Logitech G903 Review – The BEST Ambidextrous PERFORMANCE Gaming Mouse

Hey there gamers!! Welcome to our Logitech G903 Review!! We will explore one of the BEST GAMING MICE that have EVER BEEN CREATED!! I'm not over exaggerating it and my excitement isn't a temporary hype, it's for real because it's actually one of the BEST ALTERNATIVES that you can get for your money!! I have been waiting so long to prepare this review and now here I am!!

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Now that you know where to look at after reading our Logitech G903 review, let's get started before your excitement cools down. It's one of my favorite gaming mice and it will be a DETAILED review, so, keep tight and fasten your seatbelts!! HERE WE GO!!

Who Is It For??

  • Do you want not only a gaming mouse but one of the BEST GAMING WEAPONS that you can ever have??
  • Do headshot streaks and raging body counts sound cool to you??
  • Do you want the BEST tracking performance and PINPOINT PRECISION from a gaming mouse??
  • Do you want to participate in ESports competitions or competitive gaming events??
  • Are you looking for the comfort of a wireless gaming mouse but still don't want to give up on the benefits of a wired one??
  • Do you want the BEST wireless tracking performance that a gaming mouse can provide you?
  • Does wireless charging sound great to you??
  • Are you a left-handed gamer or do you want to use your mouse with both hands??
  • Are factors such as durability, quality design, and well-crafted ergonomics important for you??

If most of your answers for these questions are "YES" then you should probably GO AND BUY A LOGITECH G903 IMMEDIATELY!!

Logitech G903 is the MASTERPIECE of Logitech G series gaming mouse lineup and it's considered as one of the BEST gaming mice that have ever existed on this earth not only by me but by many pro gamers and gaming enthusiasts. It's kinda unique with combining all the CUTTING EDGE features with extra high-quality design and molding them into an ambidextrous design for EVERY gamer to enjoy.

There are pretty unique features of Logitech G903 with which you don't come across every day. Now let's get to know these unique features which make Logitech G903 a great choice for many gamers. After providing all the details of Logitech G903, I will also provide you the link which leads you where you can buy it if you come to the conclusion that Logitech G903 is the one for you 🙂

Tech Specs

  • Fully Customizable Ambidextrous Ergonomical High-Quality Design
  • Advanced PixArt PMW3366 Optical Sensor, 200 - 12,000 DPI Range at speeds over 400 IPS
  • Dual Wired/Wireless Mode
  • 11 Customizable Buttons and Switchable Button Design
  • Lightspeed Wireless Technology
  • Powerplay Wireless Charing Technology
  • Advanced Mechanical Button Tensioning System
  • Hollow Body Hyper Scroll Wheel Technology
  • On-Board Memory Profiles
  • Adjustable Weight
  • 36 hours of battery life with a full charge (LEDs off)
  • 50 Million Clicks Durability
  • 250 Kilometers PTFE feet lifespan
  • Height: 5.13 in (130.3 mm)
  • Width: 2.62 in (66.5 mm)
  • Depth: 1.59 in (40.4 mm)
  • Weight: 3.88 oz (110 g) mouse only
  • Cable Length: 6 ft (1.83 m)


Logitech G903 is the MOST ADVANCED gaming mouse of the Logitech G Series Mouse Lineup and it's meant for competitive performance gaming and ESports. You don't have to be a professional gamer to use it, but it's a fact that it has an authority in the pro gaming world. Logitech G703 and G903 are choices of several ESports and competitive gaming professionals and as you know that ESports is an area that thousands of dollars are flying all over the place, there is no place for mistakes.

That's what Logitech G903 offers to gamers. NO MISTAKES, perfect PINPOINT precision, ultra high-quality durable mouse build, ambidextrous ergonomic design for every gamer to enjoy and perfected wireless tracking performance. Logitech G903, next to other several G Series mice, offers TOP NOTCH performance for the most violent gamers and it's the main protagonist in the wet dreams of many gamers 🙂

As a person who is experienced with Logitech G903 and other G Series performance gaming mice, I can without hesitation state that YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH IT. It's so high-quality and well built that you will probably get extremely satisfied even if you don't know what you're buying. Close your eyes and buy a Logitech G903, you won't regret it.

Now, let's get to explore EVERY single detail of Logitech G903. After studying Logitech G903 inside out, you will eventually become informed enough to decide whether it's the one for you or not. If you think that Logitech G903 can make a difference in your gaming life, then I'll provide you the necessary links which will navigate you to the buying page 🙂

Ambidextrous ESports Oriented Ergonomics

Logitech G903 can be described as one of the best ambidextrous gaming mice. It's crafted with ESports and performance gaming oriented ambidextrous ergonomics. The ambidextrous design can be perceived both as a plus and a minus depending on preferences of the user.

Ambidextrous mice give left-handed gamers the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of high-end gaming mice. It's a convention to design gaming mice suitable or right-handed gamers and this tradition made things harder for our left-handed mutant friends. That's why left-handed or ambidextrous mouse designs have gained more popularity over the years.

The ambidextrous design of Logitech G903 is pretty fascinating and it suits the hands of probably every gamer so well. All grip types, whether it's claw grip, palm grip or fingertip grip, can find themselves a sweet spot on Logitech G903. To be honest, I fund out that claw grip and fingertip grip are the styles that suit Logitech G903 the most. The palm grip is also a variant, but Logitech G903 has a low and elongated profile which makes it a better fit for other grip types.

Here are the dimensions of Logitech G903 for you to evaluate:

  • Height: 5.13 in (130.3 mm)
  • Width: 2.62 in (66.5 mm)
  • Depth: 1.59 in (40.4 mm)

13 cm's of mouse length is pretty long and combined with the low profile of the Logitech G903 this mouse creates a great bedrock for claw and fingertip grippers. These grip types are also more suitable for fast-paced action/performance gaming. It fits my hand great and it's so easy to control!! Great work Logitech!!

If you don't like ambidextrous moue designs and looking for a right-handed gaming mouse which can bring you more comfort, then I advise you to check out the Logitech G502 Review. It uses the same sensor with Logitech G903 and it's more suitable for right-handed gamers. Also, the button design of Logitech G502 is more strategically designed. But G502 is a wired-only mouse and it doesn't have some of the features that Logitech G903 come with such as Powerplay Wireless Charging, Lightspeed Wireless Technology and Hollow Body Scroll Wheel Design.


Dual Wired / Wireless Mode

Yes, Logitech G903 is both wired and wireless. This feature enables you to benefit from both the comfort zone of a wireless mouse and the uncut performance of a wired mouse. Which one you're going to use depends on your preferences, but with the latest advances in technology and improved wireless transmission quality, both wired and wireless connections now don't have any difference in performance.

If you prefer the wireless connection, then just plug in the nano receiver to your USB port and forget all the strings. Also, the best part of the wireless connection is that you can elongate the distance of your wireless connection by using the charging cable and wireless extension adapter. By plugging in the nano receiver into the wireless extension adapter and connecting the charging cable to a USB port, you will be receiving 1.83 meters of extended distance.

This comes in handy if you're connecting your PC into a widescreen monitor such as an HD TV and using your mouse away from the monitor.

The wireless mode works GREAT, but I advise you to not use it near a router modem. No matter how good the wireless connection is, it's a true fact that routers usually mess up the connections of wireless devices.

The wireless connection is AMAZING and it keeps its performance stable until a certain distance. You won't experience any issues inside 4 meters of distance radius from your receiver. And that's probably more than enough for everyone. It's the same with every wireless device. When you get too far from the reach of the receiver, it will eventually start malfunctioning. But Logitech G903 does a GREAT job and it tracks perfectly in a decent range!!

Battery Life

Logitech G903 is claimed to have 32 hours of max battery life with the lighting zones active and 24 hours of min battery life with lighting zones turned on. It actually depends on the users' mouse settings. For everyone, the battery life can vary depending on their mouse settings, but personally, my Logitech G903 has not run out of charge for a couple of days!!

The battery life is pretty long-lasting and you probably won't complain even once about it. Usually, all the batteries these days which are used in high-end gaming mice have the same battery life. I'm pretty satisfied with it and it's so easy to switch to charging mode without canceling your gaming session.

Now with the dual wired/wireless mode feature, your gaming experience is UNCUT!! Are you running out of battery?? Just plug in your charging cable to the front of your Logitech G903 and you're good to go!! No canceled game sessions, no save and quits, only continuous gaming. You don't even need the charging cable if you're using the Powerplay Mouse Pad, which I will talk about in a few minutes 🙂

Lightspeed Wireless

Lightspeed Wireless Technology is the latest development of Logitech in the field of wireless transmission. It's one of the most advanced wireless technologies and it's probably the BEST at the moment. Lightspeed Wireless Technology is based on the principle of fine-tuning EVERY component in the mouse circuit and engineering them to perfection. Every antenna, every circuit element, every little detail.

The Lightspeed Wireless Technology is the result of performance-tuned data pipeline with high-level precision engineering practices. And as the Logitech motto states: "Science Wins.".

Here are the words of Logitech itself: "Our engineers enhanced the slowest component, then the next slowest, then the next … until nothing was slow." This is the mark of Logitech and science always wins. With a high report rate such as 1 ms and with improved transmitters, all the latency and delay problems for wireless connection are now solved. The robust lightspeed wireless technology will never let you down when it comes to wireless and uncut performance.

Powerplay Wireless Charging

What if I told you that you can charge your Logitech G903 without any cables attached?? Obviously, this is not Matrix and I'm not Morpheus, but the wireless charging is a TRUE FACT and it's called the Powerplay Wireless Charging Technology. Logitech is not the only one who has this kickass technology (Razer Hyperflux as an example), but they're one of the best in implementation.

Your gaming session is now UNCUT AND WIRELESS!! If you don't want to plug your mouse cable into your Logitech G903 when the battery is running out, then you can "eternify" your wireless gaming experience by switching to Powerplay Wireless Charging Technology. Logitech G903 supports it and probably it's one of the few differences of it when compared to Logitech G900.

Powerplay Wireless Charging is based on electromagnetic charging through the Powerplay Mouse Pad and this technique requires you to purchase a Powerplay Mouse Pad. It can be bought within a bundle when you're buying the Logitech G903. If you want to enter to the comfort zone of wireless eternity, I will provide you the buying link where you can get BOTH the Logitech G903 gaming mouse AND the Powerplay Mouse Pad down in the "Where To Buy It  From??" section.


Logitech G903 comes with 11 fully customizable buttons at your service. This amount is more than enough for most people, but I have no complaints because they're so strategically and  well placed. The buttons are customizable to fit EVERY gamer no matter which hand they use when gaming. Both right-handed and left-handed gamers will be satisfied with this button design approach.

Here is the buttons list:

  • Right/Left Clicks
  • Two right side buttons
  • Two left side buttons
  • 3-Way Scroll Wheel
  • 2 rear buttons at the back of the scroll wheel


Logitech G903 hosts a symmetrical button design which enables you to easily switch from right-hand use to left-hand use. This design enables Logitech G903 to be used by EVERYONE and when you consider that this kind of hybrid mice are not so wide-spread as conventional right-handed gaming mice, you can understand that it's addressing a wide spectrum of gamers.

Logitech G903 comes with pads that cover the side buttons area. You can use these pads to eliminate accidental clicks because you'll likely not use the outer side buttons. First of all they're not so comfortable and easy to press. While not being easily pressed, they may even result in accidental clicks from time to time. That's why users of Logitech G903 usually prefer eliminating the outer side buttons through software and install the pads to seal the unwanted buttons.

But this doesn't mean that you have to follow strictly this approach. You can customize your own experience by assigning ANY type of button configuration you want. There are two side button pairs and you can use them in the EXACT way you want. Use them both, use only the outer side, use only the inner side buttons or just disable them all. You can create your own experience in any way you want.

The click buttons are quite a charm. Logitech has implemented the pivotal button design on their click button design which is a split click system that prevents the undesired effects of clicks on each other. By separating the clicks with the pivotal design their efficiency also increases. The click buttons have 50 million clicks of lifespan and they're equipped with the advanced mechanical tensioning system which I will talk about later in this post.

The two rear buttons at the bak of the scroll wheel are meant for DPI hifting as standard, but you can customize any button you want in the way you want. But I advise not assigning any frequently used actions or macros to these rear buttons because they're harder to reach. I advise you assigning the frequently used actions to either the 3-way scroll wheel or the side buttons.

Now, let's talk about the scroll wheel in detail because it deserves to be spared time to. 🙂


Hollow Hyper Scroll Wheel Design With 3-Way Clicking

One of the unique features that Logitech G903 has brought in to the gaming mouse industry is the "Hollow Body" Scroll Wheel Design. I don't remember if there is another gaming mouse with this kind of a scroll wheel design, but it's the first time that I've seen a game-changer detail like this within the confines of button design.

Hyper Scroll was a feature that has existed and been spotted in may other gaming mice, including the exclusive MX series wireless mice but improving the scroll wheel design by transforming it into a hollow body wheel is a new thing. This is one of the most significant differences that differ from other Logitech G Series Mice.

Hollow body scroll wheel is built on a metal plate foundation and this way it stays sturdy but light and WAY easier to use. The plastic coating on the scroll wheel smoothens the button experience and guides you through a soft shift between the durable metal plate foundation and soft plastic coating during your scroll wheel clicks. It feels FASCINATING!!

The scroll wheel is 3-way which means that you can click with it to its sides too!! This feature ads 2 more customizable buttons into your artillery and these side clicks come pretty handily not only in gaming but in internet surfing and daily tasks too. I've been using the 3-way scroll wheel for tasks such as page shifting or changing tabs while browsing the internet.

It also makes wonders when using design software. I'm creating arts and design works and engineering drawings from time to time, and I can comfortably say that it's a breath of fresh air to have 2 more customized buttons right under your fingers. It makes things a lot easier for me and it can work out so well for you too with a clever pofile customiztion.

The hyper scroll is the feature that makes your scroll wheel fly by just clicking the scroll switch button right at the back of the scroll wheel. It may not come in handy in-game, but it's a MUST HAVE if you're dealing with documents and long web pages with tens of paragraphs that you have to scroll through. I've been benefitting from it for quite some time and I'm SO SATISFIED with it. Saves a lot of time while dealing with daily tasks and browsing the web.

The hyper scroll is switchable to the step-scroll mode just by clicking the button behind the scroll wheel. The scroll steps are pretty well balanced and they feel exacty how thy should feel. Not too distant between the scroll steps and not too short to restrict your comfort. Everything in its right place 🙂

Advanced Mechanical Button Tensioning

The advanced mechanical button tensioning system consists of springs under the right and left clicks. Springs are bringing the clicks closer to the switches and balancing them in a certain tension to stabilize them in a set-to-kill mode. Your clicks are more responsive and more efficient with the advanced mechancal button tensioning system. You will also be spending less force to the clicks and game more comfortably with stabilized clicks which don't counter force at you.

Overall, the click buttons feel MAGNIFICENT!!

Weight, Cable, and the Bottom




Where To Buy It From??

The BEST place to buy yourself a Logitech G903 is Amazon due to the best prices you can find, great retail service and amazing customer care. I don't even have to mention the probability of coming across some great discounts, especially on special days such as Christmas or Black Friday.

Logitech G903 can be yours for $115.91 at the moment. It's a GREAT discount when you compare to its previous price which was around the $150 price tag. By buying it now, you will be saving approximately %35 and for a masterpiece gaming mouse like this, it's a price that I would pay without hesitation. Logitech G903 really puts its weight behind its price tag. As a person who has used the G903, I can confidently state that IT'S WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!

If you think that Logitech G903 is the mouse suitable for your needs, then I advise you to click the button down below to be navigated to the Amazon page to easily buy one!!


Amazon Buying Button

What Do Others Think About It??

Logitech G903 has 4.1 STARS OUT OF 5 and it's "Amazon's Choice" in its own category!! %74 percent of the real users have voted 4+ stars, which means that every  3 user out of 4 is EXTREMELY satisfied with Logitech G903!!


The real user comments indicate that mostly everyone is extremely happy with Logitech G903. I shared some of them down below, but if you want more details, I advise you to check them out at Amazon by clicking the BUY BUTTON, which I presented to you at the "Where To Buy It From??" Section.

Logitech G903 Review - Conclusion

Now you know EVERYTHING about the EPIC Logitech G903, which is one of the BEST ambidextrous performance gaming mice ever created. It's probably the PEAK OF HIGH TECH and the top standard that gaming mouse industry can offer to you. If you want an ambidextrous performance gaming mouse and the BEST features, then Logitech G903 is the mouse you can buy WITHOUT EVEN THINKING!!

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