“Fingerprint Reading” Mouse Is A REAL THING!! Made by Design Monster Tt eSports

“Fingerprint Reading” Mouse Is A REAL THING!! Made by Design Monster Tt eSports
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As you all know, digital security is one of the most serious issues nowadays and there are obvious reasons for it to be serious. Billions and billions of people are using computers or at least interacting with them. And almost 50% of the world is using internet. Sorry, not using – we’re LIVING WITH the internet and our life within internet includes actions relative with bank transactions, obtainment of various goods, data stocking of our very important personal informations and many more.


Also studies show that one of the biggest fears of people of 21st century is cyber ID theft. For you dear friends who are considering their on desktop security, the gaming peripherals manufacturer giant Tt eSports has developed a brand new gaming mouse: “The Black FP”.


Yeah, now that’s what I call innovation!!! I think this was hard not to see coming. Its goal is to maximize your online authentication experience by allowing you to reach your personal accounts only with a fingerprint scan on your mouse. But how does it do this?? Keep reading!!


The Black FP mouse is equipped with a fingerprint reading sensor, which is made by Synaptics, at the thumb side grid of the mouse. This is a cool little piece of FIDO compliant hardware that can read your fingerprint only in 0.2 seconds and match it. Your fingerprint will be encrypted behind 256-bit AES encryption system. This mouse allows you to sign into Windows, but it’s not limited with that. It also inputs passwords into website, anywhere that accepts biometrics. Think that you want to sign in to Facebook and you don’t have to live through the annoying process of typing down your e-mail and password (especially if they’re long ones). Just with a quick fingerpint scan under a second you’re accessed to your personal accounts and you know that no one else can do this with your mouse on your computer because your mouse is integrated to your fingerprint. This is sick! THIS IS THE FUTURE!!!



This actually reminds me the legendary Hideo Kojima game Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of Patriots. In the game there was a new battle system where a group of elite nano-bot integrated soldier forces were using new age weapons with ID scan system. Their weapons were available for use only to their own specific combat group with nanobots inside their body. Guns were scanning their ID and if the wielder of that weapons isn’t one of them (an enemy soldier as ex.), weapon locks itself and becomes unavailable for use. Can you feel me??


Of course we may not be on a battlefield during our daily lives but data privacy holds the same importance. And using your mouse as a part of it means that you’re addapting well to the cyber age and you’re one step further than others. And all of this is possible with a simple finger print software.




But Black FP is not specific only with its fingerprint scanning feature. It’s also a badass gaming mouse just as many other Tt eSports mice. It has seven programmable buttons which you can store up to 35 macros, an Avago 9500 optical sensor , 5 profiles and a changable on-the-fly DPI range up to 5700 DPI. It also has a DPI indicator lightbank to remind you which DPI you’re using. You don’t know what th hell is DPI?? Then you should click here to check out our article about DPI.

You can have one of this babies for $60.

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