Logitech G300S Review – Smooth and Simple

Logitech G300S Review – Smooth and Simple
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Hello there fellow gamer folks, how are we today?? I’m great because today we’re here with Logitech G300S review and talking about computer gear is AWESOME. Logitech G300S falls to the lower spectrum of Logitech’s high end gaming mice but no one has the right to discredit this little bad boy because it is awesome just as other gaming mice.

We will be talking about the characteristics of it, the features it provides, the specific points where it differs from a standard gaming mouse and many more. I will try my best to help you decide if Logitech G300S is the right gaming mouse for you.


The most significant feature of it is the quality it provides for such a low price.  This can be seen as one of the best budget gaming mouse with it’s price tag under $50. One of the best bangs for a buck.

For a similar type of a great budget gaming mouse with a price tag of $13.99 you can check out one of my favourites: Redragon M601 Centrophorus



Let’s move on to the tastiest part of our Logitech G300S review..


Here I Present… Logitech G300S !!

logitech g300s review

Product Name: Logitech G300S Gaming Mouse

Price: $29.99

GMP Rating: 7/10

Best Place To Buy: Amazon.com


Logitech G300S is one of the G series family members which consists of Logitech Gaming Grade mice. G300S is like the little nephew of this family. It has the lower echelon of G series but don’t think that it’s a useless piece of junk. It’s much more than that, trust me. It’s actually a great choice for a comfortable gamer with the diversity it can provide.

From the beginning I will tell you who this mouse is actally for. If you’re a hardcore gamer who is playing in fast pace and increasing body counts like a badass with your pre-planned hardware and in-game playing strategy, this mouse is obviously not for you. Logitech G300S is more suitable for comfortable gamers who are seeking to increase their performance with a more quality mouse.

Whether you’re going to play Call of Duty or Bioshock, or whether you’re going to use some software or just surf the internet, Logitech G300S is pretty suitable for any of these tasks with it’s easy to handle ergonomic ambidextrous shape and programmable buttons. By the way, shouldn’t we get a little geek take a look at it’s technical specifications?? Here we go!!

logitech g300s review

Technical Specifications of Logitech G300S

9 Programmable Buttons

Ambidextrous Symmetrical Shape

Suitable for both right and left handed people

Seven Lighting Color Variations

Onboard Memory

On-the-fly DPI Switching

1000 Hz Poling Rate

Durable build and low friction slick feet

Dimensions: 4.45 in (113 mm) x 2.83 in (72 mm) x 1.57 in (40 mm)

Weight: 109 g -3.84 oz   (mouse + cable)


What About It’s Tracking Capacity

Logitech G500S uses an optical sensor and has a DPI range of 250-2500. DPI rate is a little higher than Redragon M601. An additional bite of DPI may put you into the comfort zone of tracking, also depending on your resolution preferances of course.  Usually, for casual gaming 2500 DPI is pretty fine. Many people who game casually are happy with 2500 DPI. A simplistic and centered number.

By using Logitech Gaming Software you can adjust a button as your DPI trigger to be able to switch between different DPI rates. You can determine these different DPI’s and your default DPI from the software.

You also get 1000 Hz of polling rate which means a 1-millisecond responding time. For the ones who aren’t aware of what polling rate is, you can read our article:

What’s a gaming mouse

9G Button Layout

This beauty has 9 programmable buttons to which you can assign any macros and commands. For me, 9 buttons are just more than fine. Sometimes I prefer 11 button mice like Logitech G502, which is the fat of the land and dominates the gaming mice industry, but Logitech G300S is just fine for any task if you’re not competing intensely on some e-sports tournament.

Actually there are also players in e-sports who prefer simpler gaming mice with less buttons but good ergonomics like Razer Deathadder. The point is, there is no ultimate gaming mouse for every purpose. You may feel better with a simpler gaming mouse or you may choose some cyborg-like mouse with every feature available, it’s up to you.


logitech g300s review



Let’s get back to the buttons. There are 9 programmable buttons we said which are right mouse button, left mouse button, 2 side buttons at right mouse click, 2 side buttons at left mouse click, scroll wheel and 2 rear buttons at the back of scroll wheel.


All the buttons are at easy reach under your hand. The only thing is some people are happy with the side buttons and some are not. They are usually easy to reach, and I was pretty comfortable with them. But for some people it may not be that comfortable, but that depends on the person of course. As I said, it was comfy for me and didn’t have any issues.


The Brain and Pretty Lights

Sometimes I prefer calling mice like Logitech G300S smart mice because of the little “brain” that it has. Well, it’s not really a brain like we humans have as you can guess (it would be cool tough), but it’s an on-board memory which allows you to create different user profiles and adjust your own settings for different circumstances. If you’re a gamer who plays a variety of different gams, you probably know that every game has different concepts.


That’s why there are user profiles. You can assign any macro or command to your desired button and customize your gameplay. As an example when you’re playing League of Legends you would like to have some spells and actions right under your finger tips to be ahead of others or you may assign some grenade and weapon commands if you’re playing a FPS game.


With the use of Logitech Gaming Software you can create a massive amount of user profiles of your own. Logitech G300S allows you to carry 3 on-board user profiles which means that you won’t have to access the software and reassign all the buttons again when you go out and plug your mouse to another PC. This feature is very useful if you’re attending gaming parties outside. You have 3 different predetermined mouse setting combinations and you can program each one of them to your desire, be it a system for Call Of Duty: Black Ops or League of Legends or any other game.


And you can adjust different color settings for each user profile. The LED lights at side of Logitech G300S will light the determined color when you change your user profile, and that’s how you understand which user profile you’ve switched to. It’s a no brainer and so simple to use. There are 7 color options that you can use for your profiles.


Looks and Feels.. Smooth…

As I’ve mentioned before, Logitech G300S is an ambidextrous mouse. For the ones who don’t know what an ambidextrous mouse is, it means that it’s shape is designed to fit both right handed and left handed players. The ergonomics are designed symmetrical to fit each type of players. This information is going to make our left handed mutant friends happy 😉


logitech g300s review


Mouse is actually a little small compared to it’s other family members. The hand grip fits more to a fingertip grip type and you can feel the lightness of it when you lay your hands on. Ergonomics are good and ambidextrous shape is a nice deal. Of course it all ends up in person who is going to use it. Some users prefer lighter mice while some other prefer heavier like Corsair Scimitar or Logitech G500. Actually there is a new trend of weight adjustment feature in the gaming mice industry which we also can see in Redragon M601. Weight adjustment is great for players who see the devil in details.


Long story short, Logitech G300S doesn’t have weight adjustment and it’s a considerably light gaming mouse. If you like the light feeling of a comfortable gaming mouse, then Logitech G300S may be the best choice for you.


Top of this baby has a grey matte finish which is smooth under your hand and dlesn’t hold stains or smudges. Some of the Logitech G Series mice use this matte finish and the finish feels great under your hand. This is my personal experience.


logitech g300s review


Sides of the mouse is made of black rubber coating to provide a good grip while playing rapidly. The handling of Logitech G300S is pretty easy with the light weight, small dimensions and rubber side grips.


The feet of Logitech G300S are made of low-friction polytetrafluoroethylene. Ok, I admit, the name is quite confusing. So for the not-interested-in-science folks here it’s enough to know that it’s a slick material and decreases the friction to low levels. Slick feat provides smooth motion while controlling the mouse and by this improves accuracy.



Logitech G300S uses Logitech Gaming Software just like other Logitech gaming mice. It doesn’t require the software to work, but without the Logitech software you will be missing a hell lot of fun. You won’t be able to create profiles and assign macros to your buttons, so what’s the point of it without the software right??

Logitech Gaming Software is completely free and it can be dowloaded from internet. It is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10. Here is the link if you want to download Logitech Gaming Software for your G300S: Click here to download Logitech Gaming Software


Warranty and Durability

Logitech G300S’s durability is rated as 20 million clicks and 250 kilometers distance. So you can expect from it to survive a long time. And Logitech provides 2 year warranty for Logitech G300S! This shows that they’re standing behind the equipment they manufacture.



This baby is one of the mice that I put in the category “Best Bang For A Buck” because of the quality it provides for such a cheap price as $29.99. Yes, it’s true, $29.99. It also falls in my category “Gaming Mice Under $50” with this low price it has.

The best place to buy it is Amazon.com with the retail quality it provides and all those other user reviews you can find out there. You can also come across with very good discounts on many products including gaming mice and other related stuff. I’m giving you the link where you can get a Logitech G300S for yourself:
>>Click To Get Logitech G300S For Yourself<<



What Do Others Think??

One of the best ways to evaluate a gaming mouse’s quality is to check out other user comments. Let’s see what others think about it. These are some real user comments taken from Amazon. Logitech G300S has 4.5 stars out of 5, which is an amazing rating, and 173 customer reviews. You can check them out from Amazon.com. Here are some of them:


logitech g300s review

logitech g300s review























Summing Up Pros and Cons

Ok, we’re coming to the end of our review, so let’s sum up everything to give us a clear last tought.


A great mouse for comfortable gamers who are seeking better quality and comfort with a tight budget from a professional brand

Ambidextrous symmetrical shape which’s suitable to both right and left handed gamer folks

Good palm-grip and fingertip grip depending on the size of your hand

9 programmable buttons which comes really handy during gaming or any task

3 on-board profiles which you can carry anywhere in the little brain of Logitech G300S

Lighting colors for each profile makes understanding easier. Smart move Logitech..

Smooth surface matte finish and rubber side grips. Slick feet are an advantage

Really durable mouse with 250 km distance and 20 million clicks capacity

2 year warranty from Logitech



If you’re a hardcore gamer who seeks bazillion features and high-end competitive specifications, this mouse is not for you. Check out Logitech G502 or G500

Some people may prefer individual ergonomics like Razer Deathadder’s instead of ambidextrous shape

For people with very large hands it may feel tiny

If you want tracking capacity including more DPI than 2500, then you might look for another mouse

Usually 3 profiles are enough for comfortable gaming, but if you’re too hardcore you may want more on-board profiles


Logitech G300S Review – Conclusion

I’m actually a little bit tired of writing but I’m happy to discuss about gaming stuff with you folks. Every good gaming peripheral makes me want to talk till eternity, but obviously you may get bored if I do that. That’s why I’m letting you go now, but hey, that was fun isn’t it??))

We’ve reviewed all the features of Logitech G300S and now you know every single bit of information about this little bad boy. You know all the pros and cons, you’ve seen other user reviews and you know where you can get a Logitech G300S and check out other user reviews. This turned out better than I tought.. If you have any questions to ask or statements to make, please leave a comment down below!! I will be here to respond and your comments are highly important to me. Also, don’t forget to SHARE, because SHARING IS CARING!! Keep in touch and see you around!!!

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6 Responses to Logitech G300S Review – Smooth and Simple

  1. Brandon says:

    Hey there!
    Great article, very well written. I feel that a good mouse is often overlooked when in the realm of gaming. A comfortable, responsive and efficient mouse is key to a great gaming experience. I love how you have reviewed and pointed out the key features of the G300S, and the price is great! I may just pick one up 🙂

    • admin says:

      Thank you for the kind words))

      Yes, a good mouse definetely is a game changer. People who just take a look and pass on it are missing some great oppurtunities. Pro gaming is all about optimization and getting ahead with better parameters. Everyone can play, but there are tools that take your gaming a step further.

      Logitech G300S is doing a great job as a comfortable everyday every game-use mouse. You won’t regret having one))

  2. Caleb Kim says:

    I think you summarized everything about the Logitech g300 mouse. A great part of this review is how you included how others felt about the mouse. It shows you aren’t biased towards the company and is also really unique. I would add some pictures in the pros and cons section, though.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the kind words Caleb)) I’m glad that you liked it.

      And I will definetely take your comment into consideration. Just these days I can’t look after frequently at GMP. And thanks for your interest mate)) Enjoy the site!!!

  3. LoveMachine says:

    Great review and format!

    Love that you included a “What do others think?” segment!

    I myself am using a G300s. Agreed that it’s pretty small. But i love it nontheless.


    • admin says:

      Hey there Love Machine!!

      I’m so glad that you liked the review)) I’m trying my best t provide you guys with quality content. I have WAY MORE to do with the website, it’s appearance, user experience and etc.. But with time everything will be great and gamingmiceplanet.com will become a place for many many gamers to get guidance.

      “What do others think” is one of the most important segment that should be always included. Other real user reviews are one of the best judgment origins to be sure of something that you’re going to buy. But that’s my opinion of course.

      G300S is one of those little fellas that you can use for everything not so specific. A great mouse for comfortable gamers and it can slightly lean to the side of hardcore gaming, but there are way better mice for that genre. So, if you’re a comfortable gamer you can get it without hesitation, but if you have relatively large hands, I advice people to get something different like Logitech G602.

      Thank you for your appreciation and comment Love Machine!! Don’t forget to check out all our content to find more interesting stuff!!! 🙂

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