IOGear Kaliber ELEVATR Mouse Bungee Review

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Hello guys!! Today we're going to talk about a GREAT ITEM which is called a mouse bungee!! This one is from a company called IOGEAR which makes cool gaming gear but not only. It's a company which produces many products and solutions for intermachine connection devices such as thunderbolt connecions, HDMI adapters and many more!! They have produced a great product called "ELEVATR Mouse Bungee" and the theme of todays post is going to cover that.

ELEVATR Mouse Bungee

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Now let's talk about the IOGEAR ELEVATR Mouse Bungee!!

Who Is It For??

Do you want to get rid of the cables that constantly get into your way?? You probably want to free your space or at least put a leash to your  mouse cable.. If that's what you're thinking then you should definetely get a MOUSE BUNGEE. It's one of the best tools that allows you to manage all your cables and provide you a clean work / game space. People who used wired mice should definetely get one for themselves, my personal advice. Or you pobably should get a "Wireless Mouse" instead??

Click Here To View The Benefits of a Wireless Mouse

benefits of a wireless mouse

But if you're fine with your wired gaming mouse ,which has its own advantages, then a mouse bungee may sound great to you. IOGEAR ELEVATR comes into the bigger picture right at this moment. If you're a gamer who prefer wired mice but are just tired of dealing with the mouse cord floating around, then IOGEAR ELEVATR is for you!!


IOGEAR ELEVATR has a slick and simple design. It can be likened to a spaceship actually, the big noe which we see in the classic Star Wars series. It's made out of mainly plastic and the base has a heavier weight to keep it stable on spot and the base material is specially designed to prevent slip. 

ELEVATR Mouse Bungee

And the great thing is that it works with all types of mouse cables. That's the word of many different mice users who has used the ELEVATR with many different types of mice.

ELEVATR Mouse Bungee

It's a great extension for ro gamers during tournaments but it's not the only crowd that ELEVATOR speaks to. It''s suitable for EVERYONE who wants to leash their mice cable and prevent discomforts or lost shots due to mice cable. It's also a compact item that won't take up much space on your desk or wherever you want to put it on. It's dimensions are 3.4 x 4.7 x 3 inches (8.6. x 12 x 7.6 cm) and the weight of it is not even worrh mentioning. I have also talked about the anti skid surface so you know that it will stay stable on the surface. But for surface stickiness I have a better offer!!


By the way, I should definetely advise you a different kind of mouse bungee if you really want stability, durability and high quality. "Cougar Bunker" is probably THE BEST mouse bungee that I've ever seen till now and if you want a decent mouse bungee I can't advise any other than Cougar Bunker!! If you're really interested in getting a mouse bungee which will become one of your best friends during gaming and want an item that will change things for good, then don't hesitate and click the image button below to check out the Cougar Bunker mouse bungee review!!

Click The Image To Check Out The Cougar Bunker Review


Now, back to the ELEVATR. IOGEAR ELEATR has the "Scorpion Tail" which is a common thing in all mouse bungee. It can flex to any direction which will allow your mouse to flow freely and not allow the cable to get into your way. It also elevates the muse cable to prevent the so called phenomena which usually goes by the name "cable snag" or drag which sometimes makes you miss shots even with little disturbances.

And I have no doubt that it looks cool!! It can also become a good accessorie as  a side benefit.

And that's pretty much all we can tell about IOGEAR ELEVATR 🙂

Where To Get One??

The best and easiest place o get the ELEVATR is and all the other gaming peripherals can be easily bpught from Amazon too. I choose Amazon because of their cheap prices, great retail service and amazing customer care!! The price for IOGEAR ELEVATR is ONLY $9.95 at the moment and it's NOTHING for a great product like this.

If you want to get an ELEVATR for yourself, which would be pretty good of a choice, then you can click the button below to get one for yourself:




Now you know everything about IOGEAR ELEVATR!! You can decide yourself whether to get it or not. If you liked the content, PLEASE SHARE!! And if you have anything to state or ask you can write them down to the comments section down below!!

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Tyler, Founder of GMP.

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2 Responses to IOGear Kaliber ELEVATR Mouse Bungee Review

  1. Em says:

    Whoa, these things are cool!

    I had never heard of a mouse bungee, until now. I prefer a wired mouse (had no choice – after my wireless died one too many times and left me standing in bot waiting for the other team’s adc to finish me off, I had to but my cord gets in the way sometimes.

    My only concern is that the bungee will be too restricting. I don’t want to be wrestling with my mouse mid-game.

    Do you think I’ll have any issues?

    Your post was awesome, btw!


    • Tyler says:

      Hey Em!!

      No, your mouse bungee won’t restrict you too much 🙂 At least I haven’t heard any issue like that with mouse bungees before..

      If you’re not keeping it too close to yourself, there shouldn’t be any restrictions. Instead, it will become a great aid for your cable management problems..

      Thank you for your interest Em!! I’m glad that you liked the content 🙂

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