you liked it and hope that we could be helpful. Now you know all the aspects and features of Ducky Mini.

If you have anything in mind, please don’t hesitate to give feedback. Your comments are HIGHLY appreciated. So don’t hesitate to communicate and leave a comment! Or you can directly contact from See you soon and keep in touch!!!


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