G500 Logitech Gaming Mouse – Review of Logitech’s Gaming Monster

G500 Logitech Gaming Mouse – Review of Logitech’s Gaming Monster
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G500 Logitech Gaming Mouse was one of the gamers’ favourite weapon of choice till now and it still isG500 Logitech Gaming Mouse. No matter who, casual gamers or hardcore gamers, G500 Logitech gaming mouse was one of those mice from which many gamers have heard about. Some of my friends were using it and I also personally had the chance to use Logitech G500, so I said, why the hell shouldn’t I make a review and provide people some good information about it? Well, here I am now.

I assume that you know things about gaming mice, but still, I try to offer people a good understanding of stuff everytime and make sure that they are properly informed. That’s why before we start I suggest you to check out our How To Choose? section. It is accessible from the top left corner (the left side of the menu). You can also start with one of our main articles:

How to Choose A Gaming Mouse and What Is It?

So, if you are ready, I present you:

G500 Logitech Gaming Mouse

Mouse: Logitech G500
Ranking: 9.5/10
Price: $149.99 at Amazon.com
Logitech G500 Programmable Gaming Mouse

Let’s start with some technical specifications:

. 10 programmable buttons
. On-the-fly DPI adjustment
. Adjustable DPI from 200 to 5700 DPI
. Dual mode scroll wheel switch
. Adjustable weight up to +27 grams
. Onboard memory which allows to use your own settings anywhere you go

Logitech G500 mouse was around for a pretty long time, but it consistently got updated over time and is still in its prime. I think it’s kind of a mouse that I can call “Oldie but Goldie”. I can comfortably say that G500 is a great classical gaming mouse with which you can do pretty much anything you want.


It is a programmable gaming mouse with also the ability to adjust your dpi during in-game. It’s dpi adjustment G500 Logitech Gaming Mousediapozone varies from 200 to 5700 dpi, which provides you lot of opportunities. Good design of ergonomics makes your hand stay comfortable with it’s palm grip shape. It can also be used as claw grip, especially if you have larger hands.


Top of its surface is smooth plastic and sides are soft texture. Some people may find it’s top surface not so eye-candy or they may feel like it’s a cheap toy. Don’t kow others, but I liked it.I’ve used some mice with extremely good surface textures till now, but Logitech G500 also fits just more than fine. And 3 wide teflon feet at the bottom enables the mouse to glide smoothly on the surface.


The additional cool features of Logitech G500 Mouse are the adjustable weight option, Dual Mode scroll wheel and on the fly dpi adjustment possiblity, about which I will be discussing in this article. Also the 3 year warranty is icing on the top.


I know some of you guys prefer visual learning through videos, so I present you the video review of great G500 Logitech gaming mouse. But there is just one thing in the video that is wrong and it is the price. It’s a bit pricey but at the time I haven’t hesitated paying for it and i never regret that decision because it provided me with great gaming for years without any technical problem. Maybe it was me who’s lucky, but I get a really good feedback from all the users. Last time i checked out, price for Logitech G500 was $149.49 at Amazon.com.


Here is the most honest video review of Logitech G500:

Dual Mode Scroll Wheel

The dual mode scroll wheel of Logitech G500 actually provides you a great option of fast scrolling while you’re not in-game. When you press the scroll mode switch button right below the scroll wheel, it releases the scroll wheel to enable the flying wheel mode. In this mode you can push the scroll wheel and it will keep rolling like a tire without any resistance. It’s so useful when you are surfing the internet and want to quickly scroll the pages up and down. I actually really like this feature in a mouse, it is my personal preference.


On the fly DPI adjustment

It has during gaming adjustable dpi option from 200 to 5700 DPI which makes it a great mouse for dynamic FPS games. This dpi adjustment is one of the most prefered and seeked features in a mouse by gamers because it gives you a lot of options in-game.


Think that you are playing a game like Call Of Duty where you do many things from active close quarter assault to long-range high precision sniping. During close to mid assault you may prefer higher dpi because you must be able to rapidly change your direction or be able to shoot at multiple targets in a short amount of time, while at other hand sometimes you need to switch to sniper scoping where much more lower dpi are prefered that you must be able to precisely lock on your target and your target point shouldn’t be flying over screen in every little move of your mouse.


Or think of a game like Battlefield where you change vehicles. Especially you would prefer higher dpi when you are trying to move the cannon of the tank faster. And after exiting the vehicle you can tune your dpi back to your desired rating just with one click. Just use your imagination. This feature makes Logitech G500 an unexpandable weapon especially for dynamic FPS games. But of course FPS games are not the only game type you can use G500 with. It is suitable for most games out there.


Adjustable weight

Logitech G500 comes with additional weight cartridges in a tin can. You can increase the weight by addingG500 Logitech Gaming Mouse maximum 27 grams of additional weight. Under the mouse there is this weight stuffing board with 6 holes suitable for the additional weight cylinders. There are 12 weight cylinders. 6 of them are 4.5 and other 6 are 1.7 grams. You can calculate your desired additional weight and add them to weight board then insert it into the mouse.


Additional weight is just great for me. I prefer it especially when i’m sniping. It gives me this feeling like i’m using a dense mouse under my hand which makes me exactly feel the game.


On board memory

On board memory of Logitech G500 gives you the comfort of using your own settings of your mouse anywhere you go. It has the storing ability in its brain and will remember your selected settings no matter you use it on another computer. It is so useful especially when you go to a friend, a gaming lounge, internet cafe or somewhere else and you want to use your adapted settings.


Logitech G500 Software

Logitech G500 comes with its driver, you can download it from logitech.com. G500 uses Logitech Setpoint to adjust its settings and create profiles. From Logitech G500 Software you can program your buttons how ever you want them. It enables also 5 button levels  of dpi adjustment. You can also create mouse setting profiles which you can change in different conditions depending on your own preference.

From here you can download the software and guide.

Buy Logitech G500. What’s the price?

If you are planning to buy Logitech G500 you can find it on Amazon. Last time I checked it was $149.49. You can check it out from here at Amazon for latest price and user comments.


I admit that it’s a bit pricey, but as I mentioned before, i’ve paid that price and I have no regrets till now. It’s one of those mice which never let me down. Also its features gives me the ability to use it for many different things. And now that you know everything about G500 Logitech Gaming Mouse, you can decide if it’s the one for you or not.

So, this was our Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse review. Your comments are highly appreciated and please don’t hesitate to leave feedback. Hope you guys enjoyed it and see you next time!

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20 Responses to G500 Logitech Gaming Mouse – Review of Logitech’s Gaming Monster

  1. Chris says:

    I don’t know what it is about PC gaming but I just can’t get along with a mouse control. I suppose I have the Xbox generation to blame for this lack of coordination through keys and mouse!
    I have heard of a replica joypad ( Xbox style ) being available for PC use – have you heard of this and do you know the product’s name?

  2. goffconner14 says:

    The layout of your website is absolutely superb…it’s clear, easy to read, very accessible, and has relevant pictures placed in just the right spots in your articles to really enunciate what you are trying to say.

    The main criticism I have is your slight grammar and syntax errors…in many spots you didn’t capitalize some words, worded a few things awkwardly, and were redundant in a few spots. These, however, are very easy fixes and can be changed by a simple proofread, so it’s not a big deal. The only reason I’m mentioning it is because the slight grammar and syntax errors threw me off when reading your article, and I don’t want your readers to be turned off of your ideas.

    Other than that, it was very well-crafted!

    • admin says:

      Heyy thank you very much! I will definetely try to improve this and fix myself. Where are the mistakes can you show me? So i can learn from my mistakes

  3. healthyeatingdeliciousrecipes.com founded by Call Enterprises Inc says:

    I love this gaming mice how much onboard memory is it expandable to I don’t remember reading it? I have had a Logitech gaming mice and I need to replace it this one looks really nice, Just need to know about onboard memory is expandable,Can you give me more information on other gaming mice that you think would interest me?

    • admin says:

      I dug deep but i really couldn’t fibnd avbout its onboard memory capacity. Sorry man.. Well, razer ouroboros can be a good alternative for you, but it’s really hard to give any specifics without knowing which types of games you will play and what you are going to do mostly with your mouse. Can you give me more details.

  4. jamesdanner says:

    Your site is very informative. I’m not much for playing the games, free cell or hearts, nothing that would require special equipment. I only noticed a couple of things I would do different. I would go back and capitalize all the i’s. and add some social buttons. Love the layout and the pictures are all relevant.

  5. Get Sport Supplements says:

    Oh nice I must say I do like the sound of this mouse a lot. Yes it is pricey as you rightly say but like with everything you buy, you get what you pay for. If you have the money for a luxury then why not treat yourself.

    Is there a steering wheel and pedal set that you recommend as that’s what I want to treat myself at Christmas?

  6. Dave says:

    My kids have been bugging me to get better gaming peripherals for a while now. After reading your review on the G500 I was much more informed on what types of features to look for when buying a mouse for gaming.
    One thing my kids mentioned was the response speed (ms) of a mouse. Is there really a difference between wired and wireless mice? Looks like this mouse would definitely do the trick.

    • admin says:

      Hello Dave! Thanks for your interest! Response speed is called polling rate and it varies from 250 Hz to 1000 Hz. Well, about the wireless/wired thing i can say that these days very quality wireless mice are manufactured that it is so hard to feel the difference between wireless and wired mice. But wired is more guaranteed not to have issues like disconnection, as wirele uses frequency technology so you can’t just predict. But i’ve used wireless mice and they were fine till now. So it’s kinda your choice. If you don’t want to see cables on your table than wireless can be your choice

  7. Ket says:

    Wow…I have been a console gamer for most of my gaming life but I took on the game Half Life several years back and I remember thinking how I hated using that mouse in the game. If i had this mouse I would have enjoyed the game more I know it. I’m thinking about getting this mouse now because I want to see it perform. Thanks for the review.

    • admin says:

      Hey Ket! It’s actually magnificent. I’m glad that i could be helpful to you. Tell me when you get it and please inform me about your satisfaction)

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  10. John Rico says:

    Dude nice review about g500 gaming mouse. I learned many things and your review is so informative. I don’t know something about this gaming mice. Is this bang for the buck? ‘cus I’m thinking of buying a gaming mice. Also is this good for games like gta v, dota 2 and cs:go? And also is there any gaming mice that you can recommend?

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the nice words dude! It definetely is a bang, but it’s not a buck for everyone. It’s good for almost every game and it’s damn comfortable. I can definetely recommend you the next generation of this mouse, Logitech G502. It may be one of the the best mice you can get.

      Check out other articles on the website, you can find pretty good stuff that you’ll like)))

  11. los says:

    Hey, first of all thanks for this great, interesting and very informative review on this logitech mouse.
    This really looks like a good alternative to my current razer deathadder. The logitech mouse seems to have tons of really cool features. The only thing is that I am not quite sure if I want to spend 150 bucks on a mouse. Do you have any cheaper recommendations?

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your interest Ios!!

      Yeah, Logitech G500 is hell of a mouse. But as you said, for some people it may seem pricey, and it in fact is a little demanding when it comes to those green bucks. But don’t worry people, there are many alternatives when we’re talking gaming mice. Tens of mice around are waiting their potential users .

      I can definetely recommend you Logitech G502, it’s one of the best mice that industry can provide users and it’s pure satisfaction guaranteed. It’s also widely used among E-Sports professionals.

      Actually there are many variants to give example from, that’s why you better check out our Mice section. Or the best thing you can do is to start from our Get Started section. You will find ewverything you need there.

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