Fortnite “Mobile” on iPhone X Gives A Peek To The Future of Mobile Gaming

Fortnite “Mobile” on iPhone X Gives A Peek To The Future of Mobile Gaming
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Fortnite Mobile Gaming

I think some of you guys are aware of the “Mobile Gaming Revolution 2.0” (that’s actually a term that I myself have come up with) which can be defined as conventional PC games being transformed to mobile. And these games that I’m going to talk about aren’t those little titles trapped in a corner and played only by a small crowd. I’m talking about some MASSIVE TITLES such as Fortnite and PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds (PUBG)!!

I’ve come across with an article these days which was about PC games coming to mobile and I wanted to share the experience with you. The subject is about Fortnite Mobile!!

Actually, PC games coming to mobile platforms isn’t a new thing. I remember the first time that I saw one of my friends playing Max Payne on an iPad 😀 Also, some of you people may remember the times when we used to play GTA: Vice City or Liberty City Stories on a PSP 🙂 The good old days…

Fortnite Mobile Gaming

But those were the games that have been relatively left in the past and the developed technology allowed us to play those OLD titles on mobile platforms. The difference of present is that now we get to play PRESENT MASSIVE TITLES such as Fortnite, PUBG and etc.. Even the Steam SURVIVAL GAME “Ark is also coming to iOS for God’s sake!! These big PC games are arriving on mobile and it seems to be like the new trend… And this will only keep growing…

According to the real user review, Fortnite seems to run pretty smoothly on iPhone X without almost any framerate drops. Fortnite is also known for being optimized on other platforms, that’s why it’s not much of a surprise that it runs well on the mobile platform, unlike its main competitor PUBG.

The memory required for download is 2GB, which is a pretty reasonable size when we consider that it’s a massive PC game in its origins. Also, the cartoon-like graphics are elements that obviously help Fortnite to run smoothly on mobile. No need to mention that it adapts easier to smaller screens such as iPhone or iPad.

About the performance on other mobile platforms than iPhone X, players warn. iPhone X, of course, has increased hardware capacity and specs of it are better than most of older conventional smartphones. That’s why there is a great chance that older devices may not handle the game so well at an equivalence level to the iPhone X. This issue may be solved by time when Fortnite becomes available to all iOs and Android players to enjoy.

Fortnite Mobile Gaming


Controls are one of the most important elements of mobile-adapted PC gaming. It can be the thin red line between a great experience and a complete chaos. On the screen there are virtual buttons that take place of the conventional commands ducking, building, jumping, and selecting items. Controls may feel uncomfortable at first, but with time you get used to them, of course, it’s not a PC and you have every right to feel clumsy at first.

And there is a fact that controls work better on a larger screen such as iPad’s. You can set your character to autorun by double tapping on the joystick.

The aim is a bit more complex than on PC with the newly added aim button. This button is specific for aiming guns such as sniper rifle. It zooms in when you’re using a gun like this. This is one of the cons when compared to the PC platform.

If you’re playing against other mobile players then you’ll probably be fine because everyone will be competing under the same circumstances. But when it gets enabled for cross-platform, there is no doubt that mobile players will start with a handicap against PC player. Your maneuvering ability is less than a mouse or controller, so other players playing against you with a mouse or controller are in advantage of aiming.

Fortnite Mobile Gaming

Else of the controls, I can say that the experience of Fortnite on iOS is pretty SIMILAR to the PC version. It’s EXACTLY what you get from the same Battle Royale mode where a massive amount of players deathmatch with each other while the map shrinks over time.

Fortnite on iOS comes with visual indicators of nearby gunfire and enemy footsteps. It’s useful if you’re playing in the morning and don’t want to wake up the house.

Overall, Fortnite on iOS is fun and easy to play. There is no controller support yet, but Epic Games has given a signal that this will arrive in the future. If this happens, then I see no boundaries for Epic Games to dominate the cross-platform market. It also would be nice to see a version on Nintendo Switch 🙂

Fortnite may have got started later, but it’s growing massively and becoming an unruly competitor against PUBG. The game engine is so well-optimized by Epic Games that it moves across platforms so rapidly. Also, there are several facts that indicate Fortnite may outcompete PUBG. It’s free-to-play it’s available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and now mobile. PUBG is limited to PC and XBOX One in western countries at the moment and a mobile version is out in China.

When Fortnite gets available on mobile to everyone, I have no doubt that we’ll experience some funny moments demonstrating in gameplay videos.

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Fortnite Mobile Gaming

Fortnite Mobile Gaming


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Tyler, Founder of GMP.

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2 Responses to Fortnite “Mobile” on iPhone X Gives A Peek To The Future of Mobile Gaming

  1. Vertical Veloxity says:

    Wow that game looks super nice to be on a mobile iphone platform. I have never been a mobile gamer. But things have changed so much. The tech is so much better. If I was a gamer I would definitely try it.

    My son loves to play games on my phone more than his Ipad. So yes there are many people who love the smaller screen play. Pretty cool

    • Tyler says:

      Mobile gaming is evolving to a whole different level. Your son will be witnessing pretty amazing things in future 🙂 And I also don’t have much time to spend on mobile gaming, but I definitely advise it to everyone. There are pretty successfull productions nowadays!!

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