EA Blocks Origin in Entire Country – Myanmar, Iran, Cuba, Ukraine(Crimea) and other.

EA Blocks Origin in Entire Country – Myanmar, Iran, Cuba, Ukraine(Crimea) and other.
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Gaming has becamome a big part of our lives as many of you know. They’re everywhere now and theyeven manipulate masses. It is even in relation with politics now.


Said so, EA blocked Origin in Myanmar  a while ago. Also an Iranian player stated on Reddit that their account has been revoked. By looking at these countries you can easily guess that these actions are politcally related. Iran, Myanmar… There’s even Cuba and Ukraine included.


At the end of October 2016 EA community manager responded to a support thread read. This is what it said:

In compliance with US embargoes and sanctions laws, Origin is not available in Cuba, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and Ukraine (Crimea region).


We are working to restore access to Origin for our players in Myanmar. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and we’ll share updates on timing as soon as possible.


These news have developed after US Barack Obama lifted trade sanctions against Myanmar early October.

An Origin representetive acknowledged the outrage and stated that EA is internally reviewing this situation. Here’s the comment of EA Alex:

Hey all,

The short answer here is that this occurred due to the US government trade embargo on Myanmar. In accordance with US law, EA is legally required to restrict online services to residents of countries that are embargoed. This isn’t an EA-specific issue — it’s an issue that impacts all companies offering services that are covered by trade embargoes. As the OP has noted, the embargo on Myanmar appear to have been lifted earlier this month. Accordingly, EA is internally reviewing the situation and looking into whether and when service can be restored to Myanmar residents.It’s unclear to me whether we can do anything for residents of other countries that are still similarly embargoed, but I’ll bring the topic up for discussion internally.

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4 Responses to EA Blocks Origin in Entire Country – Myanmar, Iran, Cuba, Ukraine(Crimea) and other.

  1. ivan says:

    I guess they had to do it, though. I mean, if there are issues about this operation, it’s important that they get sorted out before anything new related to it can progress..

  2. Netta says:

    Hey Duru:

    The economics and politics involved in any form of marketing is complex in this world of ours. It is interesting to note that something that seems mostly innocuous (like gaming) can be so impacted by politics.

    I like that you tried to present different views of the situation from people likely to know and understand what is going on.

    Thank you for the good read….

    • admin says:

      Hey Netta!! Thank you)) I’m glad that you liked the content.

      Yeah, gaming and entertainment industry is one of the biggest industries in the world right now. And you can associate them with many different industries like electronics and software. As you said, all of these are multi billion dollar markets. They’re huge and they’re manipulated by people behind the curtain. So, not everything is star-dust pink.

      I thank you for your attention and interest. Keep in touch.)

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