Logitech G600 Review

Logitech G600 Review
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Hey there fellow gamers!! Welcome to our Logitech G600 review! We will be reviewing in detail one of the best MMO monsters in the gaming mouse industry. Logitech as always has done a great job in producing a signature gaming mouse for masses and after this review you will be able to comfortably determine if this is the gaming mouse you need or not. You will be guided through reviews of few elements like design, technical specs, software and etc..  Then we will take a look at some other real user reviews and at last I will tell you where you can get your Logitech G600 with the best price.


It will be quite fun if you’re looking for a gaming mouse. It’ll be even more interesting if you’re a player of MMO games because MMO is what all this baby is about. Now, let’s get to know Logitech G600, but first I will make everything easy for you and directly tell who this mouse is for. If it sounds just like you, then you can buy it without hesitation.


Who This Mouse Is For??


+  Do you love MMO/MOBA games  like World of Warcraft or League of Legends and play them frequently??

+ Do you use many spells, actions and items but you’re out of enough shortcuts that you can’t easily and quickly use them??

+ Do you also use design software that has many shortcut keys but you want to group the ones you use the most at a reach of your thumb??

+ Do you want to improve your gaming and be a step further than others by using technology?

+  Are you seeking comfort and high responsiveness from your gaming mouse?

+ Do you need more customisable buttons to assign your most used macros?

+ Do you also want your mouse to look and feel badass everytime youuse it??

+ And you want all these features for an affordable price??


Then Logitech G600 is probably the best options that you have. Or one of the best options that you have. There are a few MMO gaming mice in the industry which are kinda fats of the land. They’re all high-quality and well known MMO mice which share almost the same concept and usually satisfy all their users. Best example for these MMO mice may be Razer Naga and Corsair Scimitar. GMP has both of ther reviews so you can check them out:

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Now that you know who this mouse is for, let’s dive deep into our review. We start with technical specifications.


Technical Specifications

Logitech G600 Review

20 MMO Tuned Buttons

Special Dual-Dish Designed Thumb Panel with 12 Customizable Buttons

G-Shift Button

Custom Backlight Color

3 On-Board Memory Profiles

Gaming Grade Laser Sensor With 8200 Max DPI

On-The-Fly DPI Switching

Durable built with 20 million clicks and 250 km mice feet lifespan

Natural contoured grip design for maximum comfort and accurate clicks

1000 Hz Pollling Rate

2m Braided USB Cord

Low Friction Polytetrafluoroethylene Mice Feet

Dimensions: (HxWxL) 118mm x 75mm x  41mm / (HxWxL) 4.6 in x 3.0 in x 1.6 in

Weight: 4.7 oz  (133 g) (without cable)


General Plusses and Minuses


Has many programmable buttons that work for advantage of an MMO player.

Well suited ergonomics and natural grip that creates comfort

High DPI gaming grade laser sensor and on-the-fly DPI switching

Durable build that will last quite a long time

Price is well balanced to your budget (Under $50)



Right-handed only mouse. MMO mice are usually right-hand built but Razer also manufactures MMO mice for our leftie mutant friends.


Now, let’s talk about Logitech G600 in detail. Let’s start with design.


Design Talk

Logitch G600 has a minimalistic and simple design with great ergonomics to support you through long hours of MMO sessions. People here who play World of Warcraft will understand what I’m talkin about… Those long hours of raiding and dungeoning, it all tires you and your wrists. And your gameplay experience will become even more uncomfortable without a proper, ergonomic gaming mouse. Logitech G600 is the mouse for MMO players for the ones who want to get the job done.. That simple…


Logitech G600 Review


I bet you have seen some other fancy gaming mice for MMO with some badass cyborg-like looks. Well, they exist.. There are some other hardcore MMO mice such as Corsair Scimitar, Razer Naga and some Mad Catz mice. If you want to take a look at them and see what they are about, you can check them out by clicking the links below:

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The durable built is one of the provacative features that makes people want to buy the hell out of Logitech G600. 20 million clicks lifespan?? This mouse may last longer than you, buddy. New generation gaming mice manufactured by industry leading brands usually have these extensive lifespans and Logitech wasn’t left behind in this game. Logitech has proven itself in making durable and extra competitive gaming mice and almost all G series mice are manufactured with their high standard durability, so I don’t need to say a lot about an obvious fact.


Now, probably the most important feature – BUTTON GRID. Yeah, as you know, the most significant feature of MMO mice is the thumb grid with many buttons contained in it. They usualy have 12 buttons in the whole grid and Logitech G600 also kept itslf in this boundary. Its twelve button grid seems to be divided into two sections as 6/6.


Logitech G600 Review


You can see that buttons on the grid are either dipped/tilted inwards or outwards. You can think this as a marking system to make everything easy for you. This way your thumb wedges between the buttons when you put your thumb on the grid. While gaming someone can easily press them by moving your mouse forward, backward, up or down. It also makes everything easier for you when it comes to identifying which button you’re on during the gameplay because you must set a referance point for your thumb when you’re not able to see it.


Also another great thing about G600 thumb grid is that you won’t be accidentally pressing to thumb buttons that easy. Yeah, sometimes MMO players accidentally press thumb buttons between the adrenaline rush during hardcore gaming, but that’s not something you want. With Logitech G600 it’s something more difficult to happen because thumb buttons are built a little sturdy. In order to press a thumb button you need to apply at least a small amount of pressure, which means it won’t just go off accidentally.


Have you ever played with an MMO mouse before?? At the beginning it gets some time to get used to their thumb grid. That’s why I won’t exaggarate or overhype any peripheral, that’s not my thing. It’s a true fact that you will spend a short amount of time getting used to your new MMO mouse if you’re not experienced with it before. But when you get used to it, you may pass to a whole new level of gaming with all the new things you can do with your gaming mouse.


Also it would be a sin not to mention the visual customization chance that Logitech G600 gives us. You can customize the thumb grid with 16.8 million RGB colors which can be mixed with lighting effects such as breathing light and shady colors or you can also keep it stationary. It’s quite an eye candy and mesmerizing to watch.


And it would be a sin not to talk about ergonomics of Logitech G600. Logitech G600, just like some other MMO specialty mice, has custom tailored ergonomics and a slight lean to the end to provide ultimate comfort. Quality ergonomics are just what very gamer needs who play for long hours. It doesn’t have to be gamers only, it will also benefit youif you’re working with software for long hours. Mouse ergonomics is an important fact if you don’t want to suffer from disoders like carpall tunnel syndrome. So, choose visely and also try to use a mouse mat with wrist support.


Logitech G600 Review


Now, thered is a thing that I really like about Logitech G600. It has an additional ring finger button! So, while usual mice have standard right-left click button Logitech G600 has 3 buttons. The third ring finger button sits perfectly but you must be a little careful not to accidentally press it during a rushy moment. I advise you to attend non-important commands to it, as example, you can attend melee attack or grenade throw to it while you’re playing some FPS shooter like Battlefield.


Scroll click can be used as three buttons and this gives us many new possibilities of macros customization. Scroll wheel can be tilted to right and left to press additional scroll wheel buttons.


And right at the back of our scroll wheel we can see G7 and G8 buttons. These are meant for  on-the-fly DPI and profile switching .


At the side of the mouse there is a nice texture right under the ring finger button. Your empty pinky feels cool on ths smooth textured surface and those textures are meant to provide you with additional grip.

Mice feet are quite large and smooth. Having these kind of large feet improves the glide of mouse.

Logitech G600 Review

Technical Side of Things


To be honest, sensor of Logitech G600 isn’t a top notch one. If you’re a FPS player who seek high levels of precision you may get dissapointed with G600. But this doesn’t mean that sensor is crap. You may be judging the sensor of Logitech G600 only if you’re used to play with some high-end FPS mice like Logitech G502. Because it’s equipped with a specially developed optical sensor to max out your precision while dynamic gaming.


Sensor of G600 is more than good enough to fulfill your needs of MMO gaming. Especially for general pupose and casual gaming the sensor is absolutely fine. Else of that, there isn’t much to say about its sensor.



As all other Logitech Gaming Mice Logitech G600 uses Logitech Gaming Software for customization. It supports three on board profiles and Automatic Game Detection profiles. I assume that you already know what is on board profiles but ome of you may not have heard about the “Automatic Game Detection” mambo jambo. To simply explain, it’s your mouse detecting which game you’re playing and adjusting a customized profile to it.


Logitech G600 Review

Automatic Game Detection feature works this way: It takes a little space from your hardware and stores profiles for specific games which you can customize from Logitech Gaming Software. This feature is definetely a game changer, especially if you’re playing multiple games frequently. If you are gaming on your PC most of the time (and usually that’s the case) you don’t have to limit yourself to on-board profiles.


On-board profiles are very useful if you’re mobile gaming or using the same settings for various type of games. But Automatic Game Detection opens a whole new world in front of you because your mouse will detect the launched game and automatically switch to your customized profile specially for that game. Imagine that you launch Battlefield and without any effort your mouse rigs itself for it. After that you end your Battlefield session and launch Borderlands 2 then guess what?? Yeah, now your Borderlands settings are automatically set. While you’re not gaming Logitech G600 switches to a default profile that you created before. What an innovation huh??


Another unique feature that Logitech G600 has is the G-Shift button. By holding down the assigned G-Shift button you will toggle to an alternative buttons mode which multiplies your button possibilities. This feature is explained visually n the video above, so I advise you all to watch it. It’s pretty informative.


From Logitech Gaming Software you can adjust the DPI. Logitech G600 supports 4 levels of switchable DPI and you can set it up to 8200 DPI Max.

Logitech G600 Review

The most eye-candy feature of Logitech G600 is of course the light effects. You can choose colors from RGB light spectrum, adjust their brightnes and assign effects such as breathing light or cycle lighting.



What Others Think


One of the best ways to evaluate the real quality of a gaming mouse is to loaak at other real user reviews. One of the best (probably best) places to evaluate a gaming mouse trough user experience is Amazon.com. When I look at Amazon ratings I can clearly say that Logitech G600 has done a good job at satisfying their users. Let’s talk with numbers:




As you can see Logitech G600 has been rated with 4.2 stars out of 5, which is pretty good. And %80 of users rated it with minimum 4 stars. That’s quite impressive. Now I don’t have any doubt about Logitech G600. It has proven itself worthy to hundreds of other people and it will probably work the same way to me. Here are some user comments:


Logitech G600 Review

Logitech G600 Review

Logitech G600 Review

Logitech G600 Review

Where To Buy


Best place to buy Logitech G600 is Amazon.com due to their great retail and customer service. Also the best price for Logitech G600 I found was on Amazon, $47.99. If you want to get the white one you can have it for $56.35. I’ll give you the link where you can get one for yourself:


Logitech G600 Review


Logitech G600 Conclusion

We’ve come to an end of our Logitech G600 review. Now you know everything about Logitech G600, its technical specifications, plusses, minuses, field of use but most important of them all now you know if this mouse is suitable for you or not. If Logitech G600 sounds like you, then don’t hesitate to get one. Hundreds of people are happy with it and you probably will be too. Still don’t know the answer? Scroll back to beginning of our review and re-read the part “Who This Mouse Is For”.

If you’ve liked what you saw, then please rate and SHARE IT. Because SHARING IS CARING. Also don’t forget to check other articles and take a tour in our website. I’m sure you’ll find more interesting stuff inside.


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  1. Jaylin says:

    I have one of the Logitech g600 too and I am absolutely in love with this mouse! It makes my life just so much easier, well at least my virtual life lol. Having buttons on the side is convenient for me mainly when it comes to FPS’s but lately, I’ve been making a lot of use for them in WOW! My only slight gripe is that the buttons themselves are a bit small and I have big hands, which makes it a little tough for me, but you get used too it.

    • admin says:

      Hey Jaylin!

      Yeah, Logitech G600 is one of the best variants you can get. Especially when it comes to MMO. But I also refer using MMO mice for my other specialised tasks like design software, CAD/CAM and etc. All those buttons give me a great oppurtunity because sometimes there are way too many shortcuts that I can’t memorize and my mouse can do all the work for me.

      It’s usually a problem when you have big hands, but they’re always alternatives. Problems come with solutions. You may get very comfortable with Corsair Scimitar. It’s known to be one of the best MMO mice around. It’s also relatively large and well tailored with great ergonomics to suit the needds of hardcre MMO players. You may feel like a king while playing with it.

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