ENHANCE 4-Port USB Mouse Bungee Review – It’s All About Efficiency!!

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Hey there!! Have you ever wondered what can a USB mouse bungee do?? It can MULTIPLY your efficiency, be it gaming or be it daily work. ENHANCE USB Mouse Bungee is one of those products that allow you to max out your efficiency while opening a clean space for you and there aren't much USB Mouse Bungee producs that I've come across, so it's definetely a GREAT BUY if you were planning on buying a mouse bungee..

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usb mouse bungee

Now, let's talk about this gem..

USB Mouse Bungee - Who Is It For??

This baby can make your life a lot easier and listed beloware the reasons:

  • First of all you're tired of the mouse cable floating around and you want to tidy up your space for better gaming / working performance.
  • You are short on or out of exra USB ports that you want to connect your gaming peripheral or other hardware.
  • You want a "Zen" established at your gaming / working space.
  • You value multipurposing and want to establish an optimized workspace.

If one or more of these statements above describe you, then you may get an ENHANCED mouse bungee because it defnetely will be a fresh breath of air for you!!

usb mouse bungee

Now let' talk what this mouse bungee is all about..


usb mouse bungeeI must admit that ENHANCE USB mouse bungee is one of the few mouse bungees that can be classified as UNIQUE due to extra features that it supports and these features are the exact things that make a mouse bungee different and desirable.


As an example, one of the best (probably the best) mouse bungee existing on this planet is the EPIC COUGAR BUNKER Mouse Bungee due to its special vacuum surface system that sticks it to the surface and ensures the stability while the cord tail being pretty flexible and allowing the mouse cable to reach extended distances.


That's the exclusive feature of Cougar Bunker and I've been MORE THAN SATISFIED with it as a personal user!! And I definetely recommend everyone who uses a wired mouse getting one!! You can check out the epic COUGAR BUNKER Mouse BUNGEE by Clicking the image button down below. Believe me, it's the best 😉

usb mouse bungee

And also the same goes with our ENHANCED USB mouse bungee. It's unique because there aren't many mouse bungees around which come with 4 USB ports that open up quite many more hardware possibilities.

I don't have to mention that this mouse bungee is one of the most eye-catching mouse bungees with all the bling and design work on it's surface!! We've reviewed many other mouse bungees like Razer Mouse Bungee or Thermaltake TT eSports Mouse Bungee but none of them had additional  USB ports and sometimes I used to wonder why aren't there any more USB ports around?? Well, with the ENHANCE USB mouse bungee I don't wonder anymore.

usb mouse bungee

If we had to mention all the features of ENHANCE USB Mouse Bungee overall these would be the ones:

  • IMPROVED ACCURACY - Flexible silicone bungee arm which holds the braided and non-braided mouse cable suspended. It DRASTICALLY eliminates drag and improves performance.
  • 4 PORT 2.0 USB HUB - 4 ports of 2.0 Active USB on the bungee's base. You can power your peripherals like gaming mice, keyboards, usb lamps, and more..
  • VIBRANT LED ACCENTS - Impressive lighting to match your fancy gaming rig and peripherals with all the lights and colors illuminating the room.  Lighting ON/OFF switch located on the base of the unit.
  • NON-SLIP PADS - Three rubberized feet keep it anchored in place.
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY - All ENHANCE products are backed by a 3 year warranty and full customer service support!


Yeah, it has pretty much to offer!! It would be a sin not to get one if you're looking for a mouse bungee AND extra USB ports..


Else of these features there isn't much to say because after all it's a mouse bungee and it's performing the simple task of holding a mousle cable in place. If the features that you read are what you're looking for, then DEFINETELY get an ENHANCE USB moue bungee!! Else of that you can always get the epic Cougar Bunker because it's THE BEST.


Where To BUY One??

You can easily buy an ENHANCE USB mouse bungee for yourself from Amazon by clicking the button down below! It's available for the price at $19.99 (the last time I checked) and you can come across many great discounts through Amazon, one of the reason why I buy AL my peripherals from Amazon.com!!

usb mouse bungee

ENHANCE USB Mouse Bungee - Conclusion

Now you know EVERYTHING about ENHANCE USB Mouse Bungee and you know where to get one... So, don't just sit there and GO GET ONE FOR YOURSELF!! I promise, you won't be dissapointed 😉 If you're not sure which bungee to get, then you can always get the Cougar Bunker Mouse Bungee (satisfaction guaranteed).


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Tyler, Founder of GMP 😉

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