Lenovo Yoga Mouse Is One Hell Of A Combination With Their PC Section

Lenovo Yoga Mouse Is One Hell Of A Combination With Their PC Section
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As many of you know, Lenovo Group Ltd. is a giant tech company which was founded in China in 1984 then got multinational. I must admit that I am a Lenovo user for a long time and I have always been extremely satisfied with their work. My first Leovo computer was Lenovo ThinkPad T400 and it was hell of a computer. Never let me down and it was sturdy like a rock. I still remember that badboy.

The manufacturer of computers, smartphones, servers, softwares and smart TVs has now entered to a new niche of tech accessories. Now Lenovo produces gaming peripherals, ear buds and some other products. Did I mention you the collaboration project with Razer? Click here.

CES 2016 tradeshow was the place where Lenovo could demonstrate their new toys and they can be rated as charms for Lenovo lovers. Products especially which grab some attension were Lenovo Yoga mouse and Lenovo Link. These products are compatible with all the Lenovo PC and notebook line.




Lenovo Yoga mouse has an elegant look and new age design. It’s Windows 10 compatible when you use it as a mouse it bends and provides you a comfortable hand reach. It can be connected via USB or Bluetooth.

Lenovo Y series gamig mouse is also a fine mouse which mesmerizes you at first sight. I think Lenovo will be making a huge leap with their new peripherals. Also not getting accessories like Y Gaming Stereo Headset, Thinkpad Stack Projector and Armored Gaming Backpack is a sin .

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