Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse – THE MOST PORTABLE Work Mouse

Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse

$ 49.79










  • Dark Fields Technology tracking works on EVERY SURFACE, even glass.
  • Extremely mobilized mouse which can travel anywhere easily.
  • Battery life span up to approximately 3 months.
  • Comes with a leather carrying pouch.
  • Logitech Unifying Technology supported.

Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse was my FIRST WIRELESS MOUSE that I've bought and I wanted to write a review about it as an insider :)) I achieved a great delight using the Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse because of the many comforts it provided and I'm going to tell you as a real user exactly who should get it and why it's a great  mouse for a specific crowd!

As a real user experienced with Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse here's the bullet list "Who Is It For??":

Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse - Who Is It For??

First of all, Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse is not for everyone. It's more than suitable for many people and for a very large crowd but there's a group that won't get what they exactly want from it. That's why I'm telling you now who is it ACTUALLY for and if you're fitting into this group, you can get one for yourself without hesitation 🙂

  • You want a wireless mouse to get rid of the cable which creates an irritating discomfort on your working space.
  • You want a quality wireless mouse which can work on every surface, which is easy to carry around and provides mobility.
  • You want to obtain the same high performance a cabled mouse can provide you.
  • You want your mouse to be suitable for "everywhere" use, be it office or home or a little table on a coffee shop.
  • You spend a decent amount of time on web scrolling pages and you would appreciate a mouse with a good scrolling wheel which doesn't fly off or move too slow.
  • You want a mouse which is not too large and easy to carry around also fit your hand well.

If these statements sound like you, then you should definetely get a Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse 🙂 Yeah, Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse is for people who want comfort, great tracking performance and mobility. Actually, it's also a great office mouse! If you want to bring a fresh breath of air to your office Logitech Anywhere MX can do a great job!

Else of all these plusses Logitech Anywhere MX also is armed with a "new age" optical tracking technology which is called "Dark Fields". Cool name right?? Dark Fields is a tracking technology which is exclusive to Logitech and the thing that makes it so special is that it enables optical mice to operate on surfaces on which they weren't used to work, such as glass surfaces. I will talk about it later on this article, but first I will get to start with more introductory themes 🙂

Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse

But who it isn't for??

Well, of course every mouse is not for everyone. There is a crowd that would better not consider getting  a Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse and these are the descriptions of that specific crowd:

  • You're a hardcore gamer who wants a mouse not to only improve your overall comfort but you also want a mouse to improve your gaming performance.
  • You want more than standard sensitivity levels and you're in a seek of extended precision.
  • You don't want to risk the chance of losing connection or lagging for some milliseconds during a important match which can mean a lot to you.
  • You want a mouse with more customization options to fit in your specific task such as pro-gaming or design software shortcuts.

If you fit in to the crowd which sound like the statements just above, then you better consider another gaming mouse than Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse because these statements sound more like a pro gamers preferences.

Now, let's talk about the technical specifications of Logitech Anywhere MX.

Tech Specs

  • Dark Field tracking technology which allows you to track on every surface.
  • Hyper-Scroll technology.
  • Two additional side buttons.
  • Compact and ergonomical shape design for everywhere use.
  • Comes with a Logitech special carrying pouch manufactured from leather.
  • High quality surface material.
  • Logitech Unifying Technology enables you to add more devices.
  • Logitech Set Pro Software can customize your mouse settings and preferences.
  • Logitech Advanced Wireless 2.4 GHz Data Transmission.
  • Mac and Windows compatible.
Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse


Logitech Anywhere MX is one of the slickest mice that I've ever used and I've used A LOT of mice. Design of Logitech Anywhere MX is pretty well thought and I liken it to a suited up charismatic person because that's what it exactly looks like. Materials and the ergonomic design just really touches you when you start to use the mouse. It's not so big in dimensions so unless you have tiny hands it will fall into the category between"Fingertip Grip"  and "Claw Grip". But no matter what your hand size is the Logitech Anywhere MX Wreless Mouse is somehow used so comfortably with any hand size.

Here is an example of what Logitech Anywhere MX wireless mouse looks like under a regular hand:

Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse

Pretty average and kinda "one-size-fits-all" design approach. There isn't actually a thing like "One Size Fits All" in the gaming peripherals industry because obviously dimensions of every person differ from each other, BUT this is an "Everywhere Mouse" (it's named Anywhere for a reason) and every person can use it comfortably unless you're looking for a mouse to extremelylevel up your gaming performance.

Also the best feature about it's design is that it's SO MOBILE and easy to carry around. Especially the carrying pouch that comes together with Anywhere MX makes this mouse a king of mobilization because you can carry it anywhere without occupying any major space in a bag. It even easily fits your pocket and you can also place the wireless receiver inside the mouse next to the battery placement sockets. This design allows you to transfer your mouse anywhere as a single piece, no extra parts and that is an awesome feature for the ones travel a lot or carry their laptop with them all the time. It also comes with a leather carrying pouch which is a great plus!! Well thinking Logitech!!

Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless MousezLogitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse

It's not a gaming specific mouse (although I've gamed with it too) and that's why you don't see many buttons surrounding Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse but if you're not looking for a mouse specifically designed for gaming performance this won't be a problem and two extra side buttons will be just about enough for you. If you're using the internet a lot and spending some decent time with internet browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera and etc.. Logitech Anywhere MX may be a GREAT CHOICE for you because it's standard set up is to switch between web pages / tabs by using the side buttons and as an experienced Logitech Anywhere MX user I can assure you that IT'S A BLESSING..

Because I also spend a lot of time in the internet browser and these days I'm starting my web developer journey which takes a lot of web surfing in the learning process. That's why Logitech Anywhere MX came as a medicine of its own sort.

The "Hyper-Scroll"

And the great feature that I want to point out is the "Hyper-Scroll". Not talking about it would be a sin definetely. Hyper-Scroll is the best friend for people who are tired of scrolling down web pages or documents in a boring slowness or pages scrolling up and down too fast. Or maybe you're scrolling from the sidebar and that's starting to get you tedious. Hyper-Scroll gives you the ability to switch your scroll wheel mode by just pressing on it. You can chose between two scroll modes both of which are awesome and extremely well calibrated.

Here is a video demonstration of how Hyper-Scroll works:

First Mode - Step Scrolling

First and standard mode is the "step scrolling" which scrolls only when you force the scroll wheel to roll. It has a great mechanical calibration if you ask me because it makes you feel the exact right amount of force needed to apply and the scroll wheel doesn't fly off. You actually sense of control over your mouse wheel and it doesn't make any excessive move unless you want to. Scroll wheel sensation is great and it's probably the most attention attracting feature that I've come across with on Logitech Anywhere MX wireless mouse.

Second Mode - Hyper Scroll

The second mode is the Hyper Scroll mode which is a game changer. It just lets your mouse loose and scroll wheel flies freely back and forth. That's an option which can be useful especially while scrolling large documents. And people who appreciate faster scrolling will benefit the most from it. With a little touch of your finger you can scroll great lenghts.

Also a well thought detail is the tracking switch lid. Under the mouse at the sensor part you will see a rectangle sliding lid which can cover the mouse sensor when you close it and you can easily activate the mouse again by sliding the lid back to its place. When you close the mouse sensor lid your mouse won't track the movement and that's a smart detail if you ask me. One more trait that I like about Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse.

Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse

Now that we've jumped in to the sensor related issues let's talk about their tracking and inner technical qualities.

Sensor and Tracking

Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse has a great significant differance than other usual mice because it uses a special tracking technology called "Dark Fields" which enbles you to use your mouse on any surface!! I used to use it on my pants when I was on remote locations and couldn't find the comfort of a desk.

Usually optical mice aren't able to track on glossy surfaces such as glass. If you don't know much about optical sensors or mice fundamentals at all, you can click here to get started with your gaming peripherals journey :)) You will eventually find the information you're looking for and maybe your dream gaming peripheral 🙂

Yeah, Dark Fields technology enables Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse to track on ANY SURFACE including glass and glossy surfaces, something that you can't get out of an optical mouse. And it does its job REALLY WELL. It's also great news for people who are working in an office environment where glass tables are used or you may consider it if you use your computer at a glass or glossy surface in home. This attribute proves one more time that Logitech Anywhere MX is a great mouse for using in many different environments and carrying around.

Logitech has put A LOT OF EFFORT to develop this technology. Do you like science?? Then you will LOVE this video of Dark Field technlogy on its development stage:

Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse tracks and transmits data just as fine as a corded mouse and I personally haven't come across with a lagging issue. It works more than fine and wireless mice are usually expected to lag more than cordless mice. That's actually a myth left in the past thanks to the developments in technology. You can read our article "Benefits of a Wireless Mouse" about it to get more information.

The only minus I can list about Logitech Anywhere MX can be the disconnecting issue. It's actually not needed to classify as an issue because it just happened maybe 2-3 times in a year which means it's an EXTREMELY RARE situation for me. I experienced that once in a while Anywhere MX stopped transmitting information and mouse stopped working. But the problem was solved by switching the mouse on / off  and replugging the USB transmitter. So, I'm not classifying it as an issue but I just wanted to report that something like that happened but it's not of relevant importance. Wireless mice are "WIRELESS" and like every wireless connection once in a while that kind of stuff can happen easily. Think of your internet connection, even it cuts off itself sometimes.

Also batterie charge lack could be the source of that kind of problem so you better check out your battery life from time to time. If you want to get a BADASS wireless mouse that is more optimised for specific use and has many more features to offer?? You can check out our Logitech G700S and Logitech G602 review which are couple of the wireless mice who set the competition in their game.

Logitech Unifying Technology

Did you know that you can connect many wireless devices to your computer without even occupying additional USB ports?? Logitech came up with a solution and seems like it will be aiding a major crowd.  I present you "Logitech Unifying Technology"!! Now you can connect up to 6 Logitech wireless devices which support Logitech Unifying Technology and use only one USB port for all of them!!!!

Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse

This is a major solution to a major problem which had to be solved and kudos to Logitech!! The only minus of this system is that it supports only Logitech peripherals with Unifying Technology. But considering that Logitech peripherals are one of the top players in the gaming peripherals industry which ALWAYS provide more than satisfying quality and getting one will definetely be a right choice, I can say that it's not something bad unless you belong to a different fan base of specific brands like "Only Razer People" or "Only Corsair People".

Have a Logitech Unifying Technology supporting device?? You can click below to download the Unifying Software:

Click Here To Download Unifying Software

Where To Get it From????

The best and probably cheapest place you can get a Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse is Amazon.com. Current price of Logitech Anywhere MX is $49.99 and the great thing is that it comes with a carrying pouch. It's a leather one but if you're travelling or going out a lot I suggest you to get an additional hard case carrying pouch for Anywhere MX. You can find it by navigating through the Amazon page that I'll provide the link to. My Logitech Anywhere MX lasted like minimum 2.5-3 years and for $49.99 it's a pretty vise investment if this mouse describes you.

Amazon.com is used by millions, has a great retail service and pretty quality customer care. By clicking the button below you can will be navigated to the Amazon Page of Anywhere MX where you can buy one for yourself. Click the button below to buy one for yourself!!

Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse

What Others Think About It??

First of all I would like to state that Logitech Anywhere MX wireless mouse is one of my personal favourites and I DEFINETELY ADVISE TO GET ONE if you are suited to the statements that I've listed at the "Who Is It For????" section at the beginning of our page. I PERSONALLY glorify this mouse because it really deserves all the applaus, that's what I can say as a personal user.

Logitech Anywhere MX has a pretty high rating on Amazon: 4.1 out of 5 and that's a voting by 2,695 VERIFIED USERS!!!! This is HUGE!!

It shows that more than 4 out of 5 users are extremely satisfied with Logitech Anywhere MX and here's the picture. You also can check out ratings and comments from Amazon yourself by clicing the "Buy It From Amazon" button that was presented at the previous "Where To Buy It From?" section.

Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse

Also here are some of the top user comments:

Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse

Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse


  • Can work on any surface, even glass!
  • Ergonomic shape and general design details are awesome. Gives the look of an elite mouse.
  • Great mobilization and can be used anywhere easily.
  • Hyper-scroll wheel is badass and more than useful especially for people who spend some time in web browsers.
  • Battery lasts about 70 days on average use which is pretty long!
  • Comes with a leather carrying pouch.
  • Logitech Unifying Technology supported.


Actually there are no cons of this mouse in my opinion but the only con that I can come up with may be this:

  • Once in a while it may lose connection as every other wireless mouse does from time to time. It can be solved by restarting and replugging your wireless mouse.
  • Some people claim that the mouse starts double clicking after a while. If there's a situation like that, I've found a solution. Actually you can check out the comments section from the Amazon link I've provided below and there's a user comment about solving that issue. It's commented by Seth D. and appears at the top of comments section so you probably won't miss it.

Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse - Conclusion

I hope you liked the article and found all the necessary information that you've been looking for. Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse can become one of your personal favourites in no time . I was extremely satisfied with it and if you fit in the descriptions which are stated at "Who Is It For" section in the beginning of this article you will also be satisfied. If you have something to ask or anything to say please write it to the comments section down below 🙂

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Logitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse

Don't forget to check out our other articles and navigate through the site to find interesting stuff and eventually your most suitable gaming peripheral 🙂 Keep in touch,

Tyler, Founder of GMP

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    this review gave me absolutely everything i was looking for when buying a new mouse. i have never had a wireless mouse but the wire on my current mouse has started to annoy me too much so its time for a change.

    this review told me everything i need to know about wireless mouses before buying one and answered any questions i would have had before i could answer them

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