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Hello folks, and welcome to our Logitech G602 review!!! We will be discussing in this article one of the weapons of choice from Logitechs G series artillery – Logitech G602!!


By reading this article you will be able to immedeately determine whether if this mouse is for you or not. You will learn all the specific features of this great piece which differs it from other peripherals, the pros, the cons and thoughts of others. So, let’s get started, but before all, I will make everything easier for you and tell who exactly this mouse is for. In all of my reviews I start with explanation “Who Is This Mouse For”, bcause that gives you an ultimate understanding of the concept and the decision making process gets easier. So, who is this mouse for??


Who Is This Mouse For??

Are you a casual player who doesn’t seek ULTRA-MEGA FEATURES from a gaming peripheral, but still want it to fulfill all your needs ?? Do you want an extremely quality built mouse which can be used for your daily tasks??

Do you want your battery to last extremely long??

Are you an all-rounder who wants to use a mouse in order to play all your games comfortably and deal with your other tasks too??

You don’t like cables and is it a wireless mouse you want??

You also want a  comfortable and cool  mouse for your work or personal daily stuff??


But if you’re seeking a high-end gaming mouse for hardcore gaming and increased performance, which can definetely make a change during pro gaming, then this is definetely not the mouse you’re looking for. For a high-end gaming mouse you can check out our Logitech G502 or G700S reviews, they’re one of the best of their kind tailored for high performance and great user experience.


Let’s get to know this baby, here are the technical parameters. We talk with numbers..


Technical Specifications

Logitech G602 ReviewDelta-Zero Sensor Technology

Extremely ergonomic and comfortable design

Ultra durable build

Wireless gaming technology

Dual modes “Performance/Endurance”

Up to 1440 hours of battery life

11 programmable buttons

250-2500 DPI Mouse sensor

On-the-Fly DPI Switching

500 Hz polling rate



General Plusses and Minuses


As I said, Logitech G602 is not a mouse suitable for competetive gaming like G502 or G700S. But it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad peripheral and it won’t suit you. Every gaming peripheral has their own plusses and minuses and here I’ve listed them for you:



Extremely ergonomic and durable build.

Tailored for personal comfort. Surface materials feel kinda… erotic?? Well, they’re some damn good materials and really give a cool grip.

UNDEAD BATTERY. Battery is estimated to last 1440 hours in endurance mode! And 250 hours in performance mode.

Wireless mouse which is great if you don’t like cables all over your desk.

Delta-Zero ultra accurate mouse sensor technology.

11 programmable button, 6 of which are located under your thumb. This feature can provide you many advantages  during gameplay. It’s kind of a hybrid suitable both for MMO and FPS games.  You can program these buttons for a really wide range of purposes.

On-the fly DPI switching ability

An all-rounded excellent mouse for casual gamers. Also extremely suitable for work/personal use.



The DPI range is too short to be a performance hardcore gaming mouse. 2500 DPI is the maximum sensitivity limit you can get out of Logitech G602.

2500 DPI is usually enough for comfortable gaming, but seekers of high performance gaming mice and people with ultra-high resolution screens may not find exactly what they’re looking for in Logitech G602. We can see gaming mice with DPI ranges usually up to 8000 which are meant for performance gaming.


So, now let’s get into more detail.


The Design Factor

As you see, Logitch G602 is a right handed gaming mouse with a lot of design efforts put in. It has an ultra ergonomic and comfortable design which makes this mouse a great choice for people with a soft spot for comfort. It has 11 buttons at total, 6 of which are located at the side of our mouse right under your thumb placement.

Ergonomics and comfort are factors that I don’t evn ned to talk about. It’s one of the most comfortable mouse design from Logitech and your hand will fit like a charm. Ergonomics of G602 are incredible and highly satisfying.

6 programable thumb buttons remind us some of the MMO mice like Corsair Scimitar or Razer Naga. I personally categoize Logitech G602 as a hybrid mouse between MMO and FPS/RPG mice. While multiude of thumb grid buttons remind us the MMO concept, MMO mice tend to have 12 thumb buttons as a tradition.

So,  “6 side buttons” is not the traditional concept for MMO mice, but it gives you a lot of different options to customize your mouse with your own macros. I have no doubt that 6 additional buttons will provide a lot of ease during FPS games, so G602 is a double winner for all-around gamers. Button tips are a little edgy like an alligators back so that you can understand which button you’re pressing.

We can spot the additional 2 buttons at left side of our left-click button. Those are meant for DPI shifting. They’re pretty well placed that they do not interrupt your gameplay with accidental presses. Also not too far from your reach while you’re concentrated to your gameplay. After getting used to Logitech G602 you won’t even have to look at your mouse while playing and that’s the whole point.

Now, let’s talk about one of the most specific features of Logitech G602. THE BATTERY LIFE.

Logitech G602 is a MONSTER when it comes to battery. Max battery duration of Logitech is around 1440 hours, which is around 60 days with full-time non stop operation. Battery life is huge and this beauty is powered with only two standard AA batteries. It can operate only with a single battery but that will cutyour battery lasting time to half. Also I need to mention that this battery performance is valid during the “Endurance Mode”.

I told you before that Logitch G602 has two perating modes which are Performance Mode and Endurance Mode.

Performance Mode is the operating mode during which you get full capacity gaming features and max performance out from G602 and you would like to set your mouse to PerformanceMode while gaming. Battery last around 250 hours in performance mode.

Endurance Mode is the badass battery mode with 1440 hours of battery lifespan. The only minus about is that during this mode response accuracy and sensitivity decreases, so I don’t recommend you to switch to endurance mode while gaming.

You can switch betwen these modes with the little buton at the back of scroll wheel. Blue indicates performance mode while green indicates endurance mode. When battery starts running out it will breathe a cyan light.

Technical Stuff

G602 has one of the best sensor technologies out there, the Delta-Zero. It’s the same sensor technology Logitech G303, G502 and some other G series gaming mice have. It’s a tempered and improved optical sensor technology to increase response and accuracy of the optical sensor. You can find more information about Delta-Zero sensor technology in our Logitech G303 review..

The only minus I can se in Logitech G602 is the low DPI. DPI range is not that wide, 250 – 2,500 DPI and you can select 5 DPI valus that you can switch between. I won’t say that 2500 DPI isn’t enough for gaming, because 2500 DPI is enough to fulfill the needs of a comfortable gamer. But usually gaming mice have more DPI, at least 3200 or 4000 DPI as standard. 2500 DPI?? Come on… A hardcore or professional gamer won’t consider a mouse with such a low DPI range. But as I said, if you are a comfortable gamer and features like comfort, long battery life, ease of use and wireless are what you seek, than you will love G602.




As all other G series Logitech mice, Logitech G602 also uses Logitech Gaming Software (LGS). I don’t have to say that it’s one of my favourite mouse software. All these big players in the gaming peripherals industry like Razer, Logitech, Corsair etc.. do a great job when it comes to user interface experience. Pretty understandable and comfortable navigation.

Logitech G602 Review

Actually in order to operate Logitech G602 just plugging in the USB receiver to your computer is enough. Software is the topping on the cake, without which all gaming mice are non-sense or empty. Once you start operating with G602 you can download Logitech Gaming Software in order to live the experience to the fullest. You can download Logitech Gaming Software by clicking here!


What Others Think??


As I always say, one of the best ways to determine whether a gaming peripheral is really worth buying is to look at other real user reviews. I find plenty of them (thousands) at Amazon.com.  And guess what? Logitech G602 has 1770 customer reviews at Amazon and it’s ranked with 4.3 stars out of 5. More than 80% of people who ratd Logitech G602 have rated it with more than 4 stars, which means that Logitech G602 has been very successfull when it comes to satisfying people with their needs.

Logitech G602 Review


I will provide some of the best user comments that are out there. Take a look at them. And if you want you can check out all the real user comments from Amazon.com by clicking here.

Logitech G602 Review

Logitech G602 Review

Logitech G602 Review

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8 Responses to Logitech G602 Review – UNDEAD BATTERY and EXTREME COMFORT

  1. Graham says:

    Loving the look and style of this mouse. You really captured the feel of this mouse with your great choice of images. It has quiet a treki look to it, very cool. I’m not a massive gamer but still appreciate a good mouse. Especially if it looks as cool as it feels. Might have to add.this to my Christmas list lol.
    Thanks for the detailed review, youve caught my attention.

    • admin says:

      It’s not only cool. It’s probably one of the best variants for comfortabl gamers or people who want a gret wireless mouse to comfortably assist all their daily computer needs. You can also think of it as a great office mouse. I wuld definetely use it at office. No wires around to interfere with my work and great ergonomics. I don’t even mention the hundreds of hours of battery which doesn’t end. The dsign is also incredible.

      This is one hell of a mouse which can also become your personal best travelling mouse. When I’m gaming seriously I prefer wired and more extreme mice, maybe Logitech G502, but if you aren’t always hardcore gaming and you want a comfortable best friend which doesn’t let you down, then go for Logitech G602.

  2. Rina says:

    This looks like a mouse my grandson would use. I’m amazed at the the number of features this mouse has including being able to work with Windows and Linux. I just have a question though. My grandson is just 10 years old and loves to play games on my computer. Do you think this mouse would be a good fit for him?

    • admin says:

      I think it would be. It actually is better for comfortable gaming and do-everything tasks but there aren’t any boundaries. It definetely can be used for gaming, not on a pro level, but still it’s ok for a 10 years old. No cables, that’s a plus for him too.

  3. JT says:

    I’m using Logitech Performance MX and I’m super satisfied with it – the comfort, the battery life, precision.
    I play games with it, but mostly I use it for my office work, the trouble is that It’s slowly dying and I really need a good replacement.
    Do you think that G602 measures up to MX? Also Is it accurate enough to use for some light image editing?

    • admin says:

      I was also using a Logitech Darkfields Series mouse once upon a time which was a member of the family to whom Logitech Performance MX belongs and it was AWESOME. I was using it as an all-rounder mouse for both my gaming and personal daily purposes.

      All mice are destined to die someday, just as humans. I used mine for almost 2 years without any problems and I can definetely recommend anyone the epic Logitech Performance MX without hesitation. It’s one hell of a mouse that you can use for any task and I don’t even have to mention the comfort of it. The design is extra neat and tracking performance is great. I would name Logitech Performance MX as a “High Level All-Rounder Mouse”. A great alternative for comfortable gaming.

      Logitech G602 is also a great mouse for all-round and comfortable gaming purposes. I can’t say that one is better than another when it comes to compare Logitech G602 and Performance MX. But if you’re more into the “Gamer” side of things you should better get a Logitech G602 because of its battery optimization and other special features tailored for gaming, which are mentioned in this article.

      But if you want an all-Rounder mouse with epic design and comfort with also great tracking and technical performance, then you can get a Logitech Performance MX without hesitation. You can use it as a classy office mouse while owning your gaming scene 😉

  4. James says:

    I love this review – informative and to the point

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