Logitech G900 Review – The DEADLY CHAOS Spectrum is a Killer Cyborg

Hey there gamers!! Tyler here!! Logitech G900 Review was definetely a must in GMP because Logitech G900 is one of the most sensational gaming mice that has ever been manufactured and it's still considered as one of the top tier gaming mice. Thanks to all the featues that makes Logitech G900 a killer cyborg, this baby deserves all the credit and I will explain you fully in detail who should buy one for themselves and why you should have one. This was a long waited review and I'm nothing but excited!!!! I wanted to make a review of it but my compulsory military service got in the way and that's why GMP was inactive for 6 months 🙁 But now that I'm here and you're here, I don't see any reason to wait longer 🙂

So, let's GO!!

This is the structure of our review and you can click on the subjects to hop on to the ones you want to know about:

  • Who Is It For??
  • Tech Specs
  • Design and User Experience
  • The Technical Side o Things
  • Software
  • Where To Buy It From??
  • What Do Others Think??
  • Pros and Cons
  • Conclusion


Who Is It For?? - Logitech G900 Review

Logitech G900 is no doubt an exclusive mouse and it's one of the industry leaders that has made a big bang during its releae. I remember it like yesterday, when t was firt released IT WAS EVERYWHERE!! Every gaming news feed was talking about it. Everywhere I looked I saw this baby back in those days. It may have seemed like a hype but it's not. This chrome monster is one of the few of it kind and it's known to combine many useful features with an ambidextrous design and switchable wired/wireless option. Especially these combinations are wht makes Logitech G900 Special and preferable for a large cloud.

  • Are you taking gaming seriously and want a top tier professional gaming mouse?
  • Do you want a mouse which will provide you extreme performance and drastically imrove your gaming quality??
  • You want an ambidextrous design?? Do you want to be able to use your mouse with both your right and left hands??
  • You value your working/gaming space and you want a mouse which won't mess the place up with cables flying around.
  • Do you want precision and high gaming quality from a mouse??
  • Do you want your mouse to be switchable between Wired / Wireless modes??
  • You want the same high quality performance from a mouse even when it's in wireless mode.
  • You want a fullly customizable gaming mouse which will provide for all your gaming needs.

If these statements above sound like you, then you probably go and buy a Logitech G900 right now.

It's actually a no brainer. If you are gaming on a frequent basis and want a high end gaming mouse that will become one of your unexpendable weapon of choice, go and buy it right now because you can't go wrong with it. I haven't seen any person who is not satisfied with Logitech G900!!

But who is it not for?? If you're competing in professional gaming events or you're an ESports professional you probably should get another mouse. Why?? Well, I know it's a KICKASS mouse and EVERYONE will love it and there is n difference between the wireless and wired performance of it, but it's just an insurance when it comes to ESports an ProGaming. Wireless mice, be it one percent in a thousand chance, always have that tiny tiny risk of disconnecting and that's not something that you want to face with during an important sports event. Also, the shape is ambidextrous and it's great for left handed people or for the ones who want to use both hands cofortably, but it's a sacrification from personal ergonomics. Logitech G900 also has an ergonomic shape and it's pretty comfortable, but it's still ambidextrous and there are more curvy mice out there which can fit better for ESports professionals who seek extreme comfort during stressfull moments.

BUT, for EVERYONE it's a KICKASS performance gaming mouse and you can't go wrong with it!! So, think about it while you're reading the rest of the review!!

Tech Specs

  • Ambidextrous Ergonomic Design suitable for both let hand and right hand users
  • Fully customizable 11 button performance gaming mouse
  • Top tier industy standard Pixart PMW3366 Optical Sensor
  • 5 Shiftable DPI Levels
  • DPI Interval of 200 - 12.000 DPI
  • 32 hour battery life with a single full charge
  • Switchable Wired / Wireless Mode
  • Mechanical Pivot Button Design -With String tensioning for improved clicks and rapid fire
  • 5 On-the-go Gaming Profiles



Before diving in deeper to our review I will make you a great favor!! I know some people (actually most people) prefer visual content to btain a general understanding about a product. That's why I'm providing you one of the greatest introductory videos about Logitech G900 in the beginning of our review. Take it as a nice warm up and watch it with joy. It has also coparisons of some characteristics of Logitech G900 with other gaming mice (and it beats them all)!! Here it is:

Design and Ergonomics

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is, as you have already made an understanding, is one of the best gaming mice that has ever been manufactured and a great weapon of choice for especially FPS/RPG genre of gaming. It's design is tailored to increase performance to deadly levels and create an equality supporting design for both right handers and left handers.


It looks more like a performance sports car more than a gaming mouse.

I think one of the important design aspects of G900 is its ambidextrous design and it's a great marketing strategy if you ask me!! Because there was a complaint among the gamer crowd of left handed gamers that most gaming mice were being manufactured for right handed users and they were totally right in their complaints. Most gaming mice were manufactured for right handed users and left-handed mice were more like a minority against them. Until now..

Logitech has thought well about this fact and designed G900 as an ambidextrous mouse, packed up with every imaginable top notch feature included and a gaming mouse for all the crowds!!!! Nice job Logitech!! 

It's not a huge mouse in dimensions like  ASUS ROG Spatha or large hand supporter like SteelSeries Rival 300, but it's right about in the optimum dimensions which any FPS/RPG player can easily use. Think of it like a sports car (it actually looks like one) which is designed for performance. It's way comfortable, but it's not a SUV truck either. I can define it as a "Claw" Grip" suitable gaming mouse which almost anyone can use easily unless they have huge hands. Dimension of the grip for Logitech G900 is around 5.5 cm /2.14" (W) and 10.8 cm / 4.3" (L). Want a mouse for large hands?? Check out our SteelSeries Rival 300 Review by clicking here!!

As I said, it's an ambidextrous mouse and you're allowed to customize it in any way you want through Logitech Gaming Software. You can set it to right handed, left handed, dual sided customised designs through software and everyone will be happy, our left handed mutant friends included 🙂

Logitech G900 has 11 buttons that you can customize with your own taste and these buttons include.

  • Left and Right Click
  • Side Scroll Clicks
  • Mouse Scroll Click
  • 2 Right Side Buttons
  • 2 Left Side Buttons
  • Two DPI Buttons

There's actually one extra button which is the Hyper Scroll button which releases the lock of the scroll wheel and allows it to flow freely and that's an AMAZING feature if you're especially spending time on internet browsers and text documents with large page numbers. It makes everything easier for you if you're using your mouse not only for gaming but daily tasks too. I've used this Hyper Scroll feature frequently on another Logitech mouse, which is probably the best mouse for editing and office work. Its name is Logitech MX Master 2S!! Click here to check out our Logitech MX Master 2S review!!

Scroll wheel itself uses a different design than others -a non-conventional hollow scroll wheel design which makes the scroll wheel lighter and easier to scroll. It's good for gamers who like their mouse light and it's a personal prefeerence issue of course. I liked it, it's great but I myself prefer heavier mice and heavier svroll wheels, but that's just me being me. In general it's great!!

Now I suppose you are thinking about how to use the different side buttons if they are placed on both sides of the mouse. Logitech has of course thought about that before youand they decided to include a replacer for both sides in the box. You can remove the buttons easily from sides and replace them with a blank non-click button for the side that you're not using. This way you will be optimized your mice buttons whether you're right handed or left handed. Or you can choose using both right and left side buttons and it2s completely up to you if you're comfortable with it. This is how you roll 🙂

Logitech G900 is designed for performance and  fast paced FPS/RPG players would understand what I'm talking about. It's designed as a light weighted mouse and it weights only 107 grams. Greatf eature especially for people who play fast paced games and lift their mouse off in order to balance the position of their mouse on the surface. The concave thumb and ring finger design is also pretty helpful in lifting the mouse off the surface and it feel so easy to control.

Technical Side of Things

There is no doubt that half of what makes Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum special is its insides and the high end quality packed inside the chasis of this baby. The sensor is top of the industry standards and considered as the BEST OPTICAL SENSOR in the gaming mice industry: Pixart PMW3366!! It's the same sensor that Logitech uses on their high end G series gaming mice such as Logitech G502. MANY ESports professionals prefer Logitech G Series gaming mice and one of the reasn for this is the deadly precision and quality packed in the sensor. By the way, Logitech G502 and G700S were my all time favourite and I strictly advie you to check out their review at GMP too!! They're a MUST BUY!!

Click here for Logitech G502 Review

Click here for Logitech G700S Review

Also I must not forget to talk about the tensioning system of buttons!! Logitech G900 Chos Spectrum integrates a special mechanical pivot button design which is basically a new metal pivot hinge design. It drastically improves the click performance and you're reunited with faster, more precise and reliable clean click performance!! A dream come true especially for rapid fire gamers!!

I don't even have to mention the Wired / Wireless Mode switch, but everything is included in this review. Yes, you can play in any way you want, be it wireless or be it wired if you feel like it. This ability is VERY USEFUL when it comes to game interruptions. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum uses an internal battery which needs to be charged and enablig both wired / wireless modes is providing you with uncut gamig hours. Enjoying the freedom of wireless mouse but all of a sudden battery starts to die out?? NO PROBLEM!! Just plug in the wire and you will continue your gamng session without any interruptions!!

This is one of the most useful features of Logitech wireless mice from the G series. Logitech G700S has the same feature and I actually think that G900 Chaos Spectrum is a hybrid of Logitech G700S and Logitech G502 in an ambidextrous way. All 3 of them are my favourite Logitech mice and I STRONGLY ADVICE you to check them out!!!! Because Logitech G900 may not be suitable for everyone due to its HIGH PRICE but G502 and G700S are MUCH MORE AFFORDABLE and they're KICKASS too!!!

32 hours of battery life on a single charge is what you will get from G900 thanks to exclusive Clock Tuning Technology. It's enough to hold you for a full weekend of gaming. You also have your charging adapter under your reach whenever you need it.

The wireless connection is AHEAD OF ITS TIME and no matter what you're gaming for, self enjoyment or competing in ESports, you can use it without hesitation because the improved wireles connection technology has demonstrated itself countless times and there is no difference between the performance of a high end wired gaming mouse and G900 Chaos Spectrum. It's a scientificly proven fact and it's for real. Still, I don't fully recommend it using during an important ESports event because at the end of the day it's a wireless mouse and it has this tiny tiny chance of disconnecting for a second and you wouldn't want that. To talk with numbers, it has a 2.4 GHz wireless protocol and a 1000 Hz wireless polling rate.

Logitech G900 Chaos pectrum has a DPI range from 200 to 12,000 and you can set 5 different DPI levels to shift on the fly. You can adjust it and many other specifications from Logitech Gaming Software.

RGB color spectrum is of course an indispensable feature of modern gaming mice. Without all those looks and glows it would have been boring right?? Actually it has nothing to do with technical quality of a mouse but it's still nice to have them. G900 Chaos Spectrum has two lighting zones, the DPI indicatrs and Logitech G Logo. You can choose from 16.8 million colors to light them up with various animations like breathing light.


Logitech G900 uses Logtech Gaming Software for programming the hell out of it. Logitech Gaming Software is one of my favourite gaming mouse softwares because it's so simple to use and so user friendly that you don't have any chance not to figure out how it's used. You can do pretty much everything with it when it comes to programing your mouse.  You can program all the buttons, change technical parameters like RGB, lift-off distance, polling rate and many others as you want, change the RGB setup and etc..

Logitech G9000 comes with different button placement options in Logitech Gaming Software. You can choose between several button modes depending on your preference of side buttons. There are right side, left side, both side buttons modes which you can choose from and everythink is prethinked for you!!

You can create 5 on-board memory profiles and by creating them you won't have to worry about having an installed Logitech Gaming Software on another PC. It's pretty useful when you're travelling!! On-board profiles are kept in the memory of Logitech G900 and you won't have to own a Logitech Gaming Software to work with those profiles. A great feature for travellers!!

Surfce Calibration is the unique feature that most of the Logitech G Series mice have and of course G 900 wasn't forgotten. Surface Calibration feature is the tool that makes everything better by adjusting the mouse to the surface you use your mouse on. When you select surface  calibration tool in Logitech Gaming Software it will want you to draw circles with your mouse on the surface you use and analyze the parameters of your surface tracktion and will adjust the mouse itself to your surface. And only thing you have to do is to lean back and enjoy the ride!!

Want to donwload the Logitech Unifying Software??Here is the link:

Click Here To Download Logitech Unifying Software for G900 Chaos Spectrum

Where To Buy It From??

Best place to buy it is Amazon.com no doubt. Usually the cheapest prices, great retail service and amazing customer care. I had the chance to demonstrate G900 myself through a friend of mine but he bought it from Amazon too!! And he said to me that it was on sale at that time. There's actually quite a good chance that you may come across a sale on Amazon and eventually get it cheaper than the original price.

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum goes with the pricetag $99.99 and right now it's the best optimum price. I remember that price for G900 was around $160 when it first came out and now it's a great option for anyone who is willing to spend some money for ONE OF THE BEST GAMING MICE that has ever been manufactured.

You can buy now the epic Logitech G900 by clicking the button below and you will be navigated to the Amazon page!!


logitech g900 review

What Do Others Think??

Ratings of G900 are one od the highest that I've ever seen!!!! It's 4.6 out of 5 and MORE THAN %80 of people have voted 4+ STARS!!!! THAT'S HUGE!!!!



These ratings officially make Logitech G900 one of the best gaming mice that has ever been manufactured!! And it's a guarantee that you will be extremely satisfied with Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum because this rating is the result of 917 real customers and the product is on "Amazon's Choice" category. D I need to say more?? I need not..

But I'll leave some real user comments here down below for you to check out. And also I'm giving you the button to navigate to the Amazon page if you want to check out all other real user comments!!

logitech G900 review




Pros and Cons

Actually Logitech G900 doesn't haveany cons in my opinion and it's actually one of the best gaming mice that has ever been created but it's a tradition of GMP to deeply review every product. Here are the Pros and Cons:


  • One of the officially best mice that has ever been created - A HALL OF FAME ITEM!!
  • Ambidextrous Ultra Elegant Design
  • Suitable for both right handed and left handed users
  • One of the best alternatives for FPS/RPG players
  • Top of the industry standard optical sensor
  • Switchable Wired/Wireless modes
  • Same performace as a wired mouse in wireless mode
  • 36 hours of battery with a single charge
  • Logitech Gaming Software - One of the best


Price is high for the ones with a budget.

If you're seeking a mouse for MMO/ MOBA you may check out some other more "MMO Tailored" alternatives such as Corsair Scimitar, ASUS ROG Spatha, UTechSmart Venus, Logitech G700S and etc.. Check out our Get Started page to find your path 🙂

Logitech G900 Review - Conclusion

After our Logitech G900 review you now EVERYTHING about Logitech G900 and you can now easily decide to buy it or not. But my own advice is: GO AND BUY IT because it's officially one of the best gaming mice that has ever been manufactured. Especially if you're a FPS/RPG player you just can't go wong with it..

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