Logitech G700S Review – Will It Become Your Personal Favourite??

Logitech G700S Review – Will It Become Your Personal Favourite??
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Hey there holy people of gamers republic!!! Welcome to our Logitech G700S Review, a mouse which is definitely one of my personal favourites in my entire gaming life and today I’m going to try my best on providing help for people who are in search for a good gaming mouse or are just curious about buying the ultimate Logitech G700S or not.


As being a person who has demonstrated this beauty personally one on-one, I’m feeling extremely comfortable to say that this monster was actually worth my every penny.

I’ve used many gaming mice till now, and there was a really vide range of them which could made me satisfied when it comes to hardcore gaming. But for me, only few mice are unforgettable when it comes to an overall experience.

I call these mice “Anywhere Anytime” mice, but that’s just a nickname that I’ve found on my own. So the mouse that we’re going to check out today is one of them.

Logitech g700s Review



Well, let’s get down to business and summarize what your experience in this article will be looking like. Our article will be consisting of several parts where we will be discussing:


  • Who is this mouse for,
  • Introduction to Logitech G700S
  • Technical specifications
  • Design, software and general features
  • Special features that makes difference
  • Pros – Cons
  • What others think about Logitech G700S??
  • Where can you get one??
  • Conclusion


So let’s start!!!


Is This Monster For You???


Do you want a mouse which your hand just fits in like a glove and glides like an eagle? Do you like to be able to “feel” your mouse while holding it?  

Would you be happy if your mouse had a surface which feels like silk and buttons which are fine tuned to react the exact moment? Do you like it a little heavy to feel more in control? Want to use your mouth both wired and wireless?? Are you a fan of BOTH MMO and FPS games but can’t find a hybrid mouse to suit your needs.

If these things sound just like you, then you probably would like to get a Logitech G700S. And these features were just a little part of it. If you want to learn what Logitech G700S has under it’s silky-matte surface, keep reading and you will find all the info you need about it.


Technical Specifications

Now let’s see what Logitech G700S is about:

Logitech g700s Review

  • Incredible ergonomics and smooth-teflonish surface
  • Ability to operate both wired or wireless. 8 times faster than a standard USB mouse.
  • 13 programmable buttons to aid all your gaming needs.
  • 200-8200 Adjustable DPI range
  • On-board memory to support 5 ready-to-play profiles
  • Overall 10 profiles 5 on the go + 5 stored in your computer
  • Dual mode hyper fast scroll wheel
  • Quick-connect USB for recharge and data.
  • Automatic switch to data-over-cable mode while charging, which provides non-stop gaming and non-stop battery supply
  • Size: 121 x 83 x 42 mm
  • Weight:152 grams
  • Supporting OS: Windows 10-8-7-Vista and XP




Your Gaming Experience Is Now UNCUT


Now we’re going to talk about one of the most significant features that makes Logitech G700S a good buy.


Probably some of you folks may remember the old-school days of gaming peripherals, especially gaming mice. Usually our mice was wired and if it’s not wired it always needed to cancel the extremely important process of gaming for charging the energy it needs.

And because of this energy demand of wireless mice, I can imagine that your gaming sessions (just like mine) have been interrupted usually on a very tight and important moment where you can’t even just save and quit till the next checkpoint or you just had to pause your game while things reached to a peak point of adrenalynn rush. I know that feeling really well and I totally understand you. Damn you Murphy’s Law!!!


Some of you guys who have used Logitech MX1000 may know what I mean. Logitech MX1000, one of the mice of early wireless Logitech mice era, was definetely a game changer and one of the pride-bringing kids of Logitech family. The only thing is that when it came to charging your mouse you had to cancel the game and put your mouse to it’s charging stand and wait until it’s charged.


But now, thanks to developments in technology and hardwork of Logitech, this problem is solved. Now you can just connect the cable in seconds and keep your gaming on without any interruption.



Logitech g700s Review


Logitech G700S comes with a typical and smooth looking Logitech-style black box with black-blue half electronic mouse picture on it.

When we open the box we will see the goodies it holds, which are

  1. Thick black data/charge table
  2. Extension cable
  3. Set-up guide
  4. Warranty card
  5. Logitech G700S Gaming Mouse

Logitech g700s Review


At the back of our mouse you can find all the mouse features Logitech G700S has. Packaging is pretty simplistic and fits to design of Logitech.


Design – It’s all about it

Design is one of the strongest feature Logitech G700S and many other Logitech peripherals have. G700S has an ultra ergonomic design which mesmerizes me with all of it’s curves and texture which is engineered with next-gen materials. We will get to that, but let’s start out with something more general like the first impression and general layout.


First impression of Logitech G700S on me was quite amazing. When I first saw this badboy, I thought  “Damn, this is hell of an ergonomic mouse!” and I haven’t grabbed the mouse in my palm yet. Just even the looks of Logitech G700S gives you a taste of ergonomics, design and quality.


Logitech g700s Review


There are usually two types of reactions from people who try out Logitech G700S. They either FALL IN LOVE with it at first sight or they find out that it’s not the most suitable mouse for their league.


To be honest, I fall into the category who “falls in love” with it, for me it was like love at first sight but of course everyone is different. Are you going to make it your one of your all time favourites or will you continue your search for other peripherals? You will get to know all the necessary information (both plusses and minuses) while deciding to buy Logitech G700S, so be patient and keep reading!!


Ahh buttons, our most popular way of communication with electronics in this new digital era. Logitech G700S has 13 of them. They consist of 4 side thumb buttons, 3 side clicks, 3 scroll clicks, an additional click behind the scroll wheel and the standard right-left clicks.


When we look at left side of Logitech G700S we will notice the four thumb buttons G4, G5, G6, G7 placed at the middle of the mouse side area. Don’t worry about mixing the button placement, top two buttons are protruding more than the two below, this way you can easily get used to them. But of course there will be a getting used to period which all of us need to get through before adapting ourselves to a new gaming mouse.



Logitech g700s Review

Right next to the side thumb buttons at the front of Logitech G700S you will notice three light emitting little LED indicators. As you can guess these are the battery indicators, but are they indicating only the battery???


Logitech usually comes with innovative surprises. We said that DPI of Logitech G700S was adjustable, right?? And you should of course know which DPI you’re on to achieve precise gaming. These LEDs are also indicators of your DPI.


You may wonder how they both indicate battery and DPI. They brought a clever solution to it, DPI indicates the following way:

  1. 1 lower LED
  2. 2 LEDs
  3. 3 LEDs
  4. 2 Upper LEDs
  5. 1 Upper LED

Logitech g700s Review


Well, the practicality of this system is open for comments because it’s hard to work out which LEDs are lit while focused on your mission in-game. And LEDs light for like 5 seconds when you change the DPI that’s why you can’t constantly be aware of which DPI you’re on unless you’ve already got used to your chosen DPIs. As I said, this feature is open for comments, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a clever design combination.


When we look at right side of Logitech G700S there’s nothing special else of the ergonomic curves and dry grip/rubbery surface which feels pretty satisfying to touch.

At the top of our mouse we can notice the 3 additional side buttons, right/left click, scroll wheel, scroll switcher and one last button behind the switcher.

Logitech g700s Review


Three side buttons are well placed and they’re easy to handle. That’s important because some other mice manufactturers just can’t place additional buttons properly and sometimes it just becomes a pain in the ass while gaming. I didn’t have any problem with it.


And we also have the mighty scroll wheel which is a dual mode scroll wheel. It can be adjusted to spin freely on high velocity or can be limited to a notchy spin just with a single button push which is located right behind the scroll wheel.


Logitech g700s Review

Free-spin scroll wheel is ideal for swapping down long web pages with ease. It came handy for me while I was surfing the internet or tired from useless facebook posts. Of course you may want to change the scroll wheel to a notch mode in-game and you know how to do that. Just with a single button push.

Scroll wheel also gives us the option of 3 additional buttons which are provided by it’s center, left and right clicks. Yeah, 3 buttons in one scroll wheel and they can be used for scrolling or be programmed to accomplish any other task. Clever!

And it would definitely be a sin not to talk about the surface material. Surface of Logitech G700S was one of the reasons that I got attracted to it so much. Top plane of the mouse where your palm and fingers stay in contact is made of hydrophobic material. You aren’t good with science? That’s why I’m here. Check the hydrophobic thing from here.



Logitech g700s Review

So, the grey surface is made from a hydrophobic fingerprint resistant material and for me it feels GREAT. It actually feels KINKY. I can’t even describe the feeling verbally but it feels pretty interesting when you touch it. As I said, everybody is different and not everyone would think like me, but this teflonish surface material gave me a pretty unexpected feeling. I LIKE IT!

And sides of the mouse are made from rubbery/dry grip surface. Surface design is one of the greatest things that Logitech has accomplished in my opinion. I give 10/10.

From the front plane view we can see the charging port at the low center of our mouse. It’s that famous port which allows us to switch between wired/wireless.

At the bottom of Logitech G700S there are 4 glide pads, an on off switch and the battery storage. Glide pads are there for, as you can guess, ensuring the smooth operation on surface. By switching the on/off button you can turn off the mouse while not in use. This will help preserving the battery.

Logitech g700s Review



Now, there’s a characteristic of Logitech G700S which can be seen as a plus by many people (for me it’s a huge plus) but can also be interpreted as a minus by some others, that’s why I’m telling it from the beginning. That’s the size of Logitech G700S.

Yeah, Logitech G700S is a gaming mouse size of which is slightly larger than other peripherals. I actually ADORE this characteristic because I LOVE to completely feel the mouse in my hand and get the feeling of control over it. Logitech G700S may be seen by some people as a mouse which is a little larger than average (actually, for me, that’s awesome). Yes, I must give credit, it may be relatively a little big if you compare it to a typical daily use mouse like Microsoft 200 or any other simple mouse.

As I said, some people appreciate larger mice and some other may prefer mice with smaller dimensions, that’s why I’m stating this. But overall, I have no doubt that you will enjoy Logitech G700S very much, no matter if you have relatively smaller or larger hands. Unless you have tiny hands, Logitech G700S is ultra-satisfying with it’s kick-ass ergonomic design. Good job Logitech!!  

Logitech g700s Review

But I must confess something to our left-handed mutant friends. Logitech G700S is a right-handed mouse and our leftie mates are quite out of luck. If you’re a leftie, you of course still can use this mouse somehow, there are no rules in life, but it may not give you the comfort a right-handed person gets from it.

And if you’re a right handed person, I suggest you to get Logitech G700S IMMIDEATELY because in my opinion it’s one of the most decent ergonomic gaming mice ever made.

As I said, CURVES. Yeah, Logitech G700S has a well designed ergonomic shape which fits to your hand like a glove. But I must remind you people just for the sake of equality.

I have average, maybe just slightly bigger, hands and Logitech G700S suits me perfectly like a glove. I even feel like it’s gliding. Just even by the looks of this baby you can realize that it’s more of a claw grip/ palm grip mouse.



Logitech g700s Review

So, if you have slightly small hands you may get comfortable using Logitech’s G700S as a palm grip mouse. For our large handed friends, Logitech G700s is one of the best bets that they can get. It really seems like it’s designed specially for people with larger dimensions.

If you’re a large handed friend and couldn’t find a mouse suitable for your size, your problems might have just been solved. I definitely advise you trying out Logitech G700S.




Hardware Installation

Hardware installation is pretty simple. Just plug the receiver or usb cable in and you’re good to go. It also comes with an extension cable (1.5 m) if you want the transmitter to be placed closer to the mouse. When the battery is low you can plug in the charge cable and you won’t need to pause your gaming experience.

Of course in order to program your mouse you must install “Logitech Gaming Software”. That’s not a problem at all, you can find it from Logitech’s own website. You can see the download page by pressing here. You will be directed to Logitech’s website, at the first column you will notice the downloads section.


Tracking and Software

You didn’t think that we will leave this stone unturned, did you? Let’s talk about the tech side of things.

As it was mentioned before, Logitech G700S has a wide DPI range from 200 to 8200 DPI. I must be honest, when I tested Logitech G700S I usually played in a range of DPI 1000-4000. I was pretty comfortable in this diapazone but I didn’t need to set my DPI to 8200 ever.

Most people also prefer using their mouse in range of 1000-3000 DPI, if they’re using a classic gaming monitor. So, if you’re using a 4K high resolution monitor you may need higher DPI to achieve comfort on a monster screen like that.

And at the Customize Pointer Settings screen you can adjust your polling rate and a number of DPIs in a range from 200 to 8200 DPI. You also can turn on/off the mouse acceleration with a few other settings.

Logitech g700s Review

You may not ever need to use 8200 DPI if you’re gaming on a standard station, but does this make Logitech G700S a bad mouse?? HELL NO!!! In fact, Logitech G700S is a GREAT mouse. Seriously, it’s one of my favourite gaming mice in which I’ve used.

It falls into the category “all-purpose” and can be programmed to use both in FPS/RPG and MMO gaming with all the great design features it has.

Logitech G700S as many other Logitech peripherals use it’s own software “Logitech Gaming Software (LGS)” . As you can guess it’s used for programming your mouse macros, adjusting DPI, creating profiles and editing your mouse settings. Literally, “programming the brain” of your gaming mouse.

Logitech Gaming Software is used by all the G series Logitech gaming mice, so probably there won’t be any compatibility problems of your mouse with the software.

When you open the software screen you will see the peripheral list at bottom left and  if you’re using G700S you will see your battery level at top left.

Logitech g700s Review

From the main screen you can choose either to manipulate your PC with automatic game detection or you can customize profiles. Choosing one of these options will change the lower icons slightly.

Customize Buttons screen, as you can guess, is used to program your buttons, create macros for your button and disable them if you wish.

Logitech g700s Review

By the way, Logitech supports 291 games in their profiles, so you may find it cool that there are already optimized profiles (as example for Battlefield 4) by Logitech’s courtesy which you can also use or  manipulate for your own.

Recording macros are pretty easy. You just have to record it first then assign to a button. Actually I don’t even need to tell these details because it’s so simple to use, I have no doubt that you will get used to the software in no time.

You can also see a Settings screen where you can find many options like Start with Windows, Show battery on the taskbar or screen, Firmware update, Profile Manipulation and ARX Control.

Logitech g700s Review

ARX Control is something very special that I haven’t seen many around. It’s a feature that enables you to see and modify your DPI, see PC stats from a wireless device like a tablet, smartphone etc.. which is attached to the network. Now I call this INNOVATION!!



As we mentioned before, one of the most significant features that makes Logitech G700S special is the unlimited gameplay experience. With Logitech G700S you don’t have a problem such as “LOW BATTERY” just as most other wireless gaming mice have. Because this badboy can charge itself on-the-go.

Usually many other wireless gaming mice have the need to be charged by a battery stand or they require a battery change when they’re out of power. This means the interruption of your gaming session.

and believe me, I’ve experienced this many times while I was using other wireless mice at past. I can assure you that it’s not quite motivating when you have to pause mid-game on some serious act just for sake of charging or changing the batteries.

Logitech solved this problem by enabling on-fly battery charge via the data/charge cable. This magnificent feature really is a game changer which makes Logitech G700S one of the best choices as an all-timer PC gaming mouse.

Advantages of Logitech’s G700S isn’t just limited with these features. As it was mentioned, Logitech G700S has the ability to operate both wired and wireless.

Is it a joke?? No… You may haven’t heard of mice like these but they exist. You may prefer using this baby both wired or wireless. Yeah, if you’re playing wireless and you’re low on battery, just plug the data/charge cable into Logitech G700S and you’re good to go. No pause or exiting from the game, it will keep functioning just as before. Plug it in and keep going. So, everyone’s happy.

Pluses and Minuses

So let’s sum up the pluses and minuses of Logitech G700S.

  • Design is incredible. Ergonomic fitting and hydrophobic surface material are pretty strong charms.
  • 200-8200 DPI range will definetely fulfill all your needs
  • 13 Additional buttons which you can program to become a killing machine in-game
  • You can use Logitech G700S both as a FPS/RPG and a MMO mouse. Only thing you need is a smart adjustment.
  • Wired and wireless switch ability provides non-stop gaming.
  • Great tracking and signal transmitting no matter wireless or wired.
  • Logitech Gaming Software is perfect as always.
  • ARX Control is something you cannot see around oftenly.
  • Dual mode hyper fast scroll wheel.
  • 5 on-the-go profiles.


What others think about it??

Of course every other user of this mouse will have their own opinions about it, that’s why I always share with you people real user comments. One of the best ways to evaluate a mouse before buying it to check out the customer reviews.Logitech G700S had 4 stars out of 5 from 2,295 customer reviews. This is a huge success!!

Here are some of the customer reviews that you can find out in Amazon.



Where Should You Get One ????

Best place to get Logitech G700S is probably Amazon due to it’s great retail service and huge discounts sometimes you can find. Millions of people use it and a great majority has no complaints about it. I love their quick response and theway how quickly they deal with every problem.


Logitech G700S is now $57,99 at Amazon.com. It has been discounted from $99,99 and it’s probably the lowest price around as far I’ve seen.


If you want to get one of this monster to become one of your all time favourites, you can click below to buy one from Amazon.com.

>>Click Here To Get Your Logitech G700S<<


So folks, We’ve come to end of our Logitech G700S review. If you have anything to ask or have any comments to state, you can write to our comments section down below. Or you can mail to admin@gamingmiceplanet.com if you want to get personal. And please don’t forget to share this article if you liked what you’ve seen, because SHARING IS CARING!! Check out our other pages to find many more interesting stuff! See you around!!


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8 Responses to Logitech G700S Review – Will It Become Your Personal Favourite??

  1. Looks like a upgrade to me. I am currently using G400s for quite a while now. With so much hours of gaming it is starting to give . I think this may be a good choice. What do you say ?

    • admin says:

      Hey Hitesh)) Thanks for your attention!
      Just as you said, Logitech GS series (ex G700S, G400S etc..) is an update of previous Logitech gaming mice series which was under the name Logitech G series. All features of some of these upgraded mice are almost the same. But GS updated series are more addapted to new age gaming conditions with their new design. This new design includes surface materials, ergonomics, some additional new features and maybe the sensor technology.
      My favourite gaming mouse till now from new Logitech series is THE ULTIMATE LOGITECH G502! For me it’s like Mohammed Ali of gaming mice.

      And about your question, I think getting a Logitech G700S may probably be one of the best decisions you’ll make in your life. As a person who personally tested it, I fell in love with the feels of it. As I said in the article, everybody is different just as their preferences. But my personal opinion is that you won’t regret getting a Logitech G700S! And the thing I don’t understand is that Logitech GS series are cheaper at Amazon.com than their elder series Logitech G mice. So, Logitech G700S is cheaper (but has more stuff to consider) than Logitech G700 at Amazon.com. I can’t see the logic in it but this is also a fact that makes Logitech G700S a great buy.

  2. Vlad says:

    I like how in-depth all of your reviews are. I for one wouldn’t have any idea how to go on for so long about a product like this – despite being a gamer myself!
    You would do well to contact some other people in your niche for further recognition – because really, you deserve it!

  3. Andrew G says:

    Its hard to believe that such a mouse is in production! To be that silky smooth and still be heavy enough to glide, that is a perfect combination, not to even mention the ability to be wireless or wired, which I have never heard of before. Sounds like a great buy.

    • admin says:

      Hey Andrew!

      Yes, it’s one of the best buys you can get from Logitech. It’s one of my personal favourites with Logitech G502 and it’s really hard not to be satisfied with it.

  4. Andrew G says:

    That is an especially nice mouse. It seems that I want to say its a nice watch for some reason. It has great technical features, design, and its easy on the eyes of course, with sturdy, rugged type design as I would describe it. Excellent job and keep up the work

    • admin says:

      Logitech G700S probably falls into category “Holy Grail of Gaming Mice” because it really IS one of the best mice that you can get. I almost guarantee you full satisfaction because it’s a full package of features and great ergonomics. Have you ever seen a mouse which can be both wireless or wired?? Well, this is one of thm.

      I don’t have to mention the great ergonomics with ultimate fitting.

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