E3 PC Gaming Show Confirmed – Sponsors and Theme Is Revealed

E3 PC Gaming Show Confirmed – Sponsors and Theme Is Revealed
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Hey, gamers!! It’s that time of the year again!! Yes, the epic and world-famous electronic entertainment expo “E3” is approaching and as always it has new eye candy to reveal. I’ve never seen a boring E3 before because that kind of thing doesn’t exist. It’s always evolving, always a trendsetter and always coming up with new mesmerizing stuff!!

As the new E3 cycle is taking some acceleration, developers and publishers such as Square Enix and Nintendo are giving clues about their attendance and spicing up gamers with projects to be shown off. Domination of console games are typically a convention in E3, but PC gaming show gives them a good presentation and a chance to be engraved on gamers’ brains!! The theme of this years E3 is going to be “See The Future Of PC Gaming”

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When we say the “future” of gaming, VR is, of course, the technology that should be talked about. It probably won’t come to you as a surprise that Oculus stands out as one of the major sponsors for this year’s PC Gaming Show. Other sponsors are identified as Improbably, Stardock, Drake’s, Tripwire, Frontier, Acer Predator, and team17 will be serving as sponsors.

I see a need to talk a little about Improbable, the entity that supplies various developers with the cool stuff called SpatialOS. It’s a game changer (literally) cloud-based platform which will rip apart the design limitations of traditional server frameworks. There are some titles that take advantage of this technology which will transform the MMO game performance to new levels. The MMO game Worlds Adrift and Scavengers, a survival shooter, are just a couple of titles that benefit from this technology. I hope to see them during the PC gaming show too!!

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  1. John says:

    Gaming comes with a lot of excitement , bring the family together and also breaks boredom. I have not seen this before but it looks like something I will be trying out soon. I will also introduce my friends. It looks really standard. Thanks for the article, I am sure exploring this soon.

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