Logitech Launched It’s Latest Monster – G900 Chaos Spectrum

Logitech Launched It’s Latest Monster – G900 Chaos Spectrum
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There are some interesting news  from Logitech.Logitech has lately launched it’s new high-end gaming mouse Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum. The new family member of G series is out with some big intentions which may attract the interest of many gamers.


Most of the serious and pro gamers consider wired mice over wireless due to fear that wireless mice may lag during an extremely important moment which draw the thin red line between glory or defeat.


But Logitech is so proud with their new monster and they claim that is has zero lag. Thanks to Logitech’s awesome R&D department now players can experience both wired and wireless gaming without lag. Yeah, this baby is both wired and wireless use.




Well, I don’t know if this baby is REALLY working without any lag, I can’t be sure of that. But time and more user experience will show us the truth.


It has a one-milisecond respond rate and optimized 2.4 Ghz wireless connection. It also claims that it can outperform both of his wireless AND wired opponents.It’s quite daring actuallly that Logitech’s so sure about their new beast of it’s leash.


The mouse has an ambidextrous design which will make both right hand and left hand users happy. Now our minority left-handed mutant friends can also enjoy this bad boy without searching for a lefty model.


It also surprises us with a new mechanical pivot button design which is targeted around faster click recovry and reduced travel distance between buttons.  Battery of G900 lasts 32 hours of continious gaming without lights on and lasts around 24 hours with lights on. There are 11 programmable buttons and 16.6 million color options from RGB color scheme.


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