Elder Scrolls Legends May Ditch PlayStation if They Won’t Approve Cross-Play

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I think many of you, who have been acquainted with the latest news in the gaming industry, knows the conflict between PlayStation and other major game developers such as Bethesda. PlayStation was rejecting to hop on the "cross-platform" train which was becoming the new trend these days and this strategy still stands as a major threat against PlayStation.

The whole thing is actually a result of PlayStation not wanting to be a part of the multi-platform compatibility. Obviously, PS wants to stay isolated and address its own fan base, just as it kept till now. You can check out the articles below to get a more detailed idea about what's going on:

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But the whole game is changing now and Sony is staying out of the game. The latest game that Sony may miss out due to cross-play block is Elder Scrolls Legends: the strategical card game of the Elder Scrolls World. Bethesda, the developer of Fallout and Elder Scrolls, tries to convince Sony to allow cross-platform play with their games, but it may also kee these games hostage for PlayStation if the rejection continues.

While Microsoft and Nintendo allow you to play your favorite games with your friends through X-Box and Switch, Sony refuses to allow cross-platform compatibility. This means that Sony PlayStation players won't be able to play with their Nintendo and X-Box friends, not even log into their Fortnite account through Sony PlayStation.

It's known that Bethesda has omitted the cross-platform capability of Fallout 76, the latest gem of Fallout series, due to Sony not allowing cross-platform on it, but Bethesda is more insistent about Elder Scrolls Legends.

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According to the words of Pete Hines, VP of Bethesda, cross-platform compatibility is so important for Elder Scrolls: Legends and it's not an evitable subject for the game. It's an important cornerstone for the game and it's non-negotiable.

This deal puts a reasonable amount of pressure on Sony and if these conflicts continue, Sony may come to the edge of permitting cross-platform compatibility or it may lose a significant amount of potential cross-platform players. Let's wait and see what's going to happen.

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