Life is Strange getting adapted into a digital TV series??

Life is Strange getting adapted into a digital TV series??
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Some of you hardcore gamers may know the sophisticated video game “Life Is Strange”. It is one of my personal favourites with all that next level storyboarding stuff, and not only mine but many more other people also.

Did I say storyboard?? Yeah it’s an indespensable fact without which the entertainment industry would die. But things seem to be getting serious with Life Is Strange because rumors say that it’s getting adapted into a digital TV series!!!

To be honest, while playing it actually didn’t felt different than a TV series in which you’re the director. That storytelling and richness of in-game interaction was something totally different, a whole new experience. And I won’t be bored even a minute if we’re going to see Life Is Strange in flat screen.


It’s being handled by Legendary Digital Studios which is the TV link of the studio behind Warcraft movie, Godzilla and many other legendary TV stuff. There’s no word about the release of it, but sayings are that it’s not near to the production step. So it’s a nice, VERY NICE idea for now, which I’m hoping to be given life in near future.

Did you like the game “Life is Strange”?? If so what are your opinions?? State your comments down below!!!

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