Logitech G303 Review

Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex

Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex


7.5 /10


10.0 /10


7.0 /10


8.5 /10


9.0 /10


  • One of the best mouse sensors in the world.
  • Compact and ambidextrous design suitable for left handed people too.
  • A great all purpose mouse.
  • Lightweight and durable design.
  • Great lighting effects.


  • Ambidextrous shape may not suit everyone.
  • People with big hands may find the mouse a bit smal.
Logitech G303 Review
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Hello there people!!! Welcome to our Logitech G303 review! In this article we will explore together one of the greatest gears that Logitech has created. This bad boy appeals to many gamers out there, it’s one of the best pals in the neighbourhood who everyone likes and prefers to be around. You wonder why?? You will learn anything you have to know about Logitech G303, so just sit tight and keep reading!! Live the experience.


Before we start I would like to introduce you to the flow of this review (just as any others). We will get to know Logitech G303 by starting from it’s technical specifications. But first, I will directly tell you who this mouse is for. Because I just want things to be simple and direct, than you can decide in a pace whether this is the mouse that you were looking for or not. You will be presented with reviews about it’s design, technical details, plusses, minuses and real user comments. And at last I will tell you where you can get one of this great creations. Just be patient because now we’re going down deep into the rabbit hole!

Let’s start by explaining who this mouse is for!



logitech g303 review

Is This Mouse The One You’re Looking For??

Are you seeking an all purpose mouse with deadly precision while not sacrifising simplicity and easy using? Do you like your mouse lightweight and durable? Is it a premium mouse that you want for a good price?? If these stated features sound like you, then you may right now get yourslf a Logitech G303 without hesitation.

I will admit that Logitech G303 is not a mouse which will provide you EVERY SUPER DUPER feature out there. If you’re a comfortable gamer (or hardcore, doesn’t matter) you will find anything you need or maybe more in Logitech G303, have no doubt about it. But if you’re a a gamer who seeks every extreme feature out there in the game-tech industry, you may check out other alternatives with higher price tags. G303 is a more simplistic mouse which you can use for all your game purposes. It’s actually a DREAM COME TRUE for a minimalistic person with a love for all-purpose things.



logitech g303 review



There is a very big plus within Logitech G303 and it’s the price-quality relation it has. The great thing is that you will be operating with one of the worlds most brilliant optical sensors. While getting a kick of the simple and useful design you will have no problem adding your frags up. Logitech G303 can be used even in E-Sports and I don’t even have to mention that Logitech G series are exclusively manufactured for gaming series.

Well, I think you get the point. If features stated above are sounding like you, you’re at right place. But if you want more out of a gaming mouse which is the top player of it’s league, I advice you to check out our Logitech G502 or G700S mice reviews. Now, let’s see what Logitech G303 is all about!


Technical Specifications


logitech g303 reviewPMW3366 Optical Sensor with Delta Zero Technology

32-bit microcontroller

Wide DPI Range 200 -12,000 DPI

On-th-fly DPI Switching

6 Programmable Buttons

Ambidextrous Design

Supports 3 On-Board profiles

RGB Lighting System

Metal spring button tensioning system

1000 Hz Polling Rate

Braided cable with hook and cable tie

Button durability is rated to 20 million clicks

Mouse feet are rated to 250 kilometers


LxWxD:  115 mm (4.53 in) x 65 mm (2.56 in) x 37 mm (1.46 in)

Weight:  87 g(3.07 oz) mouse only


These are the main characteristics of Logitech G303. Now let’s examine this bad boy in detail. We’ll start with design.


But I know that some people have better relations with video content (actually e all love video content). That’s why I’m sharing with you a video review of Logitech G303 to give you an overall idea about G303 Daedalus Apex:


The Design Talk


Design of Logitech G303 is pretty similar to it’s little cousin G302 Daedalus Prime. G302 is a version of G303, actually they’re almost the same but G302 was optimized for MOBA players.


G303 Daedalus Apex has a low-to-ground and simple design. Clean and neat. And it’s ambidextriouss, which can make both our left handed friends happy. I have a lot of left handed friends who’re frustrated by not being able to find any suitable gaming mice for themselves. Well, you can always get a G303 Daedalus Apex folks.


logitech g303 review


As we mentioned, there are 6 buttons on G303 which are left/right clicks, scroll wheel buton, DPI shift and two thumb buttons. Simple and pretty.  Buttons are well tensioned and they’re delight to press.



And the thing that differs from other mice is the metal spring button tensioning system on finger clicks. This innovation keeps left and right click buttons in precise position to reduce pre-travel and backlash. Your buttons will always keep in optimal tension in order to provide fast in-game actions.  No need to mention how amazing this feels for performance gamers. One of the reasons to call G303 a frag monster!

Did I mention that click switches’ lifespan is rated to 20 million clicks?? This mouse may live longer than you and come to your funeral..

logitech g303 review




One of the most epic visual features of G303 is the programmable RGB lighting. If you don’t know what RGB lighting means, let’s simply explain. It means that you can choose from 16.8 million colors of light to illuminate your mouse.


G303 has illuminaton spaces with honey comb textures from which light patterns emmit with a “breathing” light effect and bring your mouse to life. As I said, this light can be any color of your personal choice from 16.8 M colors. You can customize your light effect from Logitech Gaming Software.


logitech g303 review




G303 is also pretty lightweight, but still so durable. As I said before, it may last longer than yourself.. No joke 😀  According to Logitech left and right buttons are successfully tested  for 20 million clicks, which is an equivalent of a professional gamer who trains 10 hours a day and everyday for two years. Can you really imagine what I’m telling you here?? It’s also equipped with a sturdy but lightweight and flexible braided cable. If you’re a fan of wireless mice, than you may consider checking out Logitech G700S. Click here to check it out!


logitech g303 review


I said that this baby is a lightweight boxer. It weights only 87 grams (3.07 oz) the mouse itself and it’s a great choice for people who seek lightness and speed from their mice.



Let’s get Technical


Now let’s talk about the great sensor technology behind Logitech’s all-purpose bad boy G303. It definitely serves us with one of the best optical mouse sensors around. It’s not a surprise because Logitech takes it so personal and when it comes to sensors Logitech is one of the most badass players on the market. They’ve put and still utting a lot of effort to bring us the ultimate gaming mouse sensor and I really want t applause them for their contribution because especially their G series’ mice sensors are  the top notch pro next-level shit.


logitech g303 review


G303 Daedalus Apex uses a PMW3366 optical sensor, the best of Logitech. It’s the same on one of the best mice in the planet, Logitech G502 Armed with Delta Zero technlogy to minimize speed-related accuracy variances, which is known as mouse acceleration among gamers.. You may like acceleration or not, this is your prsonal choice, but it’s a true fact that it can mess things up while you’re gaming dynamically and it’s worse if you’re in some tight situation where accurate targeting and a single well timed mouse click can draw the thin line between victory or defeat. This is mostly happened at FPS games like CSGO or Battlefield, Cal of Duty etc..


But what the hell is Delta Zero technology?? It’s actually the concept name of Logitechs new age sensors. They’re all-around improved sensors which are optimized for serious gaming with zero acceleration and some other fixed issues like jittering and precision. Actually visuals are better to explain things, that’s why I share with you the informative video of a mate who I like really much, Linus. He explains the Delta Zero sensors:




Even at high range of DPI PMW3366 doesn’t have smoothing or filtering. This ensures that your mouse will act just as you command. Every bit of detail about the mouse sensor is improved to maximize the responsiveness and accuracy. A killer weapon of choice..

Also sensor parameters can be tuned from Logitech Gaming Software. Even the LED intensity.. And don’t forget that Logitech G303 also has surface tuning feature which is pretty cool especially if you’re using different surfaces or sometimes travelling with your mouse. G303 sensor can adapt itself to your surface which you’re using your mouse on. This will give you optimum performance ability on a wide variety of surfaces and it takes just a few seconds with Logitech Gaming Software to surface tune your mouse.

If you’re always using a standard black mouse mat, than you may not use or need the surface tuning option, but if you’re changing surfaces from time to time and you don’t get the same performance out of these surfaces, then surface tuning feature of Logitech G303 might come in pretty handy.

So, sensor is pretty damn great!!



Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex uses Logitech Gaming Softare just as every other Logitech G series mice do.  Almost all the cool features which other high-end Logitech G series mice have also apply to G303. You can program the 6 programmable buttons, add macros, create usr profiles, tune out your sensor switch lighting and etc..


At home screen of G303 when you dial to software you can see an option switch from on-board memory to automatic game detection. Your choice..

From the software you can also adjust your DPI, polling rate, button configuration, lighting effects, surface tuning and keypress heatmap. Arx Control feature which enables you to change your mouse settings from your smatphone is also supported in Logitech Gaming Software.

What Do Others Think About It?

How do you be sure that a gaming peripheral is good before buying it?? You check out some real user reviews. That’s also what I do while checking out many stuff that I plan to buy. Thi s one of the best ways to identify the quality of your future equipment. There are of course good votes and bad votes for every product, but Logitech, as always, scored extremely high.

Logitech G303 has a pretty high reputation among its users. I know this because I always check out other real user comments around. And one of the best places to find them is Amazon.com. In Amazon G303 has 4.5 stars out of 5 and this rating was based on 623 customer reviews. Actually, THIS IS HUGE. According to the ratings 73% of voters gave 5 stars and %16 of them gave 4 stars! Which means that 87% of people who used this baby are highly satisfied with this badboy. This is a physical proof that Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex is a choice that you can’t regret (usually).

logitech g303 review

You can click here to view all the real user reviews from Amazon.com:

logitech g303 review














logitech g303 review


logitech g303 review










Where Can You Get A Logitech G303??


After searching around for a while I came to a conclusion that the best place to get a Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex is Amazon.com. G303 is on some discount now and you can get it for $42.35 . This puts Logitech G303 into our “Gaming Mice Under $50” list. Also I don’t have to mention the quality of retail service and customer support of Amazon.

So, if you guys after reading this review think that Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex sounds just like your ideal gaming mouse, then you can click the highlighted text below to get one for yourself. Here you go:


>>Click Here To Buy It From Amazon.com<<

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4 Responses to Logitech G303 Review

  1. John says:

    HI there, really thorough review.
    It’s great that they have started doing ambidextrous mouses, have many left handed friends.
    You marked it down on comfort slightly though, is there a better choice out there with the performance still?
    I would prefer a wireless mouse, which model would you recommend

    Thanks John

    • admin says:

      Hey John!! Thanks for the nice words)) I’m glad that you liked it.

      If you want tthe ultimat performance, then I definetely recommnd you Logitech G502. It’s one of my personal favourites and probably one of the best mice around. I guarantee that it’s one of it’s kind and you will probably be highly satisfied with it. But if you’re seeking a wireless alternative, then I can offer you also one of my personal bests: Logitech G700S.

      It has great performance, ultimate ergonomics and it can be used both wired or wireless.

  2. Oliver says:

    A lot of people I know are PC gamers, so I’ll definitely recommend your site to them. Very informative of the specs and gone into depth of why it’s one of the best mouses. I’ll have a look at the product myself for my own PC. Great website as well!

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