GTA5 modded to use Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as a STICKY BOMB

GTA5 modded to use Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as a STICKY BOMB
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If you’re a person who is into tech news and a follower of regular tech developments you should be aware of the exploding habbit of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 😀 It was quite a sensational time for Samsung with the plane evacuation incident as the icing on the cake 🙂

Of curse this is not acceptable for both customers and the manufacturer. People want phones not exploding to live their lives futher and amsung wants to sell more phones obviosuly. But this incident has found itself a place in the gaming world in a fun way 🙂


Yeah, a guy has modded GTA 5 in order to use Samsung Galaxy Note S7 as an exploding bomb. It comes quite handy for citizens of Los Santos. You can go to a weapons store and purchase a Samsung Note 7 as a sticky bomb 😀

This mod is created by a modder named HitmanNiko. Appreciate his work. You can get the mod by clicking here.

And here’s the video of the mentioned mod: ENJOY 🙂



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2 Responses to GTA5 modded to use Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as a STICKY BOMB

  1. shrey says:

    I swear this was the best video I had seen till date. One of the best ways one can actually do product placement inside a game.
    However, the manufacturers did get a little angry about this and actually called them out for it and maybe even took a legal action? I’m not sure but it sure as hell was funny!

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