Logitech G703 Review – ESPORTS Performance And LIGHTSPEED Wireless

Logitech G703


Sensor and Performance


Design and Ergonomics


Wireless Performance





  • Equipped with one of the BEST optical sensors ever created.
  • Logitech Lightspeed Wireless Technology - one of the BEST wireless transmission qualities ever.
  • Quality, durable and ergonomic design which suits almost any gamer.
  • Supports Logitech Powerplay Wireless Charging Technology.


  • No USB insert slot inside the mouse.
  • Buttons may seem not enough for some gamers.

Logitech G703 Review

Logitech G703 Review

Hey there gamers!! In our Logitech G703 Review, we will explore one of the MOST PHENOMENAL gaming mice which have gained a wide popularity lately both among hobbyist gamers and ESports professionals or competitive gaming enthusiasts. Logitech G703 comes with many attractive reasons as an answer to the question "Why to obtain one?" and I will explain all the details of this masterpiece to you in detail!!

It's one of the best and most simplistic designs in the Logitech G Series gaming mice lineup, which is equipped with the latest technology and tailored for extended performance. And before diving deep into our Logitech G703 Review, I will shortly introduce you to your path in GMP.

Logitech G703 Review

GMP is the website brought to life with the goal to provide people a base, a pathway where they can find the gaming peripheral best suitable for their needs and their budget. That's why, if it's your first time in GMP, I advise you to click the navigation button down below after reading our Logitech G703 Review. GET STARTED will direct you to our Get Started Page, which is the ultimate starting point of GMP whether you're starting out or got lost. MICE 101 Section is where you will find all the technical articles you need to obtain a strong foundation about gaming mice.

Now that you know everything to jumpstart your experience in GMP, let's dive into our Logitech G703 Review!!


Who Is It For??

  • Do you want to boost up your competition SKY HIGH??
  • Are you looking for a gaming mouse which is equipped with one of the BEST optical sensors??
  • Are simplicity and usability important factors for you??
  • Do you want to support your hands with a strategically designed comfortable ergonomic form factor??
  • Do you want to benefit from both advantages of wireless and wired mice??
  • Do you want to be able to charge your mouse without plugging it into any kind of wire??
  • Are durability and quality build important factors for you??
  • Do you want your gaming mouse not to be only a mouse, but a gaming weapon instead??
  • Are accuracy, pin-point-precision, and jitterless /uncut connection features sounding beneficial to you??
  • Do you want a mouse which can come in handy in competitive gaming and ESports??


If your answer to most of these questions is "YES", then you can GO AND BUY A LOGITECH G703!!!!

Logitech G703 Review

Logitech G703 is one of the highest-end gaming mice in the Logitech G Series gaming mouse lineup and it's the result of a multi-stepped refining process which includes previous G403 and 603 mice as the main ingredients. It's the most updated and future enriched version of these specific mice.

G703 is equipped with the latest advancements and new concepts of gaming mouse technology. The features that we're going to explore will give you a crystal clear idea about why Logitech G703 is a great alternative for competitive gaming and ESports or any other gamer who wants to spill more blood in killing sprees and headshot-rages. Let's start out with the general technical specifications.

Tech Specs

  • PMW 3366 Optical ESports Grade Gaming Sensor - Rated as The BEST by Professionals
  • 200 - 12,000 DPI Adjustable DPI Range, Custom Tailored For Performance Gaming and ESports
  • Ergonomic Designed Mouse Body
  • Dual Wired / Wireless Gaming System
  • Zero Smoothing, Filtering or Acceleration
  • Lightspeed Wireless Technology - Custom 2.4 GHz Technology
  • Advanced Button Tensioning
  • Powerplay Wireless Charging System Supported
  • 6 Programmable Buttons
  • Adjustable Weight System
  • 50 million clicks / 250 kilometers of PTFE feet lifespan
  • 32 hours Max Battery Life
  • On-Board Memory
  • Logitech Gaming Software (Mac and Windows Supported)
  • Height: 4.88 in (124 mm)
  • Width: 2.68 in (68 mm)
  • Depth: 1.69 in (43 mm)
  • Weight: 3.77 oz (107 g) (mouse only) + 0.35 oz (10 g) (optional weight)
  • Data/Charging Cable Length: 6.0 ft (1.83m)


Logitech G703 Review


Logitech G703 is one of the G series signature mice that stand out the most. It's associated with the lower models G403 and G603, which seem like the exact same copies of each other, but in reality, there are some significant differences between them.

Logitech G703 Review

While protecting the same custom-tailored ergonomic design of the GX03 series, Logitech has equipped their G703 with higher tech specs and the new dual wired/wireless mode concept, which has lately gained a popularity among the gaming mice industry.

Logitech G703 offers all the possible high-end features that you can get from a gaming mouse and it comes with a pretty optimum price tag for all these features that it offers. Let's explore what Logitech G703 is all about!!

General Design and Difference Between Previous Models

Logitech G703 is made out of smooth and semi-soft materials which feel great under your palm. Sides of it are made of a soft touch material, which feels rubbery, and the middle part, which stands right under your palm, is made out of soft matte plastic material.

Logitech G703 Review

Logitech G703 is designed pretty durable and robust, just as any other Logitech G Series mouse. Every other Logitech Gaming Mouse that I've used has never let me down and the same goes for G703. Material quality is TOP-NOTCH and it feels AMAZING under my palm.

Now, let's talk about the main differences between G703 and other lower models, the G403 and G603. They share the EXACT SAME design patterns, but the difference is highly appreciable when it comes to technical features. These are the features that G703 has but the lower models are absent of:

Logitech G703 Review

Else of these features, they're pretty much the same. If you want longer click lifespans, a white color option, and a wireless charging ability, then you may prefer getting a Logitech G703. If you are not willing to pay $83.99 for a mouse, then you can check out the Logitech G403 and 603 models which carry the same design patterns and

Custom Ergonomics / ESports Oriented Design

Logitech G703 carries the new custom ergonomic design patterns of the latest Logitech GX03 series and it's AWESOME!! The design is crafted out with an ESports-oriented approach and it can be evaluated as the "one size fits all model". Logitech has been one of the companies which craft out the BEST designs and the most quality peripheral builds. Just as always, Logitech hasn't let me down.

Logitech G703 Review

Here are the dimensions for you to evaluate:

  • Height: 4.88 in (124 mm)
  • Width: 2.68 in (68 mm)
  • Depth: 1.69 in (43 mm)

It's not an ENORMOUS mouse, but it has just about the right dimensions to perfectly fit any gamer with hand sizes within the average human-standards diapozone. Every gamer can find a sweet spot on it, no matter if they have small or relatively large hands. It fits my hand with a natural claw grip, which is my favorite grip type. It can also be used as a palm grip mouse pretty easily.

Logitech G703 Review

If you have small hands you will be pretty comfortable with a palm grip on Logitech G703. If you have large hands which don't fit average human standards, then you can use it as a fingertip grip mouse too!!

The design patterns of Logitech G703 can be perceived as "universal design" patterns, which is also practiced by the gaming mouse giant Razer. G703 has that slight curve on the left side right under your lower thumb. The whole mouse is tweaked with these little strategical curves which provide your hand a great fit and optimized rest to support you during long and intense hours of adrenaline gaming.

Logitech G703 Review

I'm pretty satisfied with the ergonomics, they're GREAT and crafted to fit everyone. This feature reminds me of the signature Razer Deathadder Elite gaming mouse, which has been implementing the same gaming mouse design practices throughout its life. Both of these mentioned babies carry the same concept and they're AWESOME in all technical aspects!!

Dual Wired/Wireless Mode - Battery Life

Logitech seems to have adapted itself to the latest trends in the gaming mouse industry. Dual Wired/Wireless mode is the shiftable design which has become popular lately and many gaming mouse manufacturers implement this design. It allows you to benefit from advantages of both wired and wireless mice.

Logitech G703 Review

Logitech G703 ReviewJust by plugging the USB to the front of your Logitech G703, you will be able to instantly switch from wireless to wired mode. This comes in pretty handy when you're gaming on wireless mode but running low on battery. Now your gaming experience is UNCUT and you don't have to exit your game just because you have to leave your mouse to charge.

If you're a fan of wireless gaming, then just pull the plug out and voila! You have a wireless mouse!! If you are not a fan of wires at all, finding out that Logitech G703 supports the Powerplay Wireless Charging System would be a game changer for you!! We will talk about this feature later.

Battery life of Logitech G702 is pointed out as 24 hours with a full charge if you're using the default lights. That's a good lifespan for a wireless mouse. 32 hours of battery life is estimated with a full charge if you're not using the RGB lights and that's a pretty decent number if you ask me. When you are low on battery, just plug in the USB and you're good to go.

Powerplay Wireless Charging Technology

What if I said that you don't need a cable to charge your gaming mouse?? Well, that's a reality now... Logitech G703 supports Powerplay Wireless Charging Technology, which reminds us the Mamba Hyperflux wireless charging gaming mouse. With the Logitech Wireless Charging Technology, you don't have to give up on your wireless gaming experience!!

In order to use the Powerplay Technology, you need the Logitech Powerplay gaming mouse pad, which can be bought as a bundle with the G703 gaming mouse included. I will provide you the necessary links down below in the "Where To Buy It From??" Section. You can scroll down to the section if you're impatient on buying the G703 🙂

Gaming Grade Performance / 8 Times Faster

There's no doubt that Logitech manufactures mice that perform outstandingly, and as a previous Logitech user, I APPROVE this proposition. I don't know if G703 performs actually 8 times faster or better than other gaming mice out there, because there are pretty DECENT gaming mice which compete head to head with Logitech when it comes to performance, but I can assure you that Logitech G703 (and other high-end Logitech G series mice) perform KICKASS!!

Logitech G703 Review


When all the top-notch sensor and transmission technology, durable and high-quality design, fine-tuned buttons and custom engineered user experience are taken into consideration, Logitech definitely performs WAY better than conventional gaming mice. With the improved engineering standards and updated mouse lineup, Logitech is promising a great boost in your competency and that's why it's one of the choices of many ESports professionals.

I have no doubt of the quality and performance of Logitech G703. It's GREAT!!

Lightspeed Wireless Technology

Logitech G703 is equipped with the latest developed wireless transmission technology of Logitech: "Lightspeed Wireless Technology"... It's the result of meticulous circuit and data transmission design engineering, a field where Logitech rivals with its biggest guns.

Lightspeed is born as a result of re-designing every component inside the Logitech gaming peripherals in order to increase the data transfer speed and quality. One step and one bit at a time, Logitech improved their hardware and firmware slowly and patiently to obtain this BADASS wireless technology, which is claimed to be faster than most wired gaming mice (and in fact it is).

Logitech G703 Review

Every circuit board element, every bend in an antenna, every protocol and every algorithm is simulated, prototyped and tested in order to develop a better and better result. Here are the own words of Logitech describing their concept behind the Lightspeed Wireless Technology:

Our engineers enhanced the slowest component, then the next slowest, then the next … until nothing was slow.

The robustness and quality of this technology are tested and approved by several ESports professionals such as Autimatic (Cloud9, CS:GO), Bjergsen (Team SoloMid, LoL) and Tucks (Chiefs eSports Club, CS:GO). These guys are the ones who depend on milliseconds.

So, lightspeed wireless technology ensures that we get the same performance of wired mice, or even better, while we're enjoying the comfort of wireless dimensions.

Buttons and Durability

Logitech G703 is a pretty simplistic mouse when it comes to buttons. It offers 6 completely programmable buttons and this amount is probably just about enough for most gamers.

These buttons are:

  • Right Click / Left Click
  • Two thumb buttons
  • Scroll Wheel
  • DPI Button

Logitech G703 Review

The placement of buttons is strategical and well-balanced. I didn't have any issues pressing the buttons and they were so easy to reach. The side buttons work like a charm and they're placed gently on the slight curve right under your thumb.

DPI button is a little harder to reach and I recommend assigning only DPI shift or other types of commands that you don't use frequently. But it works like a charm 🙂

And the scroll wheel... It hosts a different design which may make you feel like you're in the movie "Tron".  The line passing through the middle is also an RGB lighting zone and you can adjust it through the Logitech Gaming Software to light up with your chosen color.

Logitech G703 Review

The scroll steps are well balanced and the ribbed design of the scroll wheel feels great when scrolling. I don't even have to mention that it looks pretty cool 🙂

The right and left clicks are equipped with the Advanced Button Tensioning system, which keeps the click buttons primed to click with little metal springs. The Advanced Button Tensioning System reduces the force needed to apply to clicks and this way you'll be getting faster responses and as a result, you'll be increasing your in-game agility.


Weight Adjustment, Cable, and Internals

Logitech G703 comes with a weight adjustment feature. It's not as detailed or enriched as the SteelSeries Rival 600's weight system, but it still has an option for gamers who prefer heavier mice. Logitech G703 weights 107 grams, and I think it's the OPTIMUM weight for a performance gaming mouse, but you can add 10 grams of weight by placing the weight plate into the magnetic weight socket under the Logitech G703. This way, you can choose between gaming with a mouse which weights 107 grams or 117 grams.

Logitech G703 Review

Cable is 6.0 ft (1.83m) long and it's just as enough to support all your needs. It's a braided durable .cable, which I find very high in quality. But the best news is, Logitech G703 comes with a WIRELESS EXTENSION ADAPTER. This way, you can elongate your wireless distance by plugging in your Lightspeed Wireless Nano Receiverç into the adapter. This way you can expand your wireless distance to probably 4 meters without any hassle.

Now, let's talk a little bit about the base of Logitech G703. At the base of G703, there are 2 things that attract our attention the most. It's the on/off switch and the magnetic weight plate slot. The base is not that enriched with many buttons and slots, and I can comfortably say that it draws a quite simplistic picture when you look at it.

Logitech G703 Review

The feet are also radially designed and there is no "mecha space shuttle" style mouse feet design pattern, which is usually implemented in high-end gaming mice. It's not a problem for me, they work pretty fine and the PTFE mouse feet work great. They're also pretty durable and estimated to last 250 kilometers, pretty impressive...

The on/off switch is executing a pretty obvious task. It turns the mouse on and off 🙂 But there's a nice detail about the on/off switch. When you turn on your G703 the RGB lighting zones will indicate how much charge is left with specific colors. Green color will light when the charge is above %60, yellow between %60-40, and red below %20. A fine detail if you ask me.

Logitech G703 Review

The only thing that I didn't like about the base and the internals is that it doesn't have any USB slot to insert the nano lightspeed wireless receiver. It means that you will have to carry the USB slot around and be aware all the time not to lose it. Some mobile mice such as Logitech MX Anywhere have a USB slot inside the mouse to carry it wherever you go.

It would have been better if Logitech also included this detail in G703 because this prevents lost USBs and I personally know that a lost USB can become quite a pain in the arse... But it's you to decide whether it's a major absence or not much of an important detail.

Technical Side of Things

The PMW 3366 Sensor

Logitech G703 uses one of the BEST optical sensors ever made available to gamers' use. That's why it's one of the few choices of ESports professionals and competitive gamers who rely on milliseconds and pin-point-precision. This is where PMW 3366 optical sensor comes into the bigger picture...

The fast-paced environment of professional competitive gaming is an unforgiving platform where gamers sometimes win or lose critical matches in a matter of milliseconds and a couple of pixels. This is the case mostly with FPS/RPG/SHOOTER genres and competitions of them such as CS:GO, Overwatch, PUBG and etc... PMW 3366 is the sensor of choice of Logitech to prevent all these minor issues which can eventually lead to bigger disappointments.

Here you can see the overall sensor test of PMW 3366 with various mice that it's installed with.

Logitech G703 Review

PixArt PMW 3366 is considered one of the BEST optical sensors by many gamers and crowds due to its high end tracking features it provides. It's the result of Logitech / PixArt collaboration and it offers you ZERO sensor acceleration, ZERO smoothing or filtering and ZERO pixel rounding within the 200 - 12,000 DPI range that it provides.

As a person who has tried several Logitech G series mice throughout the time, I can assure you that it ACTUALLY delivers the EXACT performance that it promises. I didn't have any issue with the sensor and it worked like a BADASS!!! I don't have to talk much about the sensor, it's definitely one of the best optical sensors that you can find and it has dozens of awesome comments about it.

Logitech G703 offers you 5 levels of shiftable DPI in the 200 - 12,000 DPI range and 5 levels of DPI is more than enough for probably any gamer. Personally, I use only 3 of them. And you can also adjust the polling rate by choosing from 4 different values which are 150 / 250 / 500 / 1000. I prefer using 1000 Hz polling rate, but there isn't a significant difference between 500 and 1000 Hz.

Lightspeed Wireless Technology

I've talked about it before, but I wanted to include in the "Technical Side" section too. The wireless technology of Logitech, which goes by the name Lightspeed Wireless, is AWESOME!! It's one of the BEST wireless mice (or wired?) that I've ever used and I can comfortably say that it's even BETTER than most of the wired mice that I used before...

That's actually what Logitech promises. Lightspeed Wireless Technology is claimed to be faster and more accurate than many other gaming mice. Now that the technology has taken a leap, it's not fiction anymore and it actually performs just as it promises. Lightspeed Technology is the result of long and patient engineering practices which involves the improvement of every single detail from the sensor to the transmitter.

It works great and the only time that it may start behaving strangely is when you take your G703 away too distant from the receiver. It will hold up nicely in a range, probably 4 meters, but there's a fact that ANY wireless device will have a hard time when you carry them too far away from the receiver. Else of that, it performs GREAT!!

I haven't seen this much of a quality wireless connection. Logitech is the BEAST when it comes to making durable and kickass gaming mice with this kind of ultra high -end features. Logitech never disappoints me...


Logitech G703 uses Logitech Gaming Software to customize the hell out of it. You don't need to have the software in order to use your G703, but you must use it to customize your buttons, settings, profiles, and lights. It's compatible with both Mac and Windows, so Mac users aren't left out of the game. It's a great plus!!

You can assign any kind of macros and special commands to ALL the buttons. Logitech Gaming Software enables you to customize the buttons to suit even your most complex gaming needs.

Logitech G703 Review

You can choose from 16.8 million RGB colors to light up your illumination zones, which are the scroll wheel and the Logitech ogo right under your palm. You can switch off these lighting zones if you want to increase your battery life or if you're not a fan of RGB lights. The brightness and rate of the lighting zones are adjustable through the software.

You can assign several different RGB lighting animations to the illumination zones. The animations aren't so rich in numbers - there are 2 lighting animations you can assign: Breathing Light and Color Cycle. That's not a problem for me, I don't look for a ton of RGB animations in a gaming mouse, but Razer is WAY BETTER when it comes to those mesmerizing light animations with around 5 of them offered to you.

Logitech G703 Review

The great thing about Logitech G703 is that you can sync the illumination animations instantly with other Logitech peripherals you have. This way you'll be instantly creating a mesmerizing light show if you're using several Logitech gaming peripherals.

Automatic Game Detection is one of the features that I like the most about Logitech Gaming software. By assigning your created profile to a specific game of your choice, your Logitech G703 will automatically switch to the settings which you've determined for that specific game.

As an example, you've created an Overwatch profile with all the custom button macros and lighting effects and DPI levels and etc... No matter even if you're not using that profile when you're not gaming, G703 will automatically switch to your Overwatch profile when you launch Overwatch. This is a GREAT feature that will come in handy for ANY gamer.

Logitech G703 Review

You can either choose to game with profiles created on your computer through Logitech Gaming Software, or you can also store these profiles inside your Logitech G703 if you're traveling with your mouse and don't want to give up on your settings. You can assign a button of G703 as a profile switch button if you're not using the game detector and by clicking that button you can switch between those specific on-board profiles.

You can assign a color to each profile from the RGB spectrum and when you switch through your on-board profiles the RGB zones will light up with that chosen color of the profile. This way you'll know which profile you're using at the moment.


Where To Buy It From??

The BEST place to buy it is from Amazon due to the lowest prices, amazing retail service, and great customer care. It's available for $83.99 at the moment (the last time I checked) and it's a pretty reasonable price for a masterpiece like this. I think it's the OPTIMUM price that you can pay for a decent gaming mouse which will become your ultimate gaming weapon for a long long time.

It can be easily bought from Amazon in a matter of minutes and you can check out the LATEST PRICE BY CLICKING THE BUTTON DOWN BELOW!! You may even come across some GREAT discounts from time to time, especially during special and events such as Christmass and Black Friday. So, what are you waiting for?? If you feel like Logitech G703 is a great choice, then click the button to check out the latest price for it!!


Amazon Buying Button

What Do Others Think About It??

Logitech G703 is Amazon's choice in its own category and it has 4.1 STARS OUT OF 5 in Amazon ratings, which are the results of real user ratings. This is a GREAT rating value and by looking at the rating board down below, you can see that %74 of real users have rated it 4+ STARS!! This means that every 3 user out of 4 is EXTREMELY SATISFIED with their Logitech G703!!

Logitech G703 Review

Here I present some of the real user ratings. If you want to check out all of them, you can click the BUY BUTTON that's presented in the "Where To Buy It From??" section. Here are what other real users think about Logitech G703:

Logitech G703 Review

Logitech G703 Review

Logitech G703 Review

Logitech G703 Review - Conclusion

Now you EVERYTHING about Logitech G703 and you probably can easily decide whether it's the right one for you or not. If you think that Logitech G703 is the one and can suit to all your gaming needs, then scroll up to the "Where To Buy It From??" section!! You'll find there all the navigation you need.

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Don't forget to check out our other content to find out about other cool gaming peripherals which may attract your interest 🙂 See you around!!!

Tyler, Founder of GMP.

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8 Responses to Logitech G703 Review – ESPORTS Performance And LIGHTSPEED Wireless

  1. Fernando Estrada says:

    If im using a Mac this mouse can help me?

    I know that its for Gaming, but i actually have a lot of graphic design and the sensitivity and the responsiveness its high for my job.

    83 USD for a professional mouse sounds ok (MagicMouse its around $99 to $120).

    What did u think? It helps me to use in on photoshop , illustrator and adobe premiere?

    Thank you a lot!

    • Tyler says:

      Hey Fernando!!

      Yes, its Logitech Gaming Software is supported by Mac, so, you’ll be fiine 🙂

      Some people say that they had some issues when they tried to operate with it on a Mac, but that’s probably an issue which will be solved with an upcoming update to the software. The new version of Mac is also too fresh for now and it will be getting updated to solve onging issues with other softwares.

      It can be used for graphics design and if you want pixel-to-pixel precision, then it’s a GREAT choice. I also o graphic design and use some other software, and I’m pretty fine with a Logitech G703.

      But you may have more options in graphic design and other softwares by using an MMO / MOBA mouse. Some great examples are Razer Naga, Razer Naga Hex V2 and UTechSmart Venus.

  2. kmv says:

    I do a lot of gaming…probably more than I should. 😉 When I do work, I spend a lot of time in 3D modeling tools like Blender and SketchUp.

    Do you think the G703 is a good balance between business and pleasure use? Based on the specs, it seems like it would be a good fit for both worlds.

    Thanks for the review…very helpful

    • Tyler says:

      Hey there!! Well, I also use mice to do design work and it actually depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re using a lot of shortcuts and macros, then I would advise you to get an MMO gaming mouse with a side pad such as the UTechSmart Venus. This way you will have 12 macros available at your service.

      But the BEST alternative for BOTH gaming and design work is probably the EPIC RAZER NAGA TRINITY!! It has interchangeable side plates which allows you to change your setup to other game types!! It’s a “one mouse for all” solution.

      But I also advise you to check out our Corsair Dark Core SE and Corsair Dark Core Review. They’re GREAT mice suitable for multimedia and they also host pretty comfortable ergonomics.

  3. Tony says:

    Wow I am just blown away by the information on this page about this mouse. I currently use a razor mouse that is wired. I noticed that you said this mouse is great as far as responsiveness and can be just as good as a wired mouse so I might have to consider it. I enjoy the freedom of a wireless mouse but get frustrated at the slight bit of delay. With this G703 there is no lag whatsoever?

  4. Dave says:

    This is about the most in-depth review I’ve ever seen.

    Last month my kids (gamers) wanted to replace their Logitech M310’s that I got them (good ol’ dad). They tried this model along with another model that was crazy full of buttons.

    While this model was decent, they both preferred the Razer mouse as it just felt a bit better in their smaller hands.

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